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MarcyMarcy from Iowa wrote on July 13, 2017 on 1:28 am:
Hi everyone. I've enjoyed reading everyone's stories and would like to share mine too. I've also been a picky eater ever since I can remember. I eat pizza (cheese only), chicken (breaded only), and grilled cheese. I was comfortable with my food neophobia around my family and friends, it it's become a bigger problem now that I've got a big girl job (I just recently graduated from college). Today at a training for work, they provided lunch and I was the only one not eating. It was obvious, and very embarrassing when others asked why I wasn't eating. I told them "I wasn't hungry" to save the weird looks and judgement I would get if I tried to explain my food phobia and the few foods I actually do eat. Then I excused myself to the bathroom to eat the lunch I brought from home. The last thing I want is for my kids (in the future) to grow up and eat like me. Lately I've been looking into hypnosis (hypnotherapy) for help. Has anyone else tried to look into hypnosis for help? I'm not sure if it's the right route but I don't know what else to do. Please please please comment back! I'd love to hear from you guys.
Admin Reply by: Bob
Hypnosis has helped some get into a good frame of mind to try some new things. For most it has not been the easy cure many think it is. The results have been very poor.
sarahsarah wrote on July 4, 2017 on 2:30 am:
for as long as i can remember, i have been extremely picky. i remember when i was going to many friends' houses as a kid, they'd have to go grocery shopping to buy things specifically for me to eat in preparation for me to come over. it was very embarrassing but i was so scared of trying basic things. i'm 17 now and i have not made much progress in trying things, besides in these past few months i have tried many fruits and i like them a lot. fruit seems to be the only thing i can try without severe anxiety. i still get scared but i can make myself try it and i can actually focus on the taste and come to a conclusion of whether it's good or not. with everything else, i spend like 30 minutes trying to put it in my mouth but the longer i wait, the scarier it gets. i've never even tried plain bread by itself until about two months ago; i had to make my girlfriend leave the room so i could be less anxious but when i tried it, i really thought i was going to throw up. i was so terrified that my vision started going out and i nearly gagged about 5 times. when i try things i'm scared of i can't register any taste at all, my body doesn't register it to be food, but more like a threat i guess. i try so hard to eat it quickly and get it over with that i can't actually begin to like anything. i skipped a big dinner for my graduating class on the day before my high school graduation that i had previously paid over $100 for because i was so terrified that i had to sit with students i wasn't friends with and i'd be exposed for not liking anything there. i hated lunch time at school because i didn't want people to see that i brought the same things every single day. i've been taking the same lunch to school since i started kindergarten. i basically have the diet of a child and it's so so embarrassing. i always get made fun of and even the people i love the most get so impatient and angry with me for not trying or liking things. i'm always a burden in social settings because the other people involved want to go somewhere to eat that has nothing for me on the menu, so we always end up going to some place they didn't want to go to. i'm a burden on everyone and i'm so so scared that i'm going to die from this. i basically live off of pizza, macaroni, spaghetti, chicken, fries, cheerios, a few fruits, and a billion types of junk food. i get no nutrition at all and i consume so much harmful food that i am terrified i will develop severe problems in my body that i have to deal with later in my life. up until i started dating my current girlfriend, i was comfortable with the way i was but she's so concerned about me that it's been a sort of wake up call for me that i need to change. i'm trying to seek out a psychologist that specializes in treatment for eating disorders in hopes that they will treat someone with ARFID because i don't want to live like this anymore. i want to be normal. it's definitely a comfort to read all these stories because it shows i'm not alone but i really do want to change. i have been trying for months but no progress has been made other than in trying fruit. i hope that i can get better. i hope all of you can get better too or at least find a way to cope. thank you for showing me i'm not alone and not the freak i thought i was.
BowBow from Toronto wrote on July 4, 2017 on 1:35 am:
I've been a picky eater my entire life. It's ruined my relationships with family as I will never attend functions, it's given me intense and severe anxiety and I would do anything to change. At 19 years old I am so thankful that I found this website! Feels so good to know that I'm not alone with this!
SadieSadie wrote on July 2, 2017 on 1:02 am:
Ever since I can remember I've been avoiding foods. I'm embarrassed of my habits and want so hard to eat normal foods like everyone else but I'm not finding myself growing out of my pickiness. Staples like meat, rice, pasta, tomatos and other vegetables, I can't eat. Really it is easier to list what I do - basically bread, dairy, and fruits. Foods with odd texture a make me want to gag and it's so awful not ever being able to order off a menu. I'm trying to kick this in the bucket but it's such a long process. Good to know I'm not alone.
VeronicaVeronica from Las Vegas wrote on June 30, 2017 on 4:40 am:
I'm 19 years old and I have trouble eating pretty much everything. It was nice to read other people's' stories here, and it's opened my eyes to the fact that I actually do have a pretty strong complex about eating. I usually try to laugh it off and tell people to play the "Which food does Veronica like?" game. They'll start naming off a bunch of their favorite foods, 90% of which (at least) I'll say that I hate. It kind of helps knowing that they're openly expressing their disdain in an exaggerated manner than knowing that if I just say it in normal conversation or after we order food they'll look at me like I'm some kind of alien. I don't really eat when I'm invited out to restaraunts, and if the person knows I'm picky, they usually put all the stress on me for picking a place to eat. I usually say, "Well, as long as they have fries then I'm fine!" and most of the time it takes the attention off of me.
But again, it's very stressful to order, for fear of the wait-staff telling me that I can't do that, or that they're very clearly thinking that I'm a nut. I know that they won't say anything, but it still gets to me.

As for foods that I don't eat... I find that it's mostly texture that sets me off. If it's some sort of warm-liquid food, then I can't do it. Hot chocolate and soups? No way. I can't eat anything spicier than barbecue chips. Nothing that's super slimy (mac and cheese is gross to me, and that actually surprises everyone that I've told). My current diet consists of Lays chips, Cool ranch Doritos, salad (lettuce with only ranch dressing), soft pretzels, mozzarella sticks (eaten covered in ketchup), fries (ketchup if they aren't from mcdonalds, usually), bacon (with ketchup as well, unless I'm eating bacon bits), and just a bunch of other typical "spoiled kid" elementary lunchbox junk food.

I don't actually have a huge problem with drinks, but people usually find it strange that I don't like coffee, milk or orange juice. Everything that's normally served at any place is usually ok for me.

I don't want to be picky. But I also don't want to put myself into a position of trying something, not liking it, and then feeling absolutely horrible that I can't finish it. There aren't enough opportunities for me to be able to just pass the food off to someone else if I don't like it. It's very stressful.

I don't know if it's a disorder, or if that's just an excuse that we need to validate being picky (not meant to offend). I wish I could say I don't care which it is, but if it is a disorder, then there's a possibility that it's one that may never be acknowledged, and I don't want to live with that my whole life. But if it's just me making excuses then I'm upset with myself for being so stubborn. It's actually such a difficult topic to talk about too. It's exhausting, and I'm sure everyone else feels the same way too.

I'll stop talking now, because it's just turned into me rambling and just forcing out all of my problems with this situation.

Regardless, I hope everyone has a wonderful day without any food-worries.
Admin Reply by: Bob
Sounds to me like a have a classic case of ARFID Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder. It is in the medical ref books.
KeithKeith from Limerick wrote on June 27, 2017 on 4:30 pm:
Eating nothing but crisps.toast. cerial. Pastries . Nuts. French fries.and sweets and I'm fed up of it but just can't eat anything else 😝
TaraTara from Groton wrote on June 25, 2017 on 11:45 pm:
I have had food issues my entire life, I am now 43. From the time I was 6 I hated food, couldn't stand the look or taste of it. My family made a huge deal out of it and it made things worse. Now as an adult I am a vegetarian and only eat a steak on my birthday. It takes me all year to mentally prepare for it. I never knew there were others like me and I'm crying as I write this. I have felt so alone my whole life b/c of my "strange" eating habits. So thankful to have found this site😁
Admin Reply by: Bob
Relax and enjoy your life and don't let your problems with food keep you from enjoying the rest of your life. There are 1000s of people just like you.
JanJan from Charlotte wrote on June 24, 2017 on 9:23 pm:
I do not eat any vegetables with the exception of corn, peas and potatoes. I do not like condiments. No ketchup, mayonaise, sauces, etc. I am 65 years old and embarrassed to go to anyone's house for dinner. I must know all ingredients and will not touch a salad or vegetable or anything with vegetables in it. I eat like a 4 year old. I am not fond of raw fruit, but will eat some canned fruits. I do like grapes. I can't put fruit in my mouth without making a face, although I do try to eat an apple once in a while. I would like to change. I am thinking about hypnosis. Would it work?
JenJen from Austin wrote on June 20, 2017 on 2:32 pm:
I am 58 and am realizing that I likely have high functioning Asperger's. Also, just learning that there is a medical term now SED- selective eating disorder for my experience. I am trying to be better at self-care and have found that many people, like me, with Hashimoto's autoimmune diseases need to go on an AIP- autoimmune protocol diet to heal and avoid inflammation that destroys health. This is proving to be extremely challenging in that it limits food choices so severely and often my "go to" staples need to be avoided. So I'm looking for support from others on this journey.
DoraDora wrote on June 19, 2017 on 7:34 pm:
Hi! I'm from Brazil and I'm so happy that I found people like me here. Yesterday I decided to write an article about my disorder, but I realized that I never had searched about this little problem that annoys me often.

I'm 25 years old and I don't even know how I started to reject food. And how I started to choose the food I eat, I don't know either. I have panic just to think in accept an invite to eat at someone's house. I like the meetings when each people brings something to eat, so I always bring something I eat. I don't use to like wedding food or something like this.

All my entire life I've been called "hard to pleasure" or heard that "it's my problem". Once I went at a psychologist that told me it was normal. But I know it's not normal. I have a disorder and I want to change. But I can't do it on my own way.

The only meat I eat is chicken breast. I don't eat any other kind of meat at all. So I like a lot of foods that envolve it. And I can't live without potato - but I hate mashed potatoes and I only tolerate when them are cooked. I love a bunch of things that some people may ask "why??", like matcha, sesame, linseed and other grains like these. I like bread, I like pizza (but only the pizza made with chicken, with no cheese), I like maccaroni (with no sauce), I like rice. I'm a big fan of chocolate and craft beer.

During my life as a picky eater I made some concessions. I learned to eat lettuce, arugula, manioc, eggs... But I never choose for these things. I just eat when they are on the table and I'm the invited.

I'm a journalist and I had problems travelling around the country because the restaurant was not always my choice. Now I'm back to college, as a master degree's student, and I never can go eat at the college restaurant with my friends because of the menu they serve.

Just to think about to eat a thing that I don't eat, I also think that I'm going to vomit. Or that I would be very depressed after eat it. And, sure, these things are not only in my mind - they truly happen. It's like to sing out of tune.

My boyfriend understands me nowadays, but It was difficult to him at the beggining of our relationship. My family will never understand - they think that I don't have any willpower. I hate family reunion, I hate Easter, I hate Christmas. I just want to know when this entire thing will going to end.
Admin Reply by: Bob
We have other people from Brazil in our support groups. You are not alone. The disorder you have was placed in medical texts like the DSM-3 in May of 2013 and it was called Avoidance/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder. or ARFID for short.
JoeJoe wrote on June 18, 2017 on 1:57 am:
I'm so happy I found this website, I'm 22 and always been a picky eater. Constantly having family plan something "special" for me or having a completely separate dinner from everyone else it always sucked because I just wanted to be normal and be treated like everyone else.

I eat a lot of processed foods, french fries, chicken, pizza. No real fruits or vegetables and I find it hard to incorporate new stuff into my eating routine. I hate going out to dinner and just always getting chicken fingers still. People think it's a joke but it's anxiety and my mind always defaults to the "safe" option in my mind. I don't even consider anything else because trying something new isn't an option. And I hate that.

I think it stems from my high anxiety, I have an awful fear of heights as well and have never ridden a rollercoaster, I don't watch horror movies. So it only seems logical it manifested into my eating habits, even as a kid.

And now I have anxieties and fears that I'll die young, I read the FAQ and some of the entries here and I know it says our bodies get used to what we eat but I just still feel anxious about it. Just me being anxious in every part of my life. Honestly it sucks, I feel like such a boring person.

Won't continue any longer just explaining how this effects me. I feel like I can finally relate with people on this.
Admin Reply by: Bob
I'm as picky as it gets and I just had my 70th birthday. I will probably never learn to eat anything new at this point in my life. I was once like you and would not ride on a roller coaster. But it turns out that was one thing I can and did conquer when I was about 14 years old. Want to ride with out risk. Go to youtube and type in roller coaster and watch what pops up. You can take a virtual ride on most of the coasters in the USA and the rest of the world. Getting use to a coaster should be done small ones first and work your way up. Yes the limited things we eat can make life difficult. But it's not a reason to check out of life. We only live once and we should be and do the best we can no matter what we eat.
JacobJacob from Cullman wrote on June 16, 2017 on 5:21 am:
I am 27 years old. Happily married with a kid on the way. I have been a very picky eater since I was 3 years old. All i eat is spaghetti. Pizza. Fries and macaroni. Those are the 4 main foods. I can tolerate hot dogs

And I can eat most junk food. Such as chips etc. I like all of those.

However I cannot eat any vegetables or meat besides hot dogs. All meat makes me want to throw up and gag. I also do not eat any fruit besides apples.

My parents took me to a therapist when I was younger and all they said was "he is very stubborn".

I am still very healthy and am not overweight however I notice as I get older I am starting to gain more. Also since I have a kid on the way I don't want them to copy me.

My biggest thing is I do not want to die young because I know the things I eat are just about the worst possible things I can eat. Especially since there is zero meat or vegetables.

I do not believe in things like hypnosis etc. and do understand the only way I probably will be able to change is sheer willpower. However that has been an utter failure for 27 years. I am curious to see if others had the same diet as me and if they had any tips.

I've tried incorporating new foods but it doesn't go well. I tried eating salad forever but I can't eat cold food. It's gross to me. Basically anything with a different texture than the 4 main things I eat. I can never get myself to take more than a bite or 2.
Admin Reply by: Bob
You will probably live a long happy life. i just had my 70th birthday and I'm still happy and enjoying life. Change is hard and only a handful of people have ever made it. I'm actually way picker than you. The main thing is to not over eat and watch your calories. You will be fine.
MeganMegan from Redlands wrote on June 11, 2017 on 11:30 pm:
I have dealt with selective eating my whole life. People saying I have "eats like a kid disorder" or I'm "a picky eater and should just get over it already" has always stung really bad. I have tried to try new foods but I somehow vomit every time or gag. I wish I could understand it but I know I may never understand why I can't eat like a "normal" person. Some people have told me "you should be hypnotized or get therapy". It's not that simple. I'm so glad to find others like me. The pure embarrassment of what I can and cannot eat and having to explain myself has caused me to have suicidal thoughts. I would never wish this horrible disorder upon anyone else ever!
Admin Reply by: Bob
I have found that Hypnosis is of little or no value to people like us. Lots of things going on and most of it is out of our control. Think of it this way there really are many other things a person can have to deal with which are way worse than our disorder. You have ARFID a medically recognized eating disorder and you never chose or asked to have it. Find out all you can than own it and move on with a great life. Hiding in the shadows is not the way. Get out and enjoy your life. True friends will not care one bit.
Jaime JoyceJaime Joyce from Little Elm wrote on June 8, 2017 on 2:40 pm:
Hi there! Ever since I can remember I have always had "food issues". Dreading potlucks because I was sure that unless my poor family brought something, or if someone brought KFC, I would have nothing on my plate, and if my food touched I would have to hide my frustration and disgust. Having to research new restaurants menus before making a visit if possible, and being asked by my father while being dragged through the produce section if I liked this food or that. Not even wanting to touch or smell fruits or vegetables and explaining my "aversion" to certain foods. It wasn't until my husband saw an article on picky vs. selective eating and asking me if I thought this described me, it was like the room was suddenly brighter. All those times I had to refuse and explain my eating habits actually had meaning and I wasn't crazy. Luckily I have very supportive family, friends and coworkers. I'm very open with my disorder and use it as a teachable moment. Some have actually felt that it pertains to them, which is amazing. If I can keep another person from experiencing what I experienced growing up, I take that as a win.
JulieJulie wrote on June 4, 2017 on 3:29 pm:
Hello everyone. 50+ years of this condition, along with weight loss and nutritional deficiencies which are important because that is why my family and friends couldn't understand what I was eating, why they could not understand. The DSM-5 was the key for me, and for my family too. Because of this group, I've felt stronger in my answers to questions, I have learned more about this condition, I'm more comfortable discussing it. It does get better. Thank you!
Just try itJust try it wrote on June 4, 2017 on 11:27 am:
Thanks for posting my rant.

Rest of posting is banned from this person.
Admin Reply by: Bob
Dear poster

Some of the people in our support group just might like to have a discussion with you. But you will need to clean up your act. Nothing with this much vulgar language will get posted. You must have some serious mental problems. You are banned
Bob K
KailKail from Miami wrote on June 2, 2017 on 4:10 pm:
Hi guys! I've suffered all my life with SED. I can only eat crunchy foods. With an exception of ice cream( I have to put sprinkles or chocolate chips so i can chew it) I love cheese but it has to be on a cracker. I love chips, fried food, cereal but as soon as it gets soggy no thanks. I don't eat red meat or seafood due to texture. I don't eat vegatables either. :(

Ps I'm 21 Female
Just try itJust try it wrote on June 1, 2017 on 5:06 pm:
Just fxxking try new food you pathetic excuses for functioning adults. If you're over the age of 21 and can't eat a god damn salad or gags if somebody puts onion in your fxxking sandwich then you deserve the daily ridicule. It's food, it won't kill you. Put it in your mouth and eat it. You don't have a "medical condition" - you're just a big, fat, fussy baby.
Admin Reply by: Bob
I'm going to post your terrible rant. When did you get your medical Degree. Seems like you know we are all faking our struggles with food every day. So that others can respond here is the brilliant posters contact email.

So sad you don't have something better to do. Perhaps you should go to the support pages for people who are colored blind next.
RobinRobin from Highland Park wrote on May 29, 2017 on 6:58 pm:
I never realized there was anyone else that was going thru this except me. I was relived to know there was an actual site where I could express how I feel. I felt no one could understand what I've been going thru all my life. The embarrassment is the worse. Feeling I have to tell people I already ate, so I don't have to explain why I won't eat at other peoples homes. It's so hard.
KaitlinKaitlin from LaCrosse wrote on May 22, 2017 on 2:37 am:
I'm so glad to have found this site! It's sort of refreshing knowing it's not just me! It's a very frustrating problem that I've had my whole life and there's no real reason for it that I consciously know of. I know I need to work on it, but I can't force myself to do so. I've been teased and it's quite embarrassing. I agree with so many people on here!!