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BrooklynneBrooklynne from Calgary wrote on May 21, 2017 on 5:00 am:
Hi there,

I am so thankful i have found this page. I have been a picky eater since i was born. My mom has always told me she had a hard time feeding me as a baby because there was only some purees i would eat. This has carried with me all my life. I don't eat vegetables fruits seafoods ect. There so many other foods i don't eat with makes it very limited for me to go for dinners with new guys, new friends or for work meetings, it makes me so insecure because i have tried to try new foods on my own but no one understands my struggles. Reading other peoples stories on here makes me feel 10x better and that i am not alone. My diet hasnt affected me much in the past as i have always played sports. Now i am not very active and it's starting to affect me as all i eat is junk food all day every day, If any one has any tips for me to even just incorperate some sort of vegtable into my life it would be appreciated. It's weird as the reasons i dont eat usually are due to fear and texture. I cannot eat grapes ever as i tried them once and the skin and the juices made me puke. I am really hoping to turn this around at some point in my life and am here for anyone to talk to as wel
Admin Reply by: Bob
The only vegetables I eat are baby carrots cold and raw or Celery cold with some salt. The white part of the celery is pretty tasty. I'm at least as picky as you are so you might like my only choices. You never asked or wanted to eat the way you do. It just happens to some of us. No reason why you can't have a great life. It gets easier as you get older. Young people can be very cruel at times.
Bob K
JuneJune wrote on May 19, 2017 on 3:07 pm:
Hi, I stumbled upon your group page when I was googling about picky eaters.

My boyfriend is one, and today his workmate deliberately put tomatoes and onions into the staff meal when my bf had said he didn't like them. My bf got upset, he said he was tired of people trying to feed him things he didn't like, and that he doesn't get what's so wrong about it that others have to 'right' it. I was once guilty of that (somewhat given up now), but like Joyce's husband, I'd give in to the pickiness but do not comprehend it. But his complaint today just tugged at my heart. I had to find out more about this. And my initial search directed me here.

After reading your stories I think I do understand this a little better now. My bf went through similar histories, being force-fed as a child and getting a beating when he didn't eat or when he threw up. Cucumber is one of his kryptonite and he could smell it from a mile away and that would send him running the opposite direction (okay, exagerated, but once he walked away from me because I was snacking on cucumber and the smell put him off) When we went to house parties it was only to close friends who knew and would accomodate his strict diet; if it were someone not too close or new, he would hesitate, or just eat bread.

We do make fun of him and his eating habits, but I never knew it was so serious. There were times when I wonder if our relationship will ever work out in the long run, because we currently make our own meals separately despite living together. But that's not what a family meal looks like to me, or I feel sad that I cannot share food that I love with the person I love.

We've been together for 2.5 years and he is the sweetest person ever. I feel ashamed that I've been hurting him for so long, when I should be the one on his side.

Sorry for the long entry, I just thought I'd tell my side of the story.

I really want to thank you to have made this page. I will still look around for more information, but you have given me an initial insight on how to better support my loved one.
Admin Reply by: Bob
You should assume he will never change. Nothing you can do will change him. If you accept him the way he is and continue to be supportive he will worship the ground you walk on for the rest of your and his life. There are many things in life that are way more important than what you can eat.
Bob K
ChristianChristian from Brazil wrote on May 17, 2017 on 10:10 pm:
Hi, my name is Christian. I literally cried while I read the stories here. I'm Brazilian and we have a culture that revolves heavily on eating. My earliest memories are of being forced to eat and embarassing myself and my fater in front of a family table. I've never been able to eat anything with onions and most meat textures make me gag. I always thought I was a freak but reading the texts here made me feel really happy because I don't feel so weird any more. It's very hard for me to keep an adequate weigh and now I know why. I feel like I can accept now this is just the way I am and try to make the best of it. I'll surely try to overcome my difficulties but hey, I'm already 25yo, I guess I can be happy eating things my way and being happy with it (if I like the food I can eat lots of it). Thanks you VERY MUCH for sharing your stories. You all made me feel like a normal person again. (Also if you want to be penpals or share stories my email is I'd really like it)
Admin Reply by: Bob
Welcome Christian we have others from Brazil in our support groups. Perhaps one of them will reach out to you. Welcome you are not the only one.
VictoriaVictoria from Birmingham wrote on May 11, 2017 on 5:36 pm:
Hi I'm Victoria, I'm 20 years old and I've been a picky eater since I was about 5. My diet consists of chicken nuggets and chips, white bread and basically any junk food. I've had the urge to start eating 'normally' for years but I'm so afraid to even put the food in my mouth. I know it won't kill me but i can't physically make myself eat it. I'm Embarrassed by my eating habits being unable to go for meals with family and friends and it's really taking a roll on my relationships. I've bought ready meals before with the intention of eating them but I simply can't do it.i don't want to continue my life like this but I don't know how to overcome it.
LeanneLeanne from Aberdeen wrote on May 10, 2017 on 10:18 pm:
Hi I'm leanne I have been a fussy eater as long as I can remember I suffer from anxiety especially with feeling ill. I want to try new foods I love cooking and the smell of food but I just have a fear of trying food. I have tried visiting my doctor and basically the problem just got ignored. I want to loose weight but it's hard when all you eat is chips and cheese, cheese sandwiches,garlic bread etc which is all carbs! Any suggestions would be great I'm only 21 and don't want to get health problems due to my diet.
DanDan from Detroit wrote on May 10, 2017 on 1:47 am:
Hey everyone I'm Dan, and I would definitely consider myself a "picky" eater. Although I too hate the word picky. I'm 20 and all my life have been very selective about the foods I eat. Appearance and smell are the biggest factors for me, but I've always had people belittle be for not trying food because of this. The thing i can never explain to people is just how bad of an experience eating something I hate is, no one understands.
My diet mostly consists of Pepperoni pizza, some fruits (apples, oranges, raspberries, bananas) Simple cooked meats (Steak/Beef, pork/Ribs Chicken) And bread. No sauces, gravy, or dressings. I might get sick from looking at ranch, if I smell it I'm done for. Even like ketchup I've had it before and liked it but I can't bring myself to eat it again. The only exceptions is BBQ and Italian.
I am fortunate in the sense that I like just enough variety that I get most the nutrients I need, but have always been under wight. Everything I eat is pretty bland. Sauces are my biggest downfall. My safe food is pizza. only can eat pepperoni on it. When I was a kid though I would only eat cheese even though I already knew I liked pepperoni pizza better. Sometimes even if I know I like something it just freaks me out too much to eat it. As I've gotten better over the years I would still say I have a child's type diet. As a kid, everyone I knew, knew I was like this and while they liked to make some rude comments they would typically help me find something I liked , except for one person that forced me to eat food I desperately hated, I was either crying or just refused which usually came with a beating. As an Adult now I'm not really embarrassed, I can easily tell someone to off if they have a problem with the foods I like.
SamiSami from Waterford wrote on May 8, 2017 on 12:55 am:
Hey everyone. I have been a life time picky eater. I don't eat any fruits or vegetables. I have a carb loaded diet. This doesn't help when I want to loose weight. I just want to be able to eat a salad and try new things that look so good but I'm to afraid to try them. I know the worst that can happen is that I won't like it and I'll spit it out, but I don't know. It would help a lot in my exercising to also eat rigt
MeganMegan from Durban, South Africa wrote on May 6, 2017 on 10:27 am:
Hi. My name is Megan, 20, and I have struggled with my selective eating disorder my whole life. In the last few years it has started to effect my health. I'm struggling bcause no one understands and I feel very alone in this. I don't know what to do anymore.
JulieJulie from Tampa wrote on May 5, 2017 on 2:42 pm:
Hi everyone. My name's Julie. I'm not only picky, but I'm also a vegetarian which makes things even harder for me. My friends always give me a hard time as I really only eat a handful of vegetables and watermelon. I also eat things like pizza, pasta, and toast (with butter only), but sometimes it feels like it's not enough. Frankly, I think I'm doing a great job by eating corn and tomatoes, but that never seems to be good enough for people. Thanks for letting me vent! -Julie
Admin Reply by: Bob
Hello Julie. It might be a good idea to consult your doctor for tests to make sure you are not deficient in any thing. If you are perhaps you can take some supplements to make up the difference. If you aren't deficient you can get your friends off your back.
Bob K
KyleKyle wrote on May 3, 2017 on 5:57 am:
Hello, everyone. My name is Kyle and I have been a picky eater for as long as I can remember. When I was an infant and toddler, my parents told me I ate normal foods like sloppy joe's, hotdogs, etc. The only food at that time I really didn't eat was peanuts. (I am allergic to all nuts but at the time we didn't know.) When I was around 4-5 years old, my parents started forcing me to eat peanuts.

When I was 6 or 7 years old, I went to a friends house in the neighborhood and his mom had made cupcakes with ground walnuts inside. I ate one, and as a result, started to go into anaphylactic shock. I think that this experience has served as my 'tipping' point with food. After that, my food habits have been terrible.

I am now 18, turning 19. I like only very specific foods. For example, cheese pizza, plain chicken tenders, pasta with only non-meat sauce, plain grilled cheese, etc. I eat more food than that, but are limited like those.

I can't go to any restaurants unless they serve pizza or chicken tenders as I don't feel comfortable with anything else as they usually change it too much like pasta.

No one knows about my habits except my immediate family. I keep this very hidden and I never attend anything that will requires me eating at restaurants. Not even my best friend, whom I trust knows. I feel so embarrassed by this my whole life and whenever I have to go out to restaurants or eat dinner somewhere other than my house, I get massive anxiety attacks.

I have turned down relationships and have never been in one solely because of my eating habits.

Fortunately, I can get some good foods into my body. I like plain tacos with certain meat and spices, and I like a plain chicken breast. Those are the only two meats I eat, and they have to be in an exact way. I also eat a fair amount of vegetables and fruits. The main part about my diet however, consists of carbohydrates.

This has been my story, glad to know there are other people like me.
Admin Reply by: Bob
No need to hide it any more. There are 1000s just like you and the name of your disorder is ARFID and its in the medical reference books since May of 2013. You never asked to have it you just do and your doing the best you can. Bob K
CassieCassie from Toledo wrote on April 28, 2017 on 2:16 pm:
Hi my name is Cassie. I just turned 33 and I have been "picky" for most my life. I hate the word "picky" by the way. This is not how I chose to be. When I was younger my parents would force me to eat things I didn't like. I would gag and cry the whole time. I would like to try new foods but my head says I don't like it. Sometimes the smell or look of things turns me away. Things I like to eat are chicken in a few forms, potatoes usually mixed with corn, mac & cheese, or gravy also in fry, tot, or hashbrown form, pizza either cheese, pepperoni, or all meat, cheeseburgers with only cheese and ketchup on it sometimes bacon if anything else touches any part of it I can't eat it, most meats, peanut butter sandwiches but no jelly. I like some chocolate but I don't eat too much and hate white chocolate. I can't eat fruits or vegetables though I like some juice and tomato sauces. There is something about most spaghetti sauces I do not like. I don't care for eggs but I can eat them on toast scrambled. I can't do mustard or mayonnaise. And if pickles come any where near my plate I can't eat the food. I don't like mexican, Chinese, or any other foreign food. I can't eat fish. And if food taste like a food I don't like I can't eat it. So many times have I wished I wasn't like this. People, including friends and family, make jokes about my "pickiness" and I have to try to act like it doesn't upset me but it kills me inside. I don't like going over people's houses for dinner for fear of them making nothing I will eat. And trying new places to eat is hard because of the same reason and sometimes my usuals are not made the way I can handle. Last night my neighbors were over and they and my some of my family had enchiladas and I had to run to grab a pizza for myself. It is embarrassing some times.
JuliaJulia from Hillsboro wrote on April 25, 2017 on 12:30 am:
I'm 24 years old and I’ve always had a really bad relationship with food. I am the pickiest eater ever. The list of meals I eat is probably in the single digits. I can’t deal with certain smells, tastes, and food textures. It’s incredibly difficult for me to even try new things. It’s not like “I’d prefer not to eat that because I don’t like the taste,” but more like “I physically cannot eat that.” I can easily psych myself out of having an appetite for even things I like. I have a lot of anxiety about food and as a result, I’ve been underweight and malnourished most of my life. Despite these problems, I was taught eating disorders are all based in body image problems, which I never had. I never worried about my weight. I recently discovered avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder and finally having a name for it was incredibly validating. It's exhausting to live for so long having people think I'm rude if I don't eat what they make and annoying when I'm always making an issue of food. I'm relieved to see other people have issues with food that don't revolve around body image.
BethanyBethany from Southport wrote on April 24, 2017 on 4:26 am:
Hey. I don't know if I count as a picky eater not. I do not eat any type of curry, chilli, veg, pasta or anything spicy. The only fruit I eat are apples, strawberries and grapes. My diet consists of cereal, wedges, waffles, hashbrowns, chips. Basically all potato products! I also eat meat but I do not like beef or lamb much and will only eat that if i'm forced. I also am not keen on fish, however I will eat fishfingers and fishcakes, batter is ughh. I like all sweet food 😛 I do not eat any veg and I HATE TUNA! I've never been to a dinner party and I stick to restaurants that serve normal meals that I like. I now refuse to try any new food. I last tried a carrot when I was 4 and I refuse to touch it again, yes my tastebuds might have changed but I feel panicky when I think of eating. If someone forces me to eat something that I do not like, I will gag and be sick even before I've processed the taste, I tell myself I will not like it.
JeffJeff from Nashville wrote on April 6, 2017 on 5:15 pm:
Glad I found this page. I am Jeff. I am 53 years old. I must admit I knew I was a picky eater I just know it was an issue I could possibly deal with. Other than a gear of going to another person's house for dinner, I have adapted fairly well. I have a question I hope someone can help with. I am type 2 diabetes with a rising A1C. I want to change my diet to help my condition. But all I see is eliminating everything I normally eat. I am very anctious about the thought of it. It seems like an unstoppable force meeting an imovable object. I don't know what to do, much less where to start. Should I find a psychiatrist that deals with such issues? Is there even such a thing. I would appreciate some advice. Thank you!
KaitlinKaitlin from Johnston wrote on April 5, 2017 on 8:23 pm:
Im Kaitlin iam 25 years old picky eater. It started when i was about 3 or 4 years old. I was constantly sick with ear problems. I had to get tube put in my ears multiple times. I was at one point 90% deaf. I also had to get my adenoids taken out. When that was all done i could hear again. While I was sick I
could not taste food. As I got older in to being a kid i would eat many things like hot dogs staright out of the fridge. I would eat bologna, cheese burgers, and pasta. Then i started to hate all those foods. I cant eat pasta because of the texture. I hate hate because i use to eat them alot working at a ball park during the summer so now the smell of hotdogs makes me gag. I cant eat deli meats. No ham. I can only eat turkey straight from the bones after its been cooked like on Thanksgiving. I will only have strawberries in margaritas. I can eat apples but rarely do. I hate all tge other fruits. I can eat pickles which i love not cucumbers. I also can eat salad with out tomatoes and eggs with a specific ranch dressing. I can eat broccoli and spinach only in a salad. I love carrots and celery. Thats all the veggies i can eat. I only eat my veggies raw. I love peanut butter but I hate jelly. I like wheat white bread but I will mostly eat wheat bread. When I go to Mexico Mexican restaurants with my friends I always eat off the kids menu. I love shrimp but I hate fish and any other Seafood. A couple months ago I went to a restaurant called Taki i tried the beef soap which was ok. I also tired their beef, shrimp and sauces but didn't like them much especially the sauces. Some of my eating habbits continued because both my parents worked alot so i would eat either fastfood, frozen dinners/ frozen pizza or whatever i knew how to make. I no longer eat cheeseburgers the last time I had a cheeseburger I threw up because my mom's friend kept making me more and more. I can no longer eat cereal because it gets stuck to my teeth and then I puke. I don't drink a whole lot of milk unless I dunk Oreos in it. I'm at the point in my life where my eating habbits are now
a problem. I drink way too much soda and I eat out too much. I want to change my eating habits to make my life easier and to be healthy.
JohnJohn from Hamilton, New Zealand wrote on April 4, 2017 on 9:34 am:
I'm now in my late 70s. I ate almost everything served in my teens at boarding school in UK and at home BECAUSE everything was cooked simply and served separately on the plate so you could leave the leeks or parsnips if you didn't like them.

Now I have to opt for fish and chips or an "all day English breakfast" if I eat out because chefs alter the flavour of everything and mix it all together. Meat is marinated, herbed and spiced, nearly always with garlic or onion. Potatoes have mint or parsley or chives and so on. All the simple foods I enjoyed in the past have a sprinkle of this or a dash of that which renders them unpalatable. Sauces, pickles, chutney, mustard smell too disgusting to even try. Exotic foods like pasta (even spaghetti), noodles, couscous, curry, bean sprouts I don't even try.

My major dislikes are spices, herbs, all the onion family, shellfish and oily fish - I only like white fish. Peppermint, passionfruit, aniseed are also unpleasant.

Curiously I'm very fond of blue cheese, also really tart stewed fruit without sugar, plain unsweetened yoghurt, beetroot in vinegar.

I once read an article about 30 different vegetables and enjoy 17 of those, but not salads. I like my veges cooked.

Managing type 2 diabetes since 1999 means I must carefully watch what I eat and how much.
RachelRachel from Dallas wrote on April 2, 2017 on 4:38 pm:

I'm Rachel, a 32 year old picky eater. I've been living with a selective eating disorder since I was about two years old. I have no memories of when I first began eating this way, but my mom told me that I ate all kinds of baby food and had a healthy diet until I walked into the kitchen one night when she was making chicken spaghetti, took one smell of it, and threw up all over the floor. She said that after that, my diet became pretty choosey.

Over the years, my diet has consisted of a pretty limited list of foods, consisting mostly of fried foods like french fries and chicken nuggets. I like a lot of breakfast foods, for some reason, so I'm wondering if I have more happy memories tied to breakfast. My parents divorced when I was five, so I wonder if perhaps negative things happened at the dinner table or in the evenings.

For lunch and dinner, I mainly stick to fries, chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, and mac & cheese. I eat breakfast A LOT for dinner, and oftentimes I eat snack foods, like popcorn or peanut butter crackers and chips.

Over the years, I have tried a few things, like mac & cheese (I did not eat this until I was about 28) and chicken alfredo (this has been a savior to me at a lot of restaurants). If I'm out with someone and they have something on their plate that has ingredients I normally eat, but is maybe cooked in a way I've never tried, I have been open to trying it. I would have NEVER eaten baked or grilled chicken growing up, and I have learned to eat it prepared this way.

For me, a lot of the issue with food revolves around smell and texture. I have a very heightened sense of smell, so if it smells offensive, I won't try it, and if the texture looks like something I wouldn't like, I won't try it. Fruits for example. I can consume fruits in a smoothie, but to eat them in their normal state is hard for me. Strawberries have the weird seedy feeling, and bananas are very mushy.

As imagined, this has taken a toll on my social life over the years. I have completely avoided a lot of social situations, or made up lies to get out of being involved in a lot of social situations. Dating has been very hard, as a lot of people are turned off by my eating habits, or think that I am too difficult. Family has generally been accepting in more recent years, but early on, a lot voiced their concerns, naturally.

I stumbled upon this group when I began doing research on adult picky eaters. I recently began my own blog about trying to overcome my eating disorder. I'm making very hard efforts to try to incorporate more healthy foods and more vegetables into my diet. I write about it at

I want to help educate people who think that picky eating is just a phase in children, and think that it is just being rude or bratty in adults. I want to help support adults who are going through their own struggles, whether they have accepted their food issues, or are trying to overcome them like I am.

I would love to interact with all of you on here and read all your stories about picky eating. Being a picky eater has felt so isolating over the years, so it is so nice to come across a group of people who know how I feel.
SteveSteve from Dublin wrote on March 30, 2017 on 4:11 pm:
Hi I'm 37 and have had a very limited diet all the way up to my mid 20s, only relatively recently improving. It started at age 2 (so my mum says) when I rejected pretty much everything. I lived all my childhood only eating bread and butter for lunch and spaghetti hoops on a plate for dinner (every day including xmas day).
It was always a problem with going to friends houses, etc. I remember going over and getting spaghetti hoops (fine) on toast (also fine separately) but together I could not eat them. On school holidays
I used to have a 2nd bag full of biscuits so I would survive. I have never eaten meat, and still don't as I have no inclination.
To be honest my diet only started improving after getting drunk as a teenager and then I discovered ketchup, cheese, and also currys. I would not have tried these foods being my sober self.

Nowadays I eat some veg (leaves/spuds/onions/beans) but not stuff like a tomato on its own, but I only eat cheese/tomato pizza. Vege Curry/Thai/pasta/spuds/beans are my favourites.
I also have always taken vitamin tables for the minerals I more than likely would have missed.
My uncle had a very similar trend with his eating so I'm pretty certain this has been passed down through my mum to me (thanks!).
ScottScott from Calgary wrote on March 27, 2017 on 7:12 pm:
Hi I'm Scott, I'm 25 years old. Have had a limited diet for all my life (started off extremely limited and slowly getting wider variety), my picky eating caused me great anxiety at sleepovers/get togethers/boys outs and school lunches etc as a kid/young teen. Only new foods that I have tried and enjoyed regularly in roughly 5-6 years are plain small cheeseburgers w/ ketchup, basic salads, and recently scrambled eggs. I remember distinctively being grossed out by eggs only a few years ago, and recently after trying well made scrambled eggs with ketchup did I begin actually liking them, and built it up to a regular food (still not 100% percent of times it's made though). So I know that I can in fact discover new foods and slowly help my lifelong condition, I only hope others can get a "win" like I have and hopefully more in the near future. I was lucky enough to date a girl for 5 years who ate everything (western and all ethnic) and all our friends ate everything but they were great and accommodating. Probably one of the worst things people can do to me is ask me a second time if I want something after I say no/keep pushing me. That really gets me uncomfortable and anxious and a bit angry. In the last couple years I have gotten so bored of the few foods I did eat at home that I have honestly eaten fast food every days for multiple years. Very rarely would it be 6 out of 7 days a week. I am roughly 50-60 lbs overweight and wanting to change/learn how to cook/exercise/increase my rate of trying new foods. Texture is my worst problem I believe (thought of mixing many ingredients always gets to me like a burger/subway with all toppings or the dreaded Xmas/thanksgiving dinners (PUKE!) I have no clue how people put 8 different dishes on one plate and it's all floating around together, wet, mixing, all smells etc lol. - I eat all the wrong foods and basically no "real" food or cooked food. YES LIST: sugary snacks, candy, most breads, most cheeses, most yogurt, lots of milk, peanut butter/jam/honey, chips, all pop, juices, all coffee and liquor coincidentally lol... Ice cream, fries/chicken nuggets, tenders, pepperoni or cheese pizza with dips, crackers, dry cereal. I also try to avoid having new people find out I'm a picky eater so lol avoid new social food gatherings etc but will tell people if it comes to it. Things I do eat generally have to be made to my liking/certain way. I want to change for my health and the part of life I am missing out on, and also want to date again. All the best to everyone else!
DominiquaDominiqua from Bridgend wrote on March 27, 2017 on 11:35 am:
Hi there, I'm 23 yo and found I have been a "picky eater" since around the age of three when my mum had me try a vindaloo (very hot curry) it coincidentally burnt my mouth and my appetite for new foods, I go through phases with food, ill be out somewhere and ill try something I haven't had in a really long time (at the moment it's premium beef burgers from the supermarket with cheese in an English muffin and tomato sauce on the side, cant have my food touching) at the moment it's all I eat, if I don't have one I go through a sort of withdrawal, it's horrible, but once it passes (can range anywhere from a week to around 5 months) The thought of eating it makes me physically sick, the smell too, I dread walking past any burger vans in the future!
I wish I wasn't so fussy because I hardly ever eat out because restaurants don't have anything I like, finding this page has made me smile, all the times people are like "your so picky!" "have you even tried it"" you might like it try it now"