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MaryKateMaryKate from Allentown wrote on September 28, 2020 on 1:49 pm:
Hi I’m MaryKate I’m 23 years old and I have had issues with my eating since before I could talk. I don’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t gag or throw up at food. My entire life doctors refused to help me because I’ve never been over/underweight but I’m uncomfortably skinny for my age. 5’2 weight fluctuates between 95-115. I mainly eat pizza, fries, chicken nuggets, and snack foods. I’ve never had a vegetable in my life. Texture, smell, and even the look of curtain food will make me gag. And I will gag or vomit at almost everything new I try, even if I enjoy the food. I’ve been seeking help because I feel like I cannot start my life until I can physically eat. I don’t have any bodies issues and I desperately want to force myself to try new things or eat but it is impossible to do so. I’d like to communicate with this support group because I have never met anyone like me before and it is hard to live like this, especially when you feel isolated or abnormal.
Admin Reply by: Bob
You are no longer alone. I'm sending you a direct invite to our support group. We also have a facebook group listed on the main page for our website So glad you found us and there is no reason you can't have a long and happy life even if you never eat any thing new.
Bob K
Margaret CollinMargaret Collin from Bristol wrote on September 23, 2020 on 3:10 pm:

I am 29 going on 30 in 4months, and I have been a picky eater for as long as I can remember. Textures are a big thing for me, I won't eat many, many foods because of this. I won't try new foods for fear the texture will be displeasing and I have an anxiety about not liking food people give me. My diet is basically just carbs and sweets. I'm 5ft2in and weigh almost 200lbs. I've spoken to a therapist about my eating, and we are going to try EMDR therapy to see if a childhood trauma caused my picky eating. I've always thought I was alone with this, or at the few least one of a small group, but it seems this is bigger than I thought. It is awesome to have found this support group. To know that, I am not alone with this.
Admin Reply by: Bob
I just looked up what EMDR therapy is. I would bet that you will probably be wasting your time and money especially if you have had issues with food for most of your life. Therapists always like to blame our eating issues on a traumatic choking incident when we were very young. I would really like to hear if the EMDR therapy helps you in any way. I'm going on 20 years of tracking our disorder ARFID as listed in the 2013 DMM manual. I would bet that over 50% of the people with ARFID got it through their genes. I'm sending you a direct invite to our active support group that would love to hear about the EMDR treatments. Bob K
Annie WagnerAnnie Wagner from Chicago wrote on September 21, 2020 on 5:01 pm:
I had aspurgers growing up, a disease on the autism specturm. With that I had hypersensitivity to certian textures. Stuff like mashed potoats, stew, soups, pastas make me gag. I've been doing that ever since I was a kid. I'm trying to over come it. It has gotten a little better. But I can't try new foods in front of people. It hurts me all the time and I feel bad. Seeing this support group is actually really heartwarming to know that there are people out there who struggle with the same issue.
Admin Reply by: Bob
Hello Annie I'm sending you a direct invite to our new support group home. Glad you found us. We are here for you
Bob K
ShannonShannon from Charlotte wrote on September 1, 2020 on 6:17 am:
Please send me the information on the new site. I am 50 years old and have struggled with this disorder since before kindergarten. I have stories to share and definitely need the fellowship on this topic.
Admin Reply by: Bob
I'm sending you a direct invite to our new support group. I hope we can make you feel better.
JackJack from Boston MA wrote on August 27, 2020 on 4:38 am:
Hi I am jack from Boston Massachusetts and for most of my life I have ate the same food for most of my life. I still mostly eat the same things like potato chips popcorn grilled cheese chicken tenders all the so called "fatty foods". But I am happy with what I eat and if your happy with what you eat you and as long as your not harming yourself with what you eat you should not be ashamed with being a picky eater you should embrace it.
KatieKatie from St. Louis wrote on August 24, 2020 on 6:24 pm:
For the first time in my life, I feel like I am not the only person to deal with this stuff after finding this site! I'm 30 and I've been extremely picky for my entire life. I feel like I'm pretty good at avoiding judgement but I know for a fact that my pickiness has made me miss professional and romantic opportunities. I desperately want to eat more foods but I just don't know how to start. How do I begin when I've only eaten the same things for my whole life?
Admin Reply by: Bob
Thanks for posting to our group. We have moved to and I will be sending you a direct invite to our support group. You could then repost your message as a starting point.
HalimaHalima from Kano, Nigeria wrote on August 12, 2020 on 10:22 pm:
I am 29 and I can eat only 2 times in 2 days because I don't have favourite food . I eat when I'm in the mood to eat my today's favourite food could be my hated food tomorrow and I hate it. I don't know what's wrong with me I look skinny and malnourishedi'm 48kg. I feel blessed to find this website through YouTube documentary.
Kaylyn McElhenneyKaylyn McElhenney from Maryville wrote on August 11, 2020 on 6:40 pm:
I have been an incredibly picky eater for my entire life. Both of my parents were relatively picky as well, and never really pushed me to eat new foods or try new things - if they wouldn't eat it, why would they make me? I'm now 23, and have so much anxiety surrounding food. I've never tried most vegetables. I have never tried any kind of sauce. I hate foods that are watery or soggy. I have never eaten soup. I'm very sensitive to texture, and that puts me off of trying new things. I also have anxiety about how my food is prepared - I want to know exactly what's in it and what it has touched. If I see something I don't like touch food that I am about to eat, I feel physically unable to eat the food. I'm an anxious and high-strung person outside of my eating habits, but my picky eating feels like it's on a completely different level. It frustrates everyone in my life that I refuse to try new things, and I feel guilty because everyone has to cater to my weird eating habits. I would like to branch out and start trying new foods, but I feel like I cannot mentally or physically bring myself to do so. I've lived with my eating habits for my entire life, and I'm accustomed to people reacting strangely to how few things I will eat. But the older I get, the more embarrassed I feel by my pickiness. I wish I could explain to people that I'm not trying to be a brat!
Admin Reply by: Bob
You probably have ARFID Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder. It was entered into the Medical Ref DSM in May of 2013. You have the less severe type because you are not malnourished. Does it appear to you that the things you don't want to even try do not resemble food to your brain? You are the way you are. You can expand what you can eat but you will always have a long list of things you will not eat. You might also have a touch of OCD adding to your problems. Many who have ARFID are somewhere on the spectrum scale. I would bet you are gifted in other ways. I will send you a direct invite to our support group which we recently moved to . Bob K
JayJay from CHICAGO wrote on August 9, 2020 on 8:16 pm:
So, I am 36yrs old and I am have SeletiveEatingDisorder! I've been like this since the age of 4yrs old!! I am 7 out of 8 kids and I am the only one that have a very extreme palate.
I DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING THAT HAVE A mushy texture ! My list of this I do it is about 8 or Less!! My go to is french fries ! Breakfast ,Lunch and dinner!! They have to be done a certain way! In the past year I started eating and trying Chicken breast , it had too look and be cooked a certain way !! I Do not eat vegetables! None!! Nothing absolutely
nothing sea food !!! And the list of things I've never had is very long!! Restaurants, not a problem because usually they have 3 of the items I do it French fries, something bread or something chocolate and I am okay!! OR I JUST ORDER FROM THE KIDS MENU!! It's funny explaining my Selective Eating to ppl they never believe me. I've been with my bf for over 10yrs and he still dont get over how I eat!! Well this is my STORY!!
CassCass from San Diego wrote on July 27, 2020 on 1:51 am:
I grew up as a picky eater and threw high school I started to grow out of it. Trying new foods, etc. As a kid it was only made worse by my single father desperately trying to get me to eat anything new. He took me on a roadtrip trip for 2 weeks when I was probably 8 or 9 and would nto let me eat anything unless it was cold green beans or peas out of the can. This made things much worse of course and I was sick from not eating during the trip I was vomiting up bile. Eventually at that point he let me have saltine crackers. Anyway, my picky eating worsened after that but began to get better once the pressure from him was relieved. Then in high school my mother who lived across the country died and I spiraled out of control of my eating again. I would try to eat the new foods I ad begun eating just a few years prior and I would gag and vomit. It got so bad I couldnt eat anything again but the "kids foods" i had been stuck eating my whole life prior. I am not stuck at 23 with not much change. During college I would try to eat different things in the dining hall so people wouldn't look at me weird, but in times of stress I would find myself in that downward spiral. I have always avoided eating with people and I have become an expert and eating just enough and moving food around on my plate to make me look like I enjoyed the food I was served. I now live with my boyfriend of 1 year and it bothers him immensely. I feel at a loss of what to do or how to get back in control of my eating. I can't afford therapy, and I don't even have insurance. I feel so extremely lost and frustrated.
Admin Reply by: Bob
Your boyfriend should be told that it's very possible you will never change very much if at all. Plus you really never asked to be the way you are. He needs to accept you as you and not constantly try to fix you. You have a real medically recognized disorder that lots of people have. I'm going to send you a direct invite to our new support group and the people there may be able to help you feel better about your issues. No reason you can't have a long happy health life. Therapy for our condition is not very helpful for most. The good news you are not the only one and you are not alone. Probably a day you will remember for many years.
AnastasiaAnastasia from Petersham wrote on July 23, 2020 on 6:19 pm:
So I came across this by looking up what cucumbers taste like because I saw this video that made pizza on a cucumber. I am so relieved to have found this page because I am 21 and have been dealing with this since I was little. Most people would tell me to grow out of it but some friends have understood. I have a really bad texture problem where I don't like mashed foods except for squash and don't eat fruits or veggies unless in a smoothie. I really want to break out of this and eat a salad like most but I have tried salad and never undestood why someone would like it.
Admin Reply by: Bob
You should ask Marla M about her tragic salad story. Sending you an invite to our support group. You are not alone anymore.
PatricePatrice from Sebastopol wrote on July 22, 2020 on 4:11 am:
I am 61 years old and have struggled with food as long as I can remember. In each and every person’s story, I see something I can relate to. If I could change one thing about myself, THIS would be it!

I learned about ARFID just a few months ago from the school Psychologist where I work, and I was so relieved and excited that there was finally actually a name for it, and it was being recognized as something more than just “picky eating.” I have spent a lifetime feeling so alone, isolated, freaky, and ashamed due to this.

I am a very social person, so this is very challenging, as so much of our culture, and every culture it seems, is centered around FOOD. I miss out on so much of the fun that I want to partake in, including travel, because of it. I’ve been judged, cajoled, told to “get over it,” pressured, had people get upset with me, get impatient, and even angry. I am left out of invites because I have turned down so many involving food. I have felt extremely uncomfortable in social situations, avoid most functions that involve food, experience incredible shame, have nearly had a panic attack just looking at a menu when I couldn’t see one thing I could eat… I feel nauseous just at the “thought” of some foods. Strong smells bother me, as do textures. Greens taste like dirt! I couldn’t eat take-out pizza until I was in my 20’s because it made me feel like I was choking.

The funny thing is, I love watching cooking shows, but there isn’t anything that they cook that I would eat. I watch other people eat a large variety of healthy foods, like my daughter and 3 year old granddaughter, and I just can’t fathom how they do it! More than anything, I want to find a way to really expand my food repertoire. I want to eat healthy food and actually be able to enjoy it. I want to feel carefree and adventurous when it comes to food. I would like to date again, but ARFID is a huge impediment to doing that with ease.

I’m glad to know I am not alone. I would appreciate being added to the support group.
Admin Reply by: Bob
Welcome. I'm sending you a direct invite. No reason to stop dating. Just be up front from the very first date. Point out you work very hard to be the best you can be in other areas you control.
Lorrie HarmonLorrie Harmon from Charleston WV wrote on July 21, 2020 on 9:48 pm:
Iam writing this for my sister. She is 52 & a servere diabetic 1. She hid her pproblem for years. Our mother tried for years to get her to eat or try something new it no good. Now here we are she needs to be eating regular meals at set times. She lives on peanut butter & milk whatever we can get her to eat.
Admin Reply by: Bob
Trulicity and Treseba injections can be a big help if she is type II. I'm a terrible eater but those two drugs help me keep my A1C under 7.
You will probably never get her to change her diet very much. But some of the drugs today can work miracles.
EmilyEmily from Chicago wrote on July 20, 2020 on 7:34 pm:
Hey there,

I am 27 years old and I have struggled with restrictive eating since I was three. It's so great to hear from people like me. Unlike a lot of people here, I enjoy a lot of fruits and vegetables. However, my issue has always been getting enough protein. I don't eat meat, can't stand cheese. I eat a lot of pasta pizza (without the cheese) bread, pb&j and garden salads. I won't eat cooked vegetables, though except for corn on the cob. It gives me so much anxiety when making new friends or trying to pick a place to go for a date (pre- Covid). Is there any hope for us? I would love to be part of the new group if you could send me an invite!
Admin Reply by: Bob
Your invitation is on its way. You are not alone and there is no reason you can't have a long happy healthy life.
SadieSadie from Williamsburg, VA wrote on July 19, 2020 on 5:01 am:
Hello all!! I just found this group, and I have to say I am so relieved and grateful to read everyone’s stories. I’ve never met anyone in my life who was struggling with being a picky eater who was over the age 12. I can’t eat any cold foods, which sounds so silly, but it is so very limiting and inconvenient. Veggies and fruits are really difficult to tackle for me. I hate all sauces or dips and basically live off a diet of carbs and meat. I’m worried about my health in the long run, and I just wish I could change and be like the mass population of people who enjoy all kinds of food and don’t have to worry about anything like this. Thanks for making me feel like I’m not alone in this struggle.
HillaryHillary from Greenwich wrote on July 15, 2020 on 6:11 pm:
38 going on 8 - - - I had some traumatic experiences when I was a kid because I wouldn't eat fruits or veggies. My aunt & baby sitter would force feed them to me to the point of gagging. So I've had these issues all my life. I've tried to do a small integration of fruits and veggies here and there - but then found that I had issues with textures. (like the seeds in strawberries, or the pulp of oranges) I cannot do fish (traumatic experience having to kill and gut one at an early age) or seafood as a whole - the smell makes me gag. The smell of tomatoes and the texture of cold lettuce on a warm sandwich... the list goes on. It is definitely preventing me from eating a healthy life, even with bariatric surgery, I am over weight of which I mostly contribute to my pickiness. 🙁
AllisonAllison from Princeton wrote on July 14, 2020 on 3:22 am:
I am so happy I found this page. My limited palate is causing anxiety and makes it difficult for me to lead a healthy lifestyle. I’m overweight because the bland food I eat lacks nutrition. I’d give anything to like or even tolerate vegetables to or not gag/puke at textures, smells and tastes. I have a daughter who is 2 and a picky eater and I’m fearful she’ll end up like me
AlisonAlison from Brockton wrote on July 11, 2020 on 8:48 am:
Hey guys
I have had a rough time eating ever since I was a child. My mom always said I ate like a bird because I ate just enough to survive. As I get older, (19) I realize that my diet of chicken nuggets, pizza, pasta, hot dogs, and grilled cheese gives me no nutritional value. I want to expand my food palette but I have such a hard time. Sometimes the smell of a food is enough to draw me away forever (ex. Seafood) and other times it’s the texture (ex. Cooked vegetables) I have tried some new foods and having it in my mouth makes me want to gag. I don’t know what to do to help myself but I know I need it
AmberAmber from Christiansburg wrote on July 8, 2020 on 2:00 am:
Hello I'm 23 years old and finally learned that I'm not weird for being a 'picky eater'. My fiance and I argue all the time about my pickiness because he says I eat like a child and he's gotten to the point he won't cook for me and I eat canned foods.
I am not a picky eater per se I like the taste of a lot of foods but I cant stand the texture. One main issue is melted shredded cheese that clumps up. If I bite into a clump of cheese I instantly gag and/or puke. There are so many textures my body instantly gags at and my entire life I've avoided eating at other peoples houses or going to restaurants because if I happen to gag or puke I dont want to seem overreacting or rude.
My fiance and I had a baby and he's terrified our son will be a 'picky eater' like me. And he completely resents me for gagging at foods he cooks or just generally avoiding dinner. I don't want our son to be like me it really is a struggle and I'm glad I found this site of others with the same issue.
Admin Reply by: Bob
There are 1000s of people who suffer as you do. It appears that our disorder ARFID can sometimes travel in our genetic material. If your child has it they will have it no matter what you do. Chances are they won't. Your Fiance needs to find some way to accept you the way you are because you may never become the foodie he wishes you were. ARFID was added to the DMM in May of 2013 and medical professionals are still trying to figure out how they can help us. I will send you a direct invite from our new support group. I would bet you are very gifted in other ways.
DonnaDonna from Saint John wrote on July 7, 2020 on 3:54 pm:
Hello, I am 56 and have had this afflication all my life although my mother says I hate things as a toddler I wouldnt think of eating now. Just looking for the support and compassion of people who understand as most people dont. I have missed out on things my whole life and still feel great anxiety when dealing with social situations. Thanks for creating this.
Admin Reply by: Bob
Sending you an invite to our new support group.