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AnonymousAnonymous wrote on January 16, 2019 on 6:35 pm:
I've always wonder what rank I was as a picky eater. Since I can recall I never liked even trying veggies or fruits. I hate natural juices unless it is orange or Gatorade. I am very selective in how I like my meat cooked. And lately as I get older I eat less and keep gaining weight. I've been wanting to change into a healthy diet but just looks and smell of almost anything makes me feel repulsive. I eat chicken and rice. Pizza. Chocolates. And fries and nuggets. It's embarrassing to go out with coworkers, friends or on dates because I only eat at the same restaurants that serves my same main dish. I don't like spicy. And I know they say you never know til you try but now I live everyday scared I'll die young and unsure how to learn to eat. I've tried pills to lose weight but they make me nausea. I don't even like any tea and I have at least tried it.
Admin Reply by: Bob
We have lots of people who are making it into the golden years along with their food issues. I'm currently 71 and doing fine and enjoying life. Want to loose weight it's a game of calories and exercise. As we get older it gets harder to keep the weight off. My wife fights the weight battle everyday and she is a normal eater.
CandidaCandida from Tullahoma wrote on January 15, 2019 on 7:46 pm:
I've been a picky eater all my life. There are things i used to eat as a child that I own't eat now. Textures are my issue more than anything. All raw veggies are out. I have learned to eat some by hiding them in foods I do like but I am at the point in my life I feel like this is preventing me from truly being healthy. What I want to know, has anyone here been able to overcome their aversions and if so how?
Admin Reply by: Bob
Some have improved the number if things they can eat. Have not heard of many cures. It take lots of work to get any improvement. You need to want it really bad.
VV wrote on January 7, 2019 on 3:43 am:
I have always been a picky eater, but over the years, I have cared less and less about what others think so it does not have much of a social impact on me. In the last several months, however, I have become increasingly sensitive to textures, and am worried that this will limit my food options even further. For instance, I have always been sensitive to biting "veiny" pieces of beef, but now I can't even stomach pieces of beef that "take too long" for me to chew, I get this intense urge to throw up and have to stop eating the meal altogether because I feel so disgusted. I can't just eat the same thing day in and day out either. In the past, when I have tried to diet, I will get to a point where just the smell of the food will make me want to throw up if I eat the same exact thing for a long period of time. I am already somewhat unhealthy, and don't want to have to restrict my nutrition and risk becoming more unhealthy. The only thing that has changed for me in the last several months is I have been taking anti-depressants I've never taken before. They have minimized my emotional eating and specific food cravings, but has anyone ever heard of them increasing sensitivities to certain food textures?
Admin Reply by: Bob
I have had your issue with chewing becoming difficult most of my life. Anything that takes extended chewing will trigger my gag reflex if I continue to chew even if it is a food I like. You might take a look at all the side effects that are associated with your medicine. Usually the list of possible side effects can be very long. Good luck. I really do feel your pain.
LeslieLeslie from Salem wrote on January 2, 2019 on 6:37 am:
I’m also a picky eater and just like everyone else, I try to avoid social meals. It’s too stressful and embarrassing when you don’t like a single thing on the menu. I recently have had a lot of IBS struggles and I feel my picky eating is contributing to my gut problems (only fruit/veggies I like are bananas, green beans and corn). I’ve been trying new foods to try to get Some nutrition but I’m not having any luck unless I make smoothies out of them. I gag with every new food introduction. I know it’s all mental-I just wish I could figure it out. I want to be normal. However, I’m so glad there are others that understand. I felt like a freak until I started researching. Thank you!
Admin Reply by: Bob
You are not alone and it could be more than just in your head. Welcome.
Bob K
NaomiNaomi from Berea wrote on January 2, 2019 on 3:12 am:
I am always embarrassed with the way I eat. Being out in public and ordering chicken nuggets because I don't eat anything else on the menu or being afraid to speak up at a friends house when they have food I don't eat. I hate it and I want to change, but I don't know how. I know nobody else like me and there is nobody else who understands. Nobody knows how to help me and I don't know how to help myself.
Admin Reply by: Bob
You are not alone.
Jessica ThomasJessica Thomas wrote on January 1, 2019 on 7:24 am:
Hello, I am almost 24 and have this crazy "disorder" if I'm forced to eat something I dont like, ex peas and grapes, I have some sort of PTSD you could say and I won't eat them. I have alot of weird things like texture, taste and smell. I'm slowly trying things, but it's super hard. I grew up with a single mom who worked all the time so all we had was junk food. I seriously want to eat healthier but I have a verrrrrry limited palette for veggies and fruit mainly due to texture and taste. My boyfriend just rolls his eyes and wishes u would just eat and get passed my mental block. I do too! Trust me. But after being made fun of while growing up and people making a scene of "ooooo is she gonna eat it"? Like I'm some sort of show and it hurts. So it takes time for me to try things. I like meat! Burgers are great but the texture of ground meat throws me off and cant have it in spaghetti. Just recently tried brats but even the texture of that is like groud meat. It takes time for me to say "hey whenbyoubmake this can I try a little piece"? Just need help honestly and feel helpless but I know it's in my head but I cant get past that block forcefully or not ruins things for me 😔
ScottScott from Helena wrote on December 31, 2018 on 8:07 pm:
I gave up some years ago caring what people think about how I experience texture in food. I am married, have four kids, a wife that loves me and lots of family and friends. I just don't give a crap what people think about it. Sometimes, if they seem genuinely interested I will explain it.
CharityCharity wrote on December 31, 2018 on 6:37 pm:
I’m now 18 and I’ve had the palate of a four year old my entire life. I wanna change how I eat and eat healthier so I can loose weight, but of course with my diet I hardly think any amount of exercise will make me healthy. I’ve tried baby steps and nothing works. I really want to change.
LilyLily from Arvada wrote on December 30, 2018 on 5:01 am:
I found this group by accident when searching picky eating in adults and I am relieved to say that I am not "Special." I am only 20 and I stick to a diet of mac and cheese and chicken nuggets. I use the excuse that I have an anxiety disorder because it's true, but my family and others have started to worry for my lifelong health. Like most of you, I have restricted m social interactions because of my eating habits. If I do go out with friends or family, I only order kids mac and cheese. The funny looks from other tables makes me self conscious and overall angry.
JacoyJacoy from Cedar City wrote on December 18, 2018 on 5:53 am:
I don't like the term picky eater, because it implies that it's a choice. To me, my food phobia is anything but a choice. As a child I only had a limited amount of foods that I would eat. Through a couple years of therapy, I have engaged in exposure therapy. I have expanded my food groups, but not by much. It's hard living with this disorder, because many people have never heard of it. They often don't believe you and that can hurt. It damages social interactions, due to the expectation to eat at social events. At times, I feel like I'll never get to the point I'd like to be, but perhaps that's not the worst thing. I've lived with it for 20 years, I can live another 20 years with this debilitating phobia.
Admin Reply by: Bob
The name of this website is I chose that name in the year 2003 because at that time there was no place on the internet you could find any help with our disorder. The name made it possible for search engines to find the site and the rest is history. 1000s of people with our disorder have come to this site to find out they are not the only ones who have it and they are not crazy. I have also pointed out to many people as bad as it is there are so many other things a person can have that are way worse than our eating difficulties. Many of the people I have come in contact with are very gifted people in other areas. Did you know that Warren Buffett has a very limited food pallet?
SaraSara wrote on December 13, 2018 on 2:26 am:
I've been a picky eater for as long as I can remember. I'm 20 now and I haven't tried new food in several years. I'm just so scared to, any my family doesn't understand. My mom calls it the "Toddler Diet" and she says that in front of people, family, friends, and strangers. I haven't told my friends about this, or my doctor, just my therapist and she hopes she can help me get over this. I'm just so hypersensitive and I don't understand how people can just try new food like it's nothing. I really didn't even realize that I wasn't the only one.
Admin Reply by: Bob
Tell your therapist to look into ARFID. Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder. Usually very hard to treat. Clue in your Mom also.
LindsayLindsay from Knox wrote on December 9, 2018 on 6:00 am:
I’ve been an extremely picky eater for as long as I can remember. I would even refuse to eat baby food as a baby. I can’t eat fruits (unless you count applesauce or fruit juice), vegetables, or meats because of severe texture problems. I’m happy to know that I’m not alone in my eating problems.
Brooke LewisBrooke Lewis from Atlanta Georgia wrote on December 8, 2018 on 5:47 am:
I have been struggling with severe "picky" eating my whole life. As I got older, I was curious if I was picky, or of there was more than meets the eye. I found out about SED (Selective Eating Disorder) and that gave me some hope.
No one in my family, friends, or work community understand why I am this way. I dread going to social situations that involve food. If there is no food provided that I can tolerate, then I will not eat. No matter how hungry I am. I will pack a snack, or eat a full (safe) meal Before going. Hosts always seem very prersistant about me trying thier foods, and then later offended when I say no.
Toni M.Toni M. from Las Vegas wrote on December 2, 2018 on 6:58 pm:
I'm 35 and a picky eater that sometimes gets on my nerves. I grew up with veggies and other ingredients in my foods, a lot of times it was a sit till it's gone situation, some time it's was if ya don't eat now it will be here later(that's what me into green beans). In my family I'm known for being the only child to pick out ALL of the veggie from a chicken pot pie! I do eat more things in my older years then what I did in my younger, but the my includes mostly corn, potatoes green beans, salads, carrots only in salad, spinach only in salad, only seafood I eat is fish sticks, broccoli if it's small enough pieces and mixed with something else...and few others. In past few years I've been more apt to trying new things.
Jasmine SistrunkJasmine Sistrunk from Sandy Hook wrote on November 28, 2018 on 5:48 pm:
This site is so encouraging to me. My brothers and I are all extremely picky. Textures are a really big thing for me. For example, I like coconut flavor but the texture of actual coconut is disgusting. I will not try something that looks awful to me. My family jokes about me ordering the same things everywhere we go but I cant help it.
Admin Reply by: Bob
I have eaten the same thing for breakfast almost everyday for over 50 years. I probably will till the day I die. Glad you found our site.
T RT R from Finland wrote on November 20, 2018 on 11:14 pm:
I can’t believe this kind forum actually exists! I’m 18 and been a picky eater basically since I was born. I have a diagnose even though this isn’t widely reconised eating disorder in Finland. We have tried to ”cure” me but since results weren’t really that great we’ve given up on that. I’ve never had problem with weight but I have to eat all kinds of vitamins to stay healthy. This has affected my growing but that’s not a surprise.
I’ve only met one person before with the same disorder and she’s family so this is really overwhelming for me. I’ve been studying about ARFID/SED for about 3 years now and this is my first time finding a forum like this.
When picking foods to eat the texture matters a lot but I also taste foods as colours and only eat colours that I like, for example I think tomatoes taste like darkgreen which is quite awful to me.
I can basically only eat chicken, salmon, rice, noodles, peas, corn, bread and some fruits along with dairy products. When it comes to fast food it’s only french fries or a plain burger which means nothing else in between than steak.
I used to eat red meat but for some reason about 2 years ago i just couldn’t anymore and dropped couple food products off the list of things I could eat because they colour they used to taste like changed.
I used to be ashamed of my disorder but have slowly started to accept it and don’t get all embarassed when someone asks why I don’t eat. Partly my shame of it was because I’ve had teachers in my middle school taking pictures of my plate because it’s ”not normal” not to eat school lunch and showing those pictures around. I’ve also been sat at the table for hours in daycare and elementary school as a child because I refused to eat. But the reason I didn’t even try to eat food I knew I didn’t like is that I get a strong vomiting reaction pretty much right after I swallow something I’m not used to eat or don’t like.
I used to avoid eating in public places or even at home of my friends but I’ve slowly gotten over it and grown comfortable eating and picking on my food around people other than my family or close friends and if needed, even to explain mt eating habits.
I’ve always been supported and my family&friends try to understand this disorder as well as they can which really makes it easier for me too.

I apologise for any grammar mistakes, but I’m way too excited about finding this forum to concentrade o keeping mt english clean.
Admin Reply by: Bob
Actually many people in this forum helped the medical community discover that we really had a disorder. Plus it is my belief that it can be passed through the genes. You are far from alone and there is no reason you can't have a terrific long life. No matter how many things you learn to eat. Welcome.

Your teacher should have never done what they did with the pictures.
TyTy from Oregon City wrote on November 15, 2018 on 12:43 am:
I am in a state of shock right now. I never knew that this group existed let alone know there is an actual name for this. I thought I was the only one out there. I am 49 years old and have been living with this since I was a toddler. I like most of you over the years have been to Dr's and therapist with no avail. I have been punished, bribed and shamed and nothing has worked. It never occurred to me to keep searching as I thought that this was going to be how it is until I die. In the last 48 hours I have become a sponge and have learned so much and now I am excited as hell. Has anyone heard or tried working with Felix Economakis? From what I have read, he specializes in SED/ARFID. He has some youtube videos where he has helped quite a few people over come there fears. I had a traumatic experience when I was little. My parents picked me up from the daycare ladies house and I refused to eat. My whole diet changed in one day. I do not remember what was said or done to me, but my mom remembers my dad going over to the daycare ladies house and asking her what had happened to me? She claims nothing, but her son who was around 10 or 12 at the time blurted out that she told me that food was poisonous and I was going to die. I have always felt that somehow they got in to my head and turned the switch off. All I need is for someone to go back in and turn it back on. If I believe in Felix's videos, he seems to be able to do exactly that. Turn the switch on and pretty much see immediate improvement. He has people trying 5 or 6 new foods in about an hour and a halves time and for the most part, the people do not freak out or have any anxiety. Some end up loving the things they try others don't. It does look like he at least gives you the tools to make that first step a little easier on you mentally. I am hoping that someone in this forum has contacted him or tried using his methods to help. If not, I will take one for the team. I will say, that it is going to take me a little while to arrange everything though. I need to build up some courage first. Also, this may sound really stupid, but has anyone ever come across a singles website for people with eating disorders? I don't know about you guys, but my dating life has been very difficult to say the least. In looking at you website, I would gladly snatch up Marla the French Fry Lady or Amber in a heart beat and would have no anxiety taking them out to dinner. Just to have someone who understands or who is similar to you would be godsend. Again I am really grateful to have found this group and if I do find success in trying new things, I will definitely let you know what worked and you could try it if you like.
Terry CassidyTerry Cassidy from Chandler, AZ wrote on November 14, 2018 on 2:22 am:
I am 61 years old and a picky eater all my life. Will eat a salad, no dressing. Nothing with tomatoes! No ketchup, mustard, onions, fish, coffee, green veggie side dishes (peas, string beans, spinach, etc) no fruit except orange juice with no pulp.
Makes it challenging when eating at someone’s home. Hated it when I was younger, at my age I don’t care what anyone else thinks about it now.
Admin Reply by: Bob
I had one rule to never show up at someone's house before 7:30 PM. Being stuck in a home meal situation can be the most stressful thing we encounter. You are wise to not care what other think.
Bob K
GeorgiaGeorgia from Australia wrote on November 13, 2018 on 12:20 pm:
Hi I’m 21 and been a picky eater probably since I was 3 or 4. I would eat everything! Then all of a sudden I was so picky with everything I ate. When I was little I use to be almost anorexic, but as I got older I discovered junk food and started gaining weight. The biggest thing I CANNOT eat is red meat. The texture and how it’s bloody just grosses me out. There’s meals that everybody eats that I’ve never ate in my life e.g. burger, steak, spaghetti, dips and sauces... and so MUCH MORE! I’m slowing getting better, but I can never eat red meat I don’t think. It was so embarrassing going over peoples places and you would get all the questions and you would have to laugh along. I cry even now as a 21 year old adult about how I eat. I hate ordering at restaurants because I have to change it to suit me and everybody looks at me eat it like I’m an animal in a zoo! I’m so scared to pass this trait onto my children
Admin Reply by: Bob
You could pass it onto your children through your genes. Not as likley to be passed because they just want to be like dad. Think do you have any relatives with similar issues. Sorry for the late posting was on vacation for two weeks. Bob K
ShelbyShelby wrote on November 12, 2018 on 7:43 pm:
Hi! My boyfriend is a picky eater, and I love him a lot. I’ll make him the choices he likes (French fries, steak, pancakes, pasta), and since I’m concerned about nutrition, I’ll always try to make them from scratch, which in my opinion tastes better, too. He wolfs then down, which is a good sign. I would never tease him about the condition he has, all I want to do is support his health. He takes a multivitamin, but for a few years he’s had a itchy rash skin condition on the back of his scalp, which I believe could be related to a wheat allergy? Any thoughts on this?
Admin Reply by: Bob
Have a skin doctor check out the rash. Could be lots of causes and possible fixes. Your boyfriend should thank his lucky stars you are in his life making it better everyday.