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CodyCody from Cedar Rapids wrote on March 22, 2018 on 1:06 am:
Hi there! 32 year old female who has always been told I have the taste buds of a four year old. I have EoE and am currently hoping to lose weight through diet and exercise. But it's hard when I like so few foods!
KatieKatie from Seattle wrote on March 20, 2018 on 4:03 am:
After a not so wonderful encounter with broccoli last night, I have been feeling all kinda of weird today in reflecting on my dinner last night. My boyfriend attempted to cook me my second meal with a vegetable (I hate vegetables, and have since I can remember). The first meal he made we had Brussel sprouts, that was ok and pretty tasty actually. I pretended not to feel the slight unfavorable texture between my teeth and was able to eat quite a few. WIN! Broccoli on the other had was not so good. I could hardly take a bite and the ones I did had me almost gagging... I have had severe texture issues with food forever. Last night I felt awful at my inability to eat a flipping bite of BROCCOLI!! I was embarrassed and it didn't help that my boyfriend got frustrated with me in difficulties with eating food, foods, most foods.

I am grateful for his effort in trying to expand my palette but this is something I have been dealing with for decades now and if any change is going to happen its not going to happen with one meal... and it definitely won't change with lack of patience.

If I didn't have to eat every day, I wouldn't. If I could just have a juice or take a pill to suffice I would. But theres no magic drink or pill to replace the value of food. So instead.... I eat the handful of things I actually like and I cycle through them until I get bored. The tough days are when none of your 5 go to meals sound good. then enters pizza or any other junk food.

Most meals for me consist of any combination of the following: chicken, turkey, salmon, eggs, beans, rice, bacon, popcorn, chips, ice cream, turkey sandwiches, PB&J... I don't mind the flavor of onions or tomatoes but hate the texture of them. I gag eating lettuce so mostly all salads are out (I don't know why Brussel spouts don't affect me the same as most other leafy greens, hmm) I will say I have found a mixed greens smoothie with peanut butter thats pretty good (no leaf texture!), I like potatoes and yams only if they are roasted with not a lot of mushy potato, and crunchy outside or skins or bacon bits and cheese on top to mask the texture of smashed potato, and I hate mashed potatoes or anything that texture. Yogurt I can only eat with granola and fruit, not by itself. Any foods the texture of yogurt, pudding, or mashed potatoes are pretty much a no go. I HATE most vegetables, especially: carrots, celery, green beans, peas, cauliflower, squash. I love fruit but not melons. I like avocados but only on a sandwich as a spread, cannot eat plain.
PLUS, I'm also gluten free and mostly dairy free (all but cheese, can't give it up but I'm picky about what types as some don't hurt as much)

I will say that since being a kid I have expanded the foods I eat. My options are still limited though and eating with these "issues" is difficult and mentally exhausting. It can be so embarrassing and often times people just think I'm acting like a picky 5 year old. I just wish people were more understanding of how difficult it is for me just to eat a meal. I wish I just liked food, and could eat anything anywhere, try new things, new flavors and actually enjoy rather than feel sick or scared or nauseous.

Thankful for finding this group. I just stumbled upon this page while doing some reattach about why I'm so picky after last nights mini meltdown. Hope to learn more and find some others to relate to. Thanks for reading..
JackieJackie wrote on March 15, 2018 on 8:00 pm:
I believe my picky eating is more mental. The only meat I eat is bacon or pork roll (I wont even do ham because of how it gets in my mouth.) I'll eat corn , watermellon, and cantelope. Those are pretty much the only healthy things I eat. The rest of my stuff is processed. My schedule is part time work and full time school so I am constantly on the go and typically just stop at a fast food place to grab some lunch. I noticed I have gained a lot of weight since high school (I've been in college for 5 years) and I want to go back to the way I was but I do not have time to be that active. I just want to be comfortable in my own skin.
Admin Reply by: Bob
There are many of us who only eat bacon. The kind that is crispy and well cooked making it easy to chew and swallow. Bob K
DeanneDeanne from Toronto wrote on March 12, 2018 on 1:00 pm:
My name is Deanne, I'm 26 and being picky has pretty much plagued me my entire life. Even as a baby my mom claimed I was impossible to feed and only liked a few flavours of baby food. I've never had red meat in my life. No steak, no burgers. The smell of bacon makes me sick so I won't touch it. I won't eat chicken unless it's breaded like strips or nuggets. I don't like vegetables, only eats apples and bananas for fruits. I don't eat pasta or any ethnic foods. I love dairy but I'm lactose intolerant so I carry around Lactase with me. I want to enjoy foods but I'm such a visual person and so many foods absolutely look repulsive to me. Even sometimes something that I don't mind, I can't deal with the texture. If people try and get me to try new foods I get sever anxiety attacks. No one quite understands the struggle because they don't know other picky eaters. I can never go to any nice restaurants unless they have chicken strips or plain cheese pizza. I have a strong sweet tooth and I love chocolate and some candy and chips. My diet consists of vanilla protein shakes and supplements because all the foods I do like are considered "junk food" or "kid food".
Elizabeth ZiehenElizabeth Ziehen from Green Bay wrote on March 11, 2018 on 8:50 pm:
Hello, my name is Eliza. I have struggled with picky eating ever since I was a young kid. Currently, I my diet can be described as basically bread and dairy products. I really hate being this way, because I always feel bloated or slow because of my poor diet. I also have a severe iron deficiency because of this. I really want to try more foods, but I have to take baby steps in order to try something. My dad doesn't understand that I can't just go out an eat a tuna sandwich, and he keeps pushing me to eat more things. Peer pressure isn't good for me, and it just makes me want to stay in my comfort zone. I wish more people would understand.
Julie LairdJulie Laird from Leicestershire wrote on February 27, 2018 on 3:17 pm:
Hi, I have only just come across this site and have only read half a dozen entries so far - wow, I'm not the only who has food issues. Mine isn't so much as I don't like the taste, my problem is that I just can't try anything new. I don't eat any vegetables apart from Potatoes and Peas, salad is a No Go area, and fruit is a Banana inside a chocolate and banana cake. Meat is ok as long as there is no fat on it (apart from Lamb and Game - there's no way I would try them). I absolutely adore Bread and Milk and could quite happily live on a crusty ham cob with a glass of milk. My husband is the complete opposite to me, the weirder the food the better, there is nothing he will not try and often gets frustrated with me if he wants to go to a restaurant and I refuse as there is absolutely nothing on the menu that I would be willing to try. I would love to be able to overcome this fear of trying new foods. I'm going to spend some time reading through the site to see if anybody has any ideas for me to try. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Julie
Susan CottenSusan Cotten from Birmingham wrote on February 22, 2018 on 3:10 am:
Hi, I'm 63 yrs old and haven't had any fruit or vegetables (or casseroles, or soups, etc etc) since the early 1970's. Until recently I was very active and according to blood work, very healthy. About 8 months ago, I began having serious gastrointestinal
issues that left me mostly homebound. I'm much better now but I believe my nutritional deficits have contributed to my condition. I'd like to find help. Thanks!
LindseyLindsey from Lancaster wrote on February 7, 2018 on 4:05 am:
My name is Lindsey I am currently 26 and I have never had a salad. The only thing green I can eat is sweet peas. So with the peas I can also eat raw short carrots, corn, bananas, strawberries and that is it for fruits and veggies. Tuna is the only fish I eat. I have to have my rice plain white my chicken has to be well done. No bones, no red, no fat, not gristle on my meat. I have had my issues my whole life. Buttered noodles, pizza, and junk food keep me alive. When a food I can’t eat come near me I have a panic attack. I can usually hold my anxiety back and keep it inside. Although I have had to leave reastraunts because I have went into panic attacks before. If Lettuce, onions, any type of nut, or anything that gets accidentally put in my food I have to pay just for the receipt. I get made fun of, told I do it for attention, people have used it against when they have been upset. I want help!! I dream of eating salads and those little red tomatoes everyone eats in one bite. I just want to be normal.
Admin Reply by: Bob
It's not your fault and you probably have our disorder called ARFID. You never asked to be the way you are. No reason you can't have a great life no matter how many things you can eat.
Bob K
JulieJulie wrote on February 5, 2018 on 7:49 pm:
I've recently cut out some foods that aggravated stomach distress, I'm feeling better and also receptive to trying new foods, because the foods I did eat, I can't anymore. As there are few foods I will eat, I've had to find others and it's easier this time, something seems to have shifted in my perception. I've suffered stomach ailments since childhood, this is hopeful news. According to a preliminary online survey by researchers at the Duke University Center for Eating Disorders, extremely picky eating may be more common in adults than you think. Theories are often associated with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or autism. Research indicates Selective eaters may experience food differently than other people: they tend to reject food because of look or smell, YES- rather than taste, and they often have had early negative associations with food, like stomach problems or acid reflux in infancy, reported by LiveScience
RhiannonRhiannon from Wrexham, Wales wrote on February 1, 2018 on 12:41 am:
Hello everyone! My name is Rhiannon from Wales, UK. I am 26 years old and since I was very young I have had issues with food. Mainly with the texture and taste. I can't eat vegetables (except raw carrots), potatoes (no, I don't even like chips!), onions etc. I am fine with pastas, meats, dairy, and fruits but that is all. Whilst it seems like a lot, my eating is stunted due to the excessive amount of foods that have vegetables or potatoes in them. I never realised I had an actual disorder until tonight. I thought I was just picky. It's nice to know I'm not alone :)
SandySandy from Chicago wrote on January 31, 2018 on 1:08 am:
Hello.! i only read a few entries so far but wow.! i never thought there were more people like myself.! My picky eating all began because of my medical condition, Arnold-Chiari Malformation. I started showing signs at 6 months, projectile vomiting. I couldn't keep milk down. Later on I had more physical problems that had to do with Chiari, which we didn't know I had yet. When it came time to eat solid foods, I would ruminate(chew like the cows) and keep my food under my tongue or on the sides of my mouth, my mom knew because she ask me to show her my mouth and I would have the food stored, not for later, but because I couldn't swallow it. The doctors recommended speech therapy which I went to. At some point between age 1-5 my mom was told I had low muscles tone, which was why my chewing abilities and swallowing abilities were like so, the muscles were weak. I didn't get diagnosed with Chiari until I was 6. All doctors before that would tell her nothing was wrong and I was fine. So because of that, I am picky today at 27 years old. Lately, I just eat because we need it to survive, but I don't feel good, I don't get the protein or nutrients I need and I don't know what to do. Im over weight, it is hard with my condition to lose weight because im very limited in the physical activity area. And well eating is the bigger part of losing weight but I basically eat dairy, bread, cereal, and peanut butter. Im glad i found this site. Im hoping it will help me.

Thank you :)
Admin Reply by: Bob
I just read a list of symptoms of Arnold-Chiari Malformation and I'm curious about how many other problems do you have beside being picky regarding what you can eat. This is very interesting because we have never heard of this disorder before. I'm wondering if you really have it or some doctors for lake of a better diagnosis came up with it. Thanks for posting and we are glad you found us.
Bob K
KristenKristen wrote on January 29, 2018 on 6:35 am:
I've already written in this guestbook about a year ago, but I recently rediscovered this site and I cannot tell you the relief it brings still.
I'm 20, and since last year I've moved into an apartment on my college campus with roommates who don't know about my eating habits (I tell as few people as I possibly can because it's my biggest insecurity). My roommates like to poke fun at me about how I always eat the same few foods ("hey Kristen's eating fries for lunch again what a surprise!") and how I usually only ever eat my meals in my room. They don't mean any harm, I just don't think they see the discomfort it causes me.
A lot of times I feel like my eating habits are a burden to the people around me. I can't tell you how many times my family has wanted to go to a restaurant to eat but then said "oh wait, we can't go there, she doesn't like anything they serve." Again, they're never mean about it, but it makes me feel really guilty and insecure.
I wish I knew people in person that have the same issue as me, but this forum is a big help.
marco aguirremarco aguirre from newport beach wrote on January 28, 2018 on 5:51 am:
Thank you so much for this website. I'm 44 and didn't know that my eating disorder had an official name until I googled the symptoms a couple years ago. I never imagined I would ever know of another single human being even similar to me. It sounds crazy but I can't believe many of you eat chicken or meat. That's so disgusting to me! Since the age of ONE, I have never eaten anything that walked, ran, swam, or flown. I wish I did.
Those among other things with an extremely strong and offensive odor to me,
I have absolutely no hope of ever even being able to bring close to my face. My sensitive sense of smell is my biggest enemy. In my early twenties I finally tried a bit of cheese pizza because it was the only thing I never ate yet smelled pleasant to me, actually VERY pleasant.
It was disgusting to me... an unfamiliar flavor and what a gross texture. After a long period I tried again, then a shorter period, again. Probably after the sixth time over the course of two years, I loved it. It is my favorite food to this day. To avoid getting sick of eating the same thing, I order from different places. Sometimes, I imagine meeting a favorite celebrity. I can't imagine it being nearly as exciting as meeting another ardid person.
Admin Reply by: Bob
I can remember with extreme clarity every time I have met another like me in person.
Ember RichardsonEmber Richardson from Lakewood wrote on January 25, 2018 on 6:11 pm:
I have always been pretty picky. I like meats such as chicken and steak, but not the “all-American” ones like hamburgers or hotdogs. Sausage and pepperoni are absolutely not possible, and even the thought makes me gag. I can handle fresh green beans (not canned), peas, and spinach with a little vinegar. Otherwise, I hate vegetables. Cannot eat corn to save my life. Also have never liked fruits- the sweetness and texture always throws me off. The closest I can get is juice, but I rarely have that. I love dairy products, but won’t do plain milk, and grains make up most of my meals. It’s just really irritating when I go out because I’ll order off the kids menu because they have too much/too specialized foods on the typical one.
StevenSteven from Tampa wrote on January 24, 2018 on 3:26 am:
I am 32 years old and have had severe issues with my weight and my diet planning.

Since age 2, I have had problems with food. It got worse over time. My diet was very restrictive and refused to even try anything new. As time went on, I only limited myself to Peanut Butter & Jelly, Bacon Cheeseburgers, Pizza, Grilled Cheese sandwiches, and Bananas. Very little of anything else. I used to love hot dogs when I was little, now I don’t touch them.

I absolutely HATE Chicken!!! The texture, and especially the taste makes me lose my appetite and want to gag!

As I got older, my tastes changed very little. I eat salads. That’s about it in the changing of taste. I still don’t want to try anything new. The problem is, the foods that I will eat are unhealthy.

I’ve tried many diets, weight loss programs, Weight Watchers, diet supplements. Most of them failed. I did lose weight twice, only for all of the weight to come back. I am currently the heaviest I’ve ever been and still gaining. I have seen a nutritionist, but not very optimistic about it.

I have a high functioning autism, and after researching, I found out about Selective Eating Disorder. That is the PERFECT description of what I am going through. I am so glad I have stumbled on this page and what a relief it is to not be alone. Thank you very much for reading and understanding.
Admin Reply by: Bob
You are not alone. Many normal eating adults have the exact same problem with their weight. My wife has had the same weight problems and it only seems to get worse. Keeping weight off is an ongoing battle for me as well. Glad you found us. We all care. Bob K
DebraDebra from Brisbane Australia wrote on January 21, 2018 on 12:51 pm:
Hello everyone. I am 61 year old female & have been a picky eater all my life, much worse when I was young. I ate a Devon sandwich every school day for 13 years. People don’t believe me when I say that. I was amazed to find this website. I have met a couple of people in my life who are like me. My nephew is also the same way.

I have tried hypnosis without luck. I hate going out as all I eat are steak & chips. I have been ridiculed by many wait staff over my choice of food (hold the veges, sauce, salad, everything!) very embarrassing.

I am overweight & have struggled all my life due to my diet. My body is used to it. I have run many 10kms races & a half marathon without issue.

To those mentioning family, I have had 2 healthy kids neither of whom are picky.

I do not like rice or pasta or pizza, nothing slimey like avos, fruit has to be rock hard. Potatoes, bread are my staples. It is definitely a texture issue for me. I do not eat seafood.

Thanks for listening.

I do not eat salads or veges. I can drink them once juiced so sometimes I do that. My hubby is very understanding but I am sure it is hard for him. Our social life suffers.
Admin Reply by: Bob
Thanks for your posting to our guest book. There is so much helpful information in so few words. Hypnosis does not work. You can have healthy children. This eating disorder can be passed through the genetic code. You are extremely active and healthy. Thanks for your great message. Bob K
SarahSarah wrote on January 18, 2018 on 2:17 pm:
Hi, my name is Sarah and I hope it's OK to post here. I'm not a picky eater, by my 13 year old son is and he and I are both worried about it. He and I are talking about it, and I want to know how to support him. For years, I would just get mad at him because it felt like he was just being oppositional. Now I realize this is not a choice he's making, but possibly a disorder he's wrestling with. He's not as extreme as some of the struggles I'm reading about others' having. He actually likes to try new things, but he often sits down to eat feeling hungry and then something will put him off and he'll eat a few bites and feel ill or just full. He's very sensitive to smells and textures, but likes spicy things and is attracted to colorful foods. I would love to hear suggestions for how I can support him so he and I can be allied in helping him work this through. Thank you!
Admin Reply by: Bob
Dear Sarah
While some of his symptoms appear to be in line with those of us that have what is being called ARFID other things he is doing do not. You might want to ge a complete check up for him and make sure they do a reflux check. You are welcome here with us and we are happy to hear from you on behalf of your son. He is now getting to the age that our disorder is probably the worst in terms of social embarrassment. Dating Parties and school events are going to include lots of food. Wishing you good luck.
Bob K
AnnaAnna wrote on January 16, 2018 on 10:57 pm:
My name is Anna and reading the stories on this website is so comforting, I feel like I'm the only one in my life that struggles with this. I'm only 18 and I am always told I'll just grow out of it but I don't believe that because I haven't been able to expand my palette at all...ever. I always stick to the basics: cheese pizza, chicken, pasta, bread, more pizza. I am SO selective when it comes to texture and smells. I need everything on my plate to be separated and I never seem to be just "okay" with a food - I either love it and eat it quickly or hate it and reject it. I am fine with going out to eat most of the time because I figure most places are likely to have one thing I like but going over to people's houses for dinner and going out to eat foreign food terrifies me. I also am an athlete and it is so hard to stay healthy with such a restricted diet. I recently have found out about supertasters-those who have more tastebuds-and it can contribute to selective eating so I'm wondering if this could be part of my issue because I fit the exact description of a supertaster. Idk also if the texture problem has to do with sensory also but I'm glad to have found this site and to have read stories very similar to mine!
Admin Reply by: Bob
There is a test for super tasting. Try doing a google and see if you can find it. You could be one.
Bonnie MaynardBonnie Maynard from East Hartford, Ct. wrote on January 16, 2018 on 3:51 am:
Hi folks,
Not much to say except I also am an adult picky eater. I'm 69 Years old and still eat junk. I heard of this group and find I'm just like most of you. I actually was looking for answers as to what supplements I could take to keep my body up and running as I am surprised I'm still as in good health as I am considering what I eat.
If there is another page where I may find information of supplements I would appreciate it.
NicholeNichole from Douglasville wrote on January 12, 2018 on 3:33 pm:
My name is Nichole but I go by Nik, I am 20 years old and have struggled with the texture, look and/or smell of most foods my whole life. Because of my eating habits I always had a fear of going to friends houses or parties in fear of being judged by my friends and their parents, which happened more than it should've. I was ok with not eating and just eating later at home or something So it was mostly judgment that I was scared of. Even my parents thought I was forceing myself to throw up when I ate specific foods as a kid and eventually gave up and let me do my own thing when I was old enough. Then I decided to google my problem about two or three years ago and learned about Selective eating disorder. I fit the description to a T and was happy I wasnt the only one. My mom accepted it more easily then my dad did and that was hard but knowing there are others like me is very comforting. Around that same time I started taking specific vitamins every day to keep my health up since I didnt get good nutrition from what I did eat. (My dad says I'm a carbavore since the things I do eat are mostly carbs, but I don't mind) Then I had blood work done and my doctor said it was perfect and I was so happy to hear that and my thoughts are "if I'm healthy why should people care what I do and dont eat" and I changed a lot but don't get me wrong, I still care about judgment but its not as bad as it was. The vitamins I take are the Life Long Vitality pack from dottera but PLEASE do your own research before taking anything. The only thing I struggle with is protein but its not to bad. Anyways it feels good to get this off my chest and I hope others are comforted knowing they arent alone. Thank you for reading. :)