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RobynLindsayRobynLindsay wrote on May 25, 2016 on 3:33 pm:
I think the worst thing about being a 'fussy' eater is eating out - So many times people have invited my partner and I out for a meal, only to have to turn down the invitation because there is literally nothing on the menu that I can work with - I've gotten to the point where I'm completely unfazed by asking for things plain, or with the sauce on the side, or without this or that... My friends say that sometimes they are embarrassed to eat out with me because I'm the 'awkward' one, but I've learned to laugh it off. Textures, smells, and not knowing the ingredients are my problem - I'm always suspicious of sauces, and never have them - except ketchup, which is my go to 'helper' when I order something that *should* be ok but actually isn't - Smothering in ketchup and trying not to chew more than necessary can usually leave me having eaten a halfway decent portion. I understand that I'm better off than some - I can eat a small handful of veg, chicken, cod or haddock, and rice, and plain food (like cheese and tomato pizza, no tomato chunks) but I wish dearly that I could eat 'normally' - I wish I liked pasta, or cold/reheated food (even if I've cooked it, it's not happening.) I wish that I liked red meat, if only so that I could eat *something* different than the same 7 or 8 meals, day in, day out. I've improved a lot since I was a kid - can recall a 3 hour standoff with my mum over a tea spoonful of baked beans (I won that one) but recently was able to try a spoonful when cooking for my nephew (hoping for a new go to meal - It was not successful, too mushy,) and when a friend invited me round for tea then served pie, I managed to eat some, where a year ago I'd have just pushed it around. Eating it involved much scraping of gravy, and dissecting the pastry until there was no soggy and only crispy pastry, but I still count that as progress. Still, it would be nice to go out for a meal, and go to any restaurant others wanted, instead of having to analyse the menu for chicken or fish dishes that I can tailor to my ‘fussiness.’ I’d love to pre-prepare my lunches instead of sticking to sandwiches or toast – because I can make those in work. In fact, I’d love to be able to bring pasta salad or and actual salad for lunch. People think that you’re being fussy, or a bit odd, and are sometimes somewhat resentful of how difficult it is to feed you, or to find somewhere for you to eat, without considering that you have to deal with this, day in, day out; and it’s exhausting.
AliciaAlicia wrote on May 24, 2016 on 5:38 pm:
I've had a very restrictive diet since I was very young. Every year when I would go to the doctor they'd say stuff like "Oh, she'll grow out of it." Well I'm 20 now and I haven't grown out of it. My diet for the good majority of my childhood was peanut butter sandwiches, specifically they had to be made with jif peanut butter and one piece of white wonder bread. I won't even eat this anymore most of the time because I'm so sick of it. It's getting worse to where I only want fast foods like fries or plain cheese pizza from few places. There's a few fruits that I'll eat, but I'm afraid of the texture of some. I can usually try desserts and drinks more easily. Meats and pastas scare me because of the texture and sound and I haven't eaten a vegetable in 18 years. When I do finally get up the courage to try something usually I'll gag and half to spit it out. Not being used to the texture coupled with the fact that my palate is so simple makes it so difficult to try and like something. I hate it when people call me "picky" because they don't understand. People have told me that I'm going to become anorexic, they think I'm being stubborn, and they glare at me when trying something doesn't work. My boyfriend is the only one actively trying to help me, but without other help it's really hard. It's getting in the way of getting married and it scares me to death thinking what if I never get better? Therapy doesn't seem to be enough but I don't know what else I can do. I just wish more people understood that we're not just "picky" or "stubborn". Some of us are just scared...
MandyMandy from Hamilton wrote on May 23, 2016 on 2:16 am:
I have been a picky Eater since childhood, and it seems the older I get, the less food I like. Food I actually use to like as a kid, repulse me now. The hardest thing for me is that I have never liked the taste, texture, or smell of cheese. I come from an Italian family where almost everything is covered in cheese. It's hard living like this, I very rarely enjoy eating anymore.
ChrisChris from Greece wrote on May 21, 2016 on 7:22 pm:
Hello to all.My name is Chris and I am a selective ( I prefer that word ) eater.My whole life.I never bent the knee.No matter what.No matter how hard my parents tried.I am from Greece were doing your military service is compulsory.I survived with biscuits and apples and bread during my basic training which lasted a week.I used to hide this with excuses until my mid 20s,but not any more.I say it in everyone's face and I don't care.It is part of who I am and I am proud of it.I just don't care.In Greece food is MAJOR.Family gatherings and dinners are FULL of food.Food that I hate,I despise.Not only the look of it.The smell.Having to look at other people eating the meat from the actual bone makes me want to throw up.Literally.I must say that I have expanded my menu during the years.Lots of vegetables now ( no tomatoes though ).But I still like my food to be served separately ( not mixed up ),to have a nice appearance,to smell good.No red meat.No fish with bones.No pork.The only meat I eat is chicken and turkey fillet.Clean and clear.If I spot anything....funny I just don't eat it.Nothing else meatwise.I eat none of the traditional greek food.I have a standard 5 type lunch routine and that is it.And I still struggle at restaurants, finding something to eat with great difficulty.There is nothing to be ashamed of fellow picky or selective eaters.We are who we are.
Admin Reply by: Bob
Dear Chris

I was stationed in Athens with the US Navy for two years and I can still remember butcher shops with dog carcasses hanging outside. Do they still do that? The Greek people were very nice to me during my stay in the cradle of democracy. I remember the ladies were very beautiful.
SheriSheri from Portland wrote on May 21, 2016 on 6:52 pm:
Oh my gosh I never knew there was a name for it. I'm in my 50's and always have said I eat like a 2 yr old. I gag on food so much. It's a real bad adversion to texture, in my mouth. I have always wondered how people eat certain foods and no think they are gross. I guess I never thought of it as an allement on my part. Salad is the worst for me. I can eat most veggies but they have to be cooked and cooked to falling apart. Salad taste dirty and salad dressing is just wrong in my opinion. Funny thing is I'm fat. My acceptable foods are all high sugar and high fats. God now I feel like a total loser....
LaShonLaShon wrote on May 21, 2016 on 3:22 pm:
Hello. My name is LaShon and I'm 45 years old and have been eating different from everyone around me all of my life. With the exception of barbecue sauce and hot sauce, I absolutely do not like condiments. No ketchup, mustard, mayo nor miracle whip, so I do not eat foods like potato salad, tuna fish, pasta salads, etc. I hate the way they smell and do not want them anywhere near my food. There is only one salad dressing that I will eat and it's called Italian Robusto and that's only because it tastes like pickles or vinegar to me. I do not eat any other salad dressings at all like ranch, blue cheese, french, etc. When I eat a burger, I only want cheese on it, just the meat cheese and bread/bun. Occasionally, I will get pickles on the side and add them myself if I have a taste for them. When I eat a hotdog, it's only the hotdog and the bun, that's it. I don't eat salads outside of home for two reasons: I don't like the combination of foods that are added for a salad and I don't like everything touching all the time. I don't care for tomatoes and some other things that are added. I do not want to taste tomato on my lettuce. I prepare my own version of a salad at home which may consist of all of or a combination of the following ingredients: lettuce, cucumbers, broccoli, and cauliflower. No tomatoes, onions or other things that people add. I do not like for certain foods to touch. I can eat fried chicken with French fries, but don't want my fried chicken and spaghetti to touch. Something about the spaghetti sauce touching the chicken bothers me, so they have to be separated on my plate. If I'm eating a dinner roll or some type of bread, I don't want that to come in contact with the spaghetti as well. On holidays, I will either have several dishes in front of me with a little of the different foods that I do eat in each one or I will add two foods at a time on a plate that I can eat together like mac & cheese with a piece of chicken, wash the plate when I'm done with that and add my next food or two washing the plate in between each time. I don't like onions nor bellpeppers; I hate the way they feel in my mouth and pick them out of my food when I see them. I will cook certain foods with them for their flavor, but I cut them up big enough to pick them out easily. My son is 13 years old and worse than I am. I never let him see the way that I eat when he was smaller because I wanted him to try things on his own and not dislike them because of me, but it didn't work; he is extremely picky as well. Where as I don't eat ketchup, he does along with barbecue sauce and hot sauce, but like me, he will not eat all the other things mentioned above. He does not like salads at all. He will not touch broccoli nor cauliflower. Of course I get teased all of the time, but I'm used to it now. I am just glad to know that I am not alone. It's good to know that there are people who understand me.
EdwardEdward wrote on May 21, 2016 on 5:38 am:
My name is Edward, I’m 21 and have been a picky eater for as long as I can remember. I wasn’t always a picky eater, when I was a baby I apparently loved all food, my favourite being liver, something I cannot even fathom eating now. I have a very selected diet, where I will eat pizza for lunch and dinner (cheese or pepperoni, that’s it) and have had that as those two meals almost every day since about grade nine. I will also eat bacon, bread (White or Rye bread only), ham (if made by my family only), hot dogs (only if BBQ, made by my family, and is a certain brand), almost all fruit (the only things I actually enjoy eating, citrus is my favourite due to its sourness, but I won’t eat the fruit if its soft or bruised). With those foods I also eat fries or chips with lunch or dinner, every time, but they have to be plain. It’s funny, people who love food ask how I can eat the same thing every day for years and not hate it, but when you have so little things to eat kind of hard to throw away something you can eat. Even the things I like still make me gag sometimes though, so there is that anyways.
Now being this way has led to many things in my life, first of all trying to explain to your parents why you don’t want to eat is just ridiculous as a child and even now, my parents and everyone before them weren’t picky so they just assumed as a child I was fussy and can be taught out of it. It bugged them and tried many tricks to get me to eat, but as you can see, it didn’t work. I am the youngest of four, and my oldest sister was picky as a child (when she was a teen went into a coma, awoke one day and began to eat, I think it’s because she was fed without knowing her surroundings and it got built into her that food was okay, interesting way to lose being a picky eater but jealous that she isn’t anymore), but my youngest sister is also a very picky eater and then there’s me. Now everyone I know becomes a doctor when they learn this about me and tries to tell me why I’m this way, whether I’m a coward for not eating “how do you know you don’t like it if you don’t try it?”… Maybe because I don’t like gagging and throwing up…. Maybe it’s because you saw your sisters as picky eater and that built it into your brain, maybe it’s a mental disorder and I should get help, pretty well everything you can try to explain why I am this way I have heard. And I tell them all, I would love to not be picky eater, I hate this, food is the worst thing, everything revolves around it and you become an outsider. I would love for a pill to swallow to make sure I’m healthy (actually am pretty healthy all things considered about my diet, and am very active, but doctors don’t believe me when I say my diet because of this, almost like you need to show problems for it to become a problem to them). Really if I could remove food though, I would in a heartbeat. Or better yet to be able to eat and join in when people eat.
it is the most difficult thing going to someone’s house because they always insist you have food, and it’s hard to avoid eating but not have to go home because ‘I’m sick’ or some other stupid excuse so they don’t force me to eat with them because then automatically you become judged and have to answer a million questions. My friends caught on fast though, so I lost invites to anything that will have food when I was young (it’s better now for that). Then as I grew up I went into programs where you would go away, it is the most difficult thing being a picky eater on a trip where you don’t decide where you go to eat, thank god everywhere has bread or id be dead. Or when I go on a field training exercise for cadets, living on juice for a weekend with some candy I snuck in. The hardest thing is avoiding the people running the trip from seeing you not eat, or an officer for cadets, because they will try everything in their power to get you to eat, to the extent of force feeding.
The biggest problem I’m finding now is a relationship, everything always comes back to food. As I’ve read some of your stories I realize it’s a support group, but it actually discouraged me to realize how many relationships have crumbled over something we can’t really control. Now right now I have a girlfriend who is trying to be supportive of this, but I can see that she hates it and doesn’t understand, and I’d hate to lose her just because of food. I would love to be able to eat, and if anyone has a solution for fixing this I’d love to hear it, I would love to eat dinner with her and her family, with my own family, go to a wedding and not have to just sit there while everyone eats and laughs and you’re just trying not to make things awkward, it’s almost like we’re missing out on a whole experience of life.
Sorry that the post is very long, and choppy, it’s a whole lifetime of it, and with food being the evil thing that so many people love you get a lot of stories from it that flash up as I write this. Hope you all find a way to be okay with your eating habits, or if you’re not, and if you’re like me and trying to find a way to get over this I hope you find it, I’ll be sure to write back if I find that unicorn so it can help others in the same boat. Thanks everyone!
Admin Reply by: Bob
That was a very interesting post to our guest book. I can tell you that even if you never learn to eat anything new. There is no reason why you can't have a happy long life with our disorder. You should be able to find a women who will love you just the way you are and in exchange for that love you will worship the ground she walks on. Glad you found our website. Our support groups are open for you to join and you can find out how we all get along with our limited eating.
Bob K
JeremyJeremy from rockford wrote on May 20, 2016 on 4:34 pm:
My name is Jeremy I'm 34 and my whole life I've been a picky eater. When I was young I would only eat a hand full of foods grilled cheese,chips,pizza plain cheeseburger,bacon but over the years I have been able to add safe foods like eggs,apples,carrots, yogurt. I have been diagnosis with ocd and anxiety I have been taking fluvoxamine and lorazepam with therapy and I have had less anxiety about trying new foods but I still don't like smell and texture of foods. This month I have tried bananas, peaches, pears and grapes. Also my cousin one is 31 31and he is a pickey eater and my 2nd cousin she is 12 and a pickey eater also. I have no brothers or sisters only child but I have a 10 years son and thank god he doesn't have this condition. I glad its not just me anymore I hope this help.
Admin Reply by: Bob
Dear Jeremy
Thanks for posting in our guest book. Your post once again shows how this disorder can run through entire families. There must be a genetic link for many of us.
Bob K
DanDan wrote on May 20, 2016 on 12:06 pm:
Hey there, my name's Danny and I am almost 30. I was born with this eating curse haha, I always knew I couldn't be the only one (I've only met one other person in my life, at my current work place and that was 3yrs ago). For me the "triggers" are a bit of everything but smell and taste are the main ones but texture definitely comes into it at times, for me it has to be plain foods mostly, I won't eat any kind of sauce (which seems to be on EVERYTHING), I've tried a couple of times to introduce plain tomato sauce with hot chips, I just can't do it = the whole gagging thing..

Growing up I lived on mostly certain frozen foods, my favorite was hot chips (didn't matter what kind, fries, fatter chips, wedges etc), chicken fingers, chicken nuggets, plain sausage rolls, junk food snacks (crisps/chips are my favorite and I still eat a lot today). I got use to not eating much at all, I remember doing a marathon run (think it was about 10km) when I was in grade 4 or so, all I had was a chocolate donut before hand. I was a very active child which meant I was very thin and I'm also naturally tall.

Like everyone else I dreaded going to friends sleep overs and social events involving food (which I started early at 4yrs old), what I'm thankful for is that I still forced myself to go to these things (don't ask me how), it was anxiety inducing and varying results always happened (normally negative) I remember the feeling of intense relief after the dinner ordeal was finally finished.

My mum was understanding and I only remember her trying to force me to eat when I was very young (4-5yrs old) after that she gave up I suppose, my parents separated when I was 5, so I'd go to my dads house every fortnight for the weekend, he didn't get it so much but eventually accepted it.

I'm lucky in the way that as an adult the foods I can eat are varied enough that it doesn't impact my health, I can eat plain pasta, plain rice, plain bread/toast (I haven't eaten a sandwich since I was in grade 2 or 3 and that was peanut butter, I didn't like it at the time but I could tolerate it). Meat wise I will only eat chicken and bacon (which seem to be common ones among us), I will actually eat sausages on bread (plain of course, no onions or anything) and some seafood is OK (e.g. some types of fish and crumbed calamari). And Protein shakes are good.

I do actually like almost all fruits but there's an hilarious twist, I believe I also have what's called Oral allergy syndrome (had all my life as well, it's gotten worse as I've aged, which is common), what basically happens is most fruits will make my throat irritated for the rest of the day until I basically sleep it off, the more citrus the fruit the worse it is, luckily I've found one type of healthy/natural juice which is OK and I live on that stuff.

Vegetable wise, they need to be either raw or lightly steamed, I mostly live on Broccoli, I don't mind Carrots but never eat them, Cucumber is OK, Pea's I can tolerate but never eat, same with cauliflower that's about it.

I have a 6 year old daughter and she appears to also have the same eating "quirk", she has the same mannerisms around food (very cautious/serious, smells the food very intently, I bought her a regular plain Iced Cream cake for her 6th birthday and said to me "I'm not sure I like that" and smelt it, cautiously tried it and all good.. she mostly lives on grapes, watermelon, various frozen chicken snacks (chicken nuggets, chicken chips etc), broccoli. Her mother is not a picky eater and we ended our relationship about 9 months ago, I have my daughter every weekend and sometimes a night during the week and her eating has only gotten pickier so I don't believe it's a case of "the environment". I remember my thoughts as a child around food very clearly, this is definitely in-grained, it's not learned, it's just how we are.

I was in that relationship for 9-10years and she didn't care about my eating, naturally I'm a bit of a loner so because I had my partner and my daughter I didn't really have to deal with the socializing issue a whole lot as an adult so far (trust me there were still times but the picky eating thing basically didn't bother me anymore). But since being single again and also my career is really taking off (I'm going to India this year with 3 of my work colleagues for a month+ and I do NOT like any Indian food..), making new friends etc the same anxiety thoughts are coming in to my head again.

I deal with the issue a lot better now, and if anyone has an issue with it I basically put it back on them, "why do you can about what I put in my mouth so badly, I'm telling you not to eat", I mean it's not my fault society revolves around food, I don't, this is who I am and that's it, I'm upfront and honest and that's all I can do. I still wish I didn't have to deal with it at all though. I can't tell you how many times I've thought "if only there was a pill I could take so I didn't have to eat ANYTHING.
FrazerFrazer from Aberdeen wrote on May 18, 2016 on 7:32 pm:
My name is Frazer and I'm 39. I have had selective eating issues my whole life. As a child I lived on tomato soup (only Heinz) and cereal. The list of what would be fair to call "safe food" has grown over the years and I can enjoy a varied diet however it rarely involves fruit and veg. My biggest issue is the textures of foods which make my gag reflex react. This is worst with foods like pasta and vegetables mainly. I will have vegetables in soup but they need to be chopped fairly small so I don't have to chew or blended. The only veg that I enjoy are roast potatoes and chips and I will avoid any others. I feel under immense stress when for example through work I have to go for lunches or dinners and instantly see there is nothing I will enjoy. However being in these situations more in recent years has forced me to try new foods but sometimes my gagging has been really tested. I have had enough of this affliction now and just want to like most normal foods like pasta', rice and veg and be able to gain weight as I have always been at the lowest end of the health weight scale. Glad to know I an not alone. Has anyone ever tried hypnotherapy and if so did you have any success.
RubenRuben wrote on May 18, 2016 on 12:31 am:
I have never come across a community like this one before. I really did not realise there were others like me. I am 20 years old and have been a picky eater since i was a child. I find it is a mental block that simply will not allow me to try new foods.

Thank you for making this community. I have followed on twitter, and have joined the facebook group.

Thanks again!
IsabellaIsabella wrote on May 13, 2016 on 3:14 am:
Hi, I'm Isabella and just turned 20. When I was one, my mom would make pasta and grind hamburger really small and try to feed it to me, but I would just gather all of the meat and spit it out. I've never eaten any meat other than chicken and only like broccoli out of every vegetable. I will eat corn, but only if it is on the cob. Only french fries and red skin potatoes, never mashed or baked. I've never tried another vegetable aside from broccoli. The only fruits I liked were bananas and grapes until I turned 16 and tried a strawberry for the first time. Food textures, appearances and smell freak me out. Sometimes it's partially because of what the food is, though. The texture and smell of fish makes me so uneasy. It's so embarrassing to go to a nice dinner and have to refuse the food prepared! Anyway, it's a very difficult and embarrassing life to live when it interferes with your health (basically only liking carbs and sugar). I would kill to be able to try a salad without gagging!
ChristyChristy from Lansing wrote on May 12, 2016 on 7:20 am:
Hi, my name is Christy and I'm 37. I've been a picky eater my whole life too. I've had so many embarrassing and traumatizing experiences because of my inability to eat many foods. I've been ridiculed and picked on my whole life. I tried to change it but I couldn't. For me it's not just tastes and smells but textures as well. Sometimes I may like the taste of something but the texture will make me gag. I thought my mother was to blame...and then...I had a son. And I noticed that as a baby when he started eating baby food, he would reject all the same flavors of food that I didn't like. I kept trying and trying, hoping that I could get him used to things but to no avail. And as he got older, I noticed he had an issue with texture as well. For example, he would eat a hamburger, but wouldn't eat anything else with ground beef mixed in. After age 2 he primarily lived with his father who is not in the least interested in trying to understand anything out of what he considers normal. And many nights my son went to bed hungry. By the time he was about 10 I started to realize that my eating problem was not my mom's fault. Because I tried everything imaginable with my son. He is now 15 and his father has finally accepted his food issues (which, by the way, are worse than mine). I'm so happy to know I'm not alone. I can't wait to share this with him.
Admin Reply by: Bob
Christy I'm so glad you found us. Your post is more proof that in many cases we get our eating through our genes. Thanks for a wonderful entry to our guest book. Hope to hear from you on our support groups. Bob K
McKenzieMcKenzie from Roanoke wrote on May 11, 2016 on 8:18 pm:
Hi, I'm Kenzi
I've been a picky eater my whole life. I've been shamed by my family in the past and even have some traumatizing events resulting from chicken noodle soup and pineapple (for which I've acquired a deathly allergic reaction to). The gagging thing is comforting to know it's not just me. For years from my toddler phase to young to college years, I would eat pizza (no veggies) and cheeseburgers. I couldn't do any vegetables except for corn and potatoes. As for fruit, I could only tolerate apples. Today, I still have issues, but having cirrhosis of the liver has changed my outlook and made me willing to move past the gagging phase of trying new things. I'll try anything once, it's just a matter of finding out how I can eat it. I'm fortunate to have a supportive partner who realizes that I can't help it, and works tirelessly to find inventive ways for me to actually eat certain foods. I look forward to posting about my progress with this endeavor.
AnthonyAnthony from Pico Rivera wrote on May 7, 2016 on 5:40 pm:
Hi I'm Anthony, I've also been a picky eater my whole life, it is so difficult to try new foods, I'm feel completely satisfied how I was till my career came in. I am a model and I struggle so much eating healthy since my diets has been mostly fries, nuggets,cheese pizza and pastas, I'm trying really hard to change but when I try new foods i gag slot. So one thing I've learning to do is eat a piece of vegetables little by little just to get my pallet use to it, it's not easy and very diffcult, but I will not give up, I've got into many arguments with family and friends and I want to change it so badly, I am happy to know I am not alone and that we can do this, I believe in us
Admin Reply by: Bob
I hope you are successful with your struggle. It can be very hard to get by your gag reflex.
DouglasDouglas from Woodbridge wrote on April 29, 2016 on 3:02 am:
Wow. I haven't been here in years and the progress makes me very happy. To realize there are others who have dealt with what I have is amazing. I'm not alone.

Few will ever understand the stress and frustration of having to consider eery single bite of food you ever take. It effects our lives. It adds new and unknown challenges. But I am so happy to know we aren't alone.
Bethany BrantleyBethany Brantley from Riverton wrote on April 27, 2016 on 1:25 am:
My name is Bethany I'm 22 and have been a picky eater my entire life. I've read many of these posts and I eat very much the same as all of you. I really wish I could "Just try it" but I can't. I've moved in with my amazing boyfriend and I don't know what to do. He is so excited about eating healthy and cooking together. It's the only thing we argue about. I know he just wants what's best for me and for me to live a healthy life. I'm so embarrassed about this and I don't know how to explain this to him. I'm so happy to know I'm not the only one who suffers with this. I've felt so lonley and socially awkward. I'm glad to have found this site with so much support. If anyone has suggestions on being able to try new foods I'm so ready to try.
paulpaul from syracuse wrote on April 25, 2016 on 6:39 pm:
I dont eat fruits and vegetables and every time I try i gag. I want to eat them but i do not know what to do. I am 19 and i havent eaten any fruits or vegetables since i was 6. Recently i have been wanting to try new things and eat healthier but every time I try to eat something my body gags and i feel like i am about to puke right when i put it in my mouth. I do not know why this happens. I really want to eat healthier but everytime i try it feels like my body is not letting me. How can i change or trick myself into eating fruits and vegetables? How can i fix this problem. I dont even eat sauces or any food that i think has any fruits and vegetables. Just thinking about it grosses me out sometime and i do not even know why. Is there some medicine or way that can help me eat like a normal person.
JamieJamie from Portland wrote on April 25, 2016 on 12:25 am:
I literally want to cry tears of joy. My eating problems make me so mad and I don't understand why I can't just eat things. I get physically get sick from my lack nutrients and I realize but can't do anything about. People always think I'm being stubborn and it feels good to know I'm not just stubborn
LauraLaura wrote on April 23, 2016 on 9:18 pm:
Hello, I'm 27 years old and used to think I just had weird eating habits. After reading into SED, it seems I have this. I have about 15 foods that I will actually eat. Mostly pizza (plain margarita only) and toast (brown bread only and only certain brand). I used to eat steak (which was the only meat I ate) but after smelling my mum cooking it one day I almost vomited and haven't eaten it since, that was about 5 years ago. I have no meat in my diet although I don't consider myself a vegetarian. I find it is mostly texture and smells that put me off food, although the look of some vegetables bothers me too. I am seriously scared to try any other foods that I don't like and was shaking when my sister tried to get me to try a bit of carrot with my roast (I have roast potatos and Yorkshire pudding on my roast, that is all). I find it hard to eat in front of people I don't know and in public places. I literally only eat in front of my family or people I have known for a while. People have told me to get hypnotised to help me get over this, but I dont think anything can help me. I am just happy I'm not the only person who suffers with this.