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AngelaAngela from Edinburgh wrote on November 9, 2015 on 4:49 pm:
Hello all x. I found this website doing another frantic search on the internet for ways to "cure" myself. Long story short, i had some reactions to foods 3 years ago & after many meds, miss diagnosises, i have been diagnosed with a functional neurological disorder. The problem is, i was told it was allergies in the beginning and i have eaten the exact same foods day in day out at the exact same time each day. I eat a total of 5 things including butter. I havent had a veg fruit or anything containing sugar for a total of 3 years now. I cant shake the fear to try anything, ive seen specialists, dieticians and no one can help me. I have a complete fear of symptoms returning like swallowing difficulty & excessive mucus production to the point of choking. I cant shake it and i cant believe its not in fact allergies but all functional now. Ive lost a total of 5 stone and now struggle to fit into a size 4 uk clothing. Theres no joy to life, i had my own cake business which i lost last year due to this. I cook every day for my family, smell the food lovingly, pray for the day i can eat "normal" again, but it never comes. I have a panic attack just thinking about attempting to try something in my mouth. My doctors want to prescribe anti depressants but ive resisted. Im also afraid to take any kind of medication at all. Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated. Its good to know im not alone as we just dont fit the "norm" of bullemia, anorexia ect. Thanks for reading x
Admin Reply by: Bob
This is very interesting to me. So for most of your life you ate as a normal person and only after your illiness did you start limiting the foods you can or will eat. Sounds to me like something in your brain was damaged and it is also the part of our brains that had this defect for most of us from birth. I wonder does a lot of the food now appear to you as something that is not food? I hope you can join our Yahoo group so we can discuss your issues with us more. We may be able to help each other understand more fully why we have so many problems with food. Bob k
MattMatt from Maryland wrote on November 8, 2015 on 8:48 pm:
Hi, I'm 49 and have been picky about food my whole life.
Thankfully my parents never pushed food or punished me for not eating everything, but if I stayed with relatives, they would try to punish me for it.
Asparagus? Yuck!
They would pester me to try it, or tell me that I'm “not getting up from the table until I cleaned my plate” or the ridiculous "we'll put it in the fridge and you'll eat it for breakfast" crap. It got so I didn't want to visit with them anymore, even though I loved playing with my cousins, I just didn't want to deal with the importance on food that they seemed to stress over and the stress it was putting on me.
As a kid I only liked only a few vegetables like peas, carrots, celery(sometimes if I felt like it), corn, potatos, sweet potatoes. But now I eat a lot more variety like all beans, green beans, spinach, eggplant(parmesan only), brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, okra, zucchini, cucumber, tomatoes(yes it’s a fruit) and baby spinach and lettuces.
Back then I had some texture issues also, like strawberries. I loved the flavor of strawberries in ice cream or jelly but I couldn’t stand to eat one raw. It was slimy and full of those bothersome little seeds. I could only make my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with fruit jelly because fruit preserves had too much fruity gunk and seeds. The same thing with blackberries and raspberries but the dislike for the seeds in them was worse than strawberries. But now I love and prefer fruit preserves and don’t mind the seeds.
Raw apples I still have a texture problem with. I love the flavor of the juice of the raw apple but chewing the pulp and skin, Eeeyick. The pulp is so gritty that it feels like I have a mouthful of sand. After the apple flavor is gone, I just can’t bring myself to swallow the mass of skin and pulp and I have to spit it out before I begin to gag. I’ve never had a problem with cooked apples, like apple pie, apple cobbler, applesauce is all fine. Raw pears are even grittier. Eww.
My problem now is that certain aroma’s still make me queasy and sick. If I can’t get past the smell, it’s not going in my mouth, period. I hate it when people say “C’mon, it doesn’t taste anything like it smells.” And I say to them, “Yea, prove your theory to me by eating a plate of some fresh steaming dog poo.” That pretty much shuts them up.

I’m not as picky as I used to be as a kid but there are certain foods that I'll never eat such as:
“Mayonnaise” and any foods made with it. Which pretty much excludes all pre-made sandwiches, and of course any creamy based salad dressings or products such as macaroni salad, potato salad, egg salad, etc.

“Mustard”. Or mus-TURD as I like to think of it. All kinds including honey-mustard and powdered mustard used in recipes.

“Mushrooms”, “olives”, “green, red and yellow peppers”. On a pizza, I can pick off the mushrooms and olives, but if there were peppers on it, I’m not going to eat it because the pepper flavor completely contaminates the pizza.

Anything and everything “pickled” is a non-starter for me. Smells awful and tastes even worse. I just hate all the vinegar-i-ness of it. Relish’s and chutney’s are on this list as well. Although vinegar used as an ingredient such as ketchup or other recipes I’m fine with. Also I’m fine with a little bit of sweet vinaigrette on a leafy salad now that I kinda like to eat lettuces. Only recently, in the last 2 years have I begun to eat leafy salads. I still struggle with it sometimes. Also can’t stand the smell of vinegar. makes me want to puke. I have to leave the room or building if someone is cooking or cleaning with it.

“Organ meats”. I have never tried it and never will. Call me closed minded, I don’t care.

“Lamb”, “Venison”, “game birds(geese, duck, etc)”. Nope, nope and nope.

“Coffee”, “IPA beers” and other bitter flavored drinks I can’t stand. I can’t drink straight liquor either. It has to be mixed with something sweet, like fruit juices or something.

“Hot-Spicy” foods are also off the list. If i detect any heat or burn in my mouth, it’s over. I can’t enjoy my meal if I have to experience pain while chewing and swallowing it. No thank you. This particular category of food seems to get the foodies incensed when I say that I don’t/won’t eat spicy foods. This where I get the “What? Really? What’s wrong with you?” or “You have a boring, bland palate.” comments. This would include all Indian and Thai food, Jamaican jerk sauce, jalapeños, habaneros, red pepper flakes, buffalo wing sauce, you name it.

The last thing I just won’t eat which seems to piss off the foodies the most is, “Seafood”. It seems to be the one food group that most people just can’t get over myself,(and my wife), not liking, and the one thing that seems to cause the most stress. People will say to me, “Oh, you don’t like seafood, but you like shrimp, right?” or “You don’t like seafood because you haven’t been served really fresh seafood” or “You don’t like salmon because you haven’t had my salmon made my special way”. But when I tell people that I hate seafood, they seem to think that I’m broken and that it’s their mission to fix me somehow. Nope, I just hate all seafood, including seaweed(nori, miso). It’s not just seafood but all water borne plants and animals which includes fresh water fish and crustaceans as well. I’ve tried fish sticks, shrimp and salmon as a kid and have always been extremely disgusted by it. To me all seafood has this one prevalent thing, a certain flavor and smell, which can only be described as, “The Ocean”. And I don’t want the smell and taste of the ocean in my mouth. I won’t eat Thai, Vietnamese or other southeast asian dishes because of a staple ingredient that’s used in almost all those foods. “Nam Pla”, better known as fish sauce. It’s used in most seafood and non-seafood dishes like beef, chicken and pork entries and side dishes. So even though it’s not officially a seafood dish, it has seafood in it. So I just avoid it altogether. I also avoid Worcestershire sauce because the main ingredient is anchovies. My wife however, whom also hates seafood, doesn’t mind Caesar salad dressing and Worcestershire sauce in her food. One time she revealed to me that she always uses Worcestershire sauce when she makes hamburger patties. After that revelation, I now refuse to eat her hamburgers and meatloaf. Finally the smell of seafood is so vile and offensive, that I’ve had to walk out of restaurants and people’s houses to be able to completely escape it. To me it’s the same as smelling something dead and rotting.

I’m a proud picky eater these days.
I don’t lie to people and say I’m allergic or say I have digestive issues.
I used to try to tell white lies about it, but then something clicked in my mid-20s and I said to myself that “this is just who I am, accept it, or don’t.” I tell people that I simply just don’t like to eat it and that’s that. If people try to belittle or shame me, I fire back with witty comments like the dog poo comment I mentioned earlier or if they refuse to drop it, I’ll get angry and tell them to STFU. Other times I just tell people that it’s not a topic I wish to discuss anymore ever, and that I’m all talked out about it.
I’m 49, and nobody, nohow is going to change me now.
I don’t worry about insulting anyone anymore either.
If I’m invited to private dinners, I let the host(s) know that “I’m a picky eater and I might not be able to eat, or even try all the foods offered”, but to not worry or think that they have to make any special exceptions for me.
I’ve never had an intimate relationship fail because of my picky eating but I have had to break off friendships because some would like to out me and put me on the spot in front of other people or they prepared a meal for me and then revealed a disgusting ingredient they put in it knowing full well that I would’ve vehemently objected. When that happens, our friendship is over. I can never, trust that despicable person ever again.
Do I eat unhealthy things? Yes.
Am I overweight? A little.
But I’m not starving to death and don’t need any counseling or therapy to overcome my pickiness. I’m happy and enjoy the foods that I like and I’m comfortable with my food choices.
Anne WilsonAnne Wilson from London wrote on October 31, 2015 on 4:04 am:
Hello. I'm 48 and have always been an extremely picky eater. Like many of you I have struggled and been embarrassed and unable to go places because of my eating.
Unfortunately most of the stuff I do eat is unhealthy and fattening: bread and peanut butter. Lunch breakfast and supper. Occasionally French fries added. I fill up with chips almost Every night. It's difficult for me to go on a diet.. I have recently thought of going to a therapist or a nutrientist. I wonder if I can change?? I never thought of changing before. I have always accepted that I will only eat a variety of a handful of things forever.
But I am overweight and would like to get healthy.
I'm hoping to learn of any one here actually facing your fear and try new foods and continued to eat them.
SunSun from Germany wrote on October 29, 2015 on 9:10 am:
Hello! I've got a question: who is a picky eater and pregnancy? Is it possible?
(sorry , my English is very bad 🙂 -
Admin Reply by: Bob
We have lots of female members in our support groups who had no problems with pregnancy and they have delivered very healthy children. Our loved ones sometimes think if you become pregnant they can now force you to eat the way they think you should be eating.

In any pregnancy you should be under the care of a doctor to make sure everything is OK. A fetus will get what it needs to thrive in the womb.

Come an join one of our support groups and discuss your situation with our great group members.
KatieKatie from Allen, TX wrote on October 28, 2015 on 5:48 pm:
So happy to have found this site. I'm 38 years old and to say that my eating is frustrating would be an understatement. What I would give to change. My father passed away when I was 10 but I remember him having similar issues so I've always wondered if it was hereditary. I have struggled throughout the years with social settings as well as family members who just say I'm acting like a spoiled child. But now it's become more. I'm trying to work out but lack the energy needed because I can find anything to eat. Nothing sounds good anymore. Well exempt french fries and carrots. Neither of which build muscle. My husband worries about my weight and others think I have an eating disorder. I am in the normal range for my weight and I promise I eat. Just not around them and not enough I agree. I wish there was a pill with all the nutrients necessary for a healthy diet I could take each morning and be done. So frustrated!!!
Admin Reply by: Bob
Glad you found us. I think some of the members in our support groups should be able to help you.

Bob K
Laurel AckermanLaurel Ackerman from Arlington, MA wrote on October 21, 2015 on 7:26 pm:
I am so glad to have found this site. I have my own picky eating issues, which have abated a bit over the years but still are there to some measure. But my 12 year old son definitely falls into the SED category and it is incredibly frustrating. I worry about his health (although his doctor says he's fine/will be fine), and his growth (he is small). But mostly I worry about the social implications. It's hard for him to be at parties, and people (mostly relatives) do not understand the situation and put a lot of pressure on him to "just try it", not understanding that it's beyond that. I'm hoping to find coping support here more than any fixes.
BrittanyBrittany from Tauranga, New Zealand wrote on October 8, 2015 on 5:38 am:
I'm so glad that I am not the only one out there who is classed as a picky eater! I am only 19 years old and have always struggled when people comment about how fussy I am. I do not like the word 'fussy' or 'picky' I prefer selective. The only fruit I eat is green apples and the only veges I eat are potatoes and corn on the cob. I will eat most meats but only if it is cooked in certain ways. I cannot drink hot drinks but I love fizzy. I eat lot's of junk food, however not a wide variety of it. For example, I do not like pizza! I can't explain why I am like this. At first I thought it was different textures of food that put me off but then I realized that most foods somehow do not look like food to me and I won't even try different food as I am quite happy with what I eat. Social events are the worst. Going to sleepovers as a kid I had to make sure to pack 2 minute noodles or a packet of pasta in case I didn't like what they were having for dinner which was the majority of the time. Also when going out for an event at a fancy restaurant is annoying and I always check the menu before going to make sure they have something I like which is usually fries. I also do not like the taste of alcohol so whenever I get invited to drinks I will come up with a reason I can't go because I feel left out otherwise. I am healthy but do worry that my selective eating will cause my health to diminish in the future. I loved reading other guests comments on their experiences and I feel better about finding other people like me 🙂
JackieJackie from United Kingdom wrote on October 6, 2015 on 1:32 pm:
So glad I came across your website, so hard to find help in the UK, I am the mum of an 11 year old Selective Eater who has been this way since 4 years of age, he struggles daily and it breaks my heart, he desperately wants to try new foods but says he cant, I have to prepare his food and he has a fear of eating in public, recently went on a scout trip for two days and ate nothing. He eats chips, cheese, lentil soup and mash potato and hot dogs, but they all have to come from a certain maker, about to seek help from the medical profession and hope they can point me in some direction to help my son overcome his fear of food.
NicoleNicole from Toronto, Canada wrote on September 28, 2015 on 10:03 pm:
I have struggled with my extreme picky eating for basically my whole life. I'm 23 now and have been growing progressively more and more frustrated with my very limited diet and how negatively it has affected my life, especially now as a young adult. Like so many of you I have been tormented my whole life about it; “How are you still alive?” “You know nothing bad is going to happen if you just try it, what’s the big deal?” “Don’t you want to change?” “You don’t even know what you’re missing” and so many other comments/questions that can often times be very embarrassing and even hurtful. Carrying around this shameful secret which causes me so much anxiety on an almost daily basis has become exhausting. I’ve been desperate to change for a long time, but after so many failed attempts and setbacks I was starting to think it was hopeless. Certain events in my life over the past two years have lead me to embark on a journey to take back control and put my all into improving myself so I can live my life to the fullest. Today I decided to do some research online in an attempt to better educate myself and seek possible treatment options. It never crossed my mind that I would find an online community of people who are picky eaters supporting one another and sharing information. I am overcome with emotion. I cried reading some of the stories posted in this guestbook because I felt such an intense sense of relief knowing that there are other people out there who have been through the same struggle that I have. To know that I’m not the only one, that others have felt the embarrassment, guilt and pain that can come along with being a picky eater has changed my perspective for the better. Thank you so much for sharing your stories, I’m so grateful. I look forward to using this site and all of its resources to help me along my journey.
MaddieMaddie wrote on September 27, 2015 on 8:59 pm:
I'm frequently considered to be a picky eater. At the moment, I can't even try most fruits and vegetables without triggering a gag reflex, and I don't eat meat very often. I also don't like marinara sauce on pasta. I'm healthy, but it is upsetting struggling to order at restaurants. It also doesn't help that family members keep bringing it up at dinners, saying things like, "won't you get scurvy if you don't eat fruits?" I wish they realized how rude that is.
TraceyTracey from Maryland wrote on September 24, 2015 on 4:42 pm:
What a relief to know that I am not the only one. I only recently heard about ARFID and SED so all this time I thought I was just plain weird. Maybe I am, but now I feel a little better about it. I am 55 yrs old and in great health, always have been, had 2 healthy kids and I have a lousy diet. It consists of french fries, hot dogs, peanut butter, buttered noodles, milk and pepsi. I cannot eat any seasonings other than salt, I cannot drink anything hot or even warm. I do like nuts. I never eat any vegetables whatsoever, anything with sauce or gravy is out of the question. Everyone always asks me how I am alive. I don't know, but I am and I'm happy and healthy but have always dreaded all the events surrounding food, which obviously most things include. Anyway, thank you for having this website, I feel so much better.
Valerie BValerie B from Roanoke wrote on September 15, 2015 on 3:42 am:
Finally! People like me! I have been picky my whole life and always made to feel something was wrong with me. If I hear "you just need to try it" one more time I will scream. I am 40 years old, I know what I like. I will not eat fruit of any kind or drink the juice. I can tolerate orange juice if it has 0 pulp. I like how fruit smells but the texture is too much for me. Also raw vegetation is an absolute no and anything with seeds in it. I like a few cooked vegetables but that is all. And I absolutely cannot stand pickles anywhere on my plate or near my food and mustard is included. I have always been like this. My parents would force me to try things and it makes me gag causes me anxiety. My mother would even tell you that I refused apple sauce as a baby. I have worked hard to find something to eat at most restaurants. Business functions are awful as food usually comes pre ordered. My husband will eat anything and my pickiness drives him nuts. I wish I could eat different things. It can look good and sometimes smells good but I cannot get past how it feels in my mouth and in my mind. It is even hard for me to cook or touch these foods. I just don't want to be bullied by it. I survive on a limited variety and what I refer to as nursery food. It is nice to know I am not alone anymore.
DeannaDeanna from Rockwall wrote on September 1, 2015 on 11:10 pm:
Hello. Today is my first day to visit this website and I am so glad I did. Reading everyone's stories is like readying my own. I too always felt like I was alone in this unfortunate life style of picky eating. I always thought there was something wrong with me. I wished my eating habits were normal. I feel like I am different and that my family wished I didn't have the issues that I have. I want to eat normal for me of course but also for them. I want my family to be proud of me and not have to be embarrassed for me at social events where food is involved. I want to feel normal and be able to walk into any restaurant and be that person who says hey that sounds good - I'll try that. I can promise you that has NEVER happened. I wished there was a magic switch that could be turned on or off that would make this all go away but looks like I am stuck with this crazy eating disorder.
My diet is very unusual and it is noticed everywhere I go. Most everyone who I work with knows I am picky and telling my friends or family etc is not hard for me. I don't like it when I am made to feel like an outcast because I don't eat like an adult should. I don't mind people knowing I am picky I just want people to accept it the way I have and know that there is nothing they can say to help or change the way I am. I look forward to continue to read and follow people's stories as this helps me feel like I am not alone. Thank you to everyone who has shared their story on this website.
Tracy HoganTracy Hogan from Dallas wrote on August 29, 2015 on 2:29 am:
I had dinner with my husband tonight, and because I can't stand spicy food, our dinner went badly. Imagine the titanic if you will. We went to a new restaurant that served steak (we both love steak), but this restaurant covered every single steak in pepper! I can't eat spicy. My husband knows this. Black pepper is spicy to me. He doesn't understand that I cannot eat any amount of it. I ordered fried dill pickle chips, and they came with ranch that had cayenne pepper on it. Not only was the ranch spicy, but the breading of the pickle chips was covered in black pepper. NOTHING AT THIS RESTAURANT CAME WITHOUT BLACK PEPPER. My husband doesnt understand that I would rather starve than subject my body to spicy food. (Also I hate seafood)
GeorgiaGeorgia from Liverpool wrote on August 27, 2015 on 10:40 pm:
Hi, I'm georgia I'm 19 years of age and I have restrictive food intake disorder/selective eating disorder and have had for as long as I can remember, I only eat diary products, chips and pizza, nothing else.
Renee Lopez-GaudreauRenee Lopez-Gaudreau from Hermitage wrote on August 25, 2015 on 2:37 pm:
My name is Renee and I am Rosemary's mom (She's 9) Since birth Rosie displayed strong emotions and stress regarding meals, food, smells, taste, and of course texture. I knew this was not the norm and had her evaluated at 17 month- only to be sent home with "she's healthy- just picky-and maybe has some sensory issues." Rosemary was a healthy weight because she lived off baby rice cereal and baby foods till 3 years of age. Functioning in every other way, being smart and funny and out going, makes it hard for people to understand her real struggle. Even her primary Dr. She currently has about 6-8 foods she can and will eat- we have had OT and feeding therapy in the past from age 18 months - 4 years old. (taking a break for 4 years) to reduce stress. She is set for new food evaluation this Friday at a place that came highly recommended. I am so glad I found this site. I understand this is who she is- I love her just the way she is......but I am glad she will have a place (here) at some point for support. Rosie primarily eats, Vanilla yogurt, Pankcakes, waffles, popcorn, fries, processed Chx fingers, and cookies. Thank you for helping others have a place to not feel alone in this struggle and for teaching the outside world this is "real". Warm Regards (Rosie's mom)
Renee Lopez-GaudreauRenee Lopez-Gaudreau from Hermitage wrote on August 25, 2015 on 2:33 pm:
My name is Renee and I am mother to now 9 year old Rosemary G. Rosie since birth displayed strong emotions and stress regarding meals, food, smells, taste, and of course texture. I knew this was not the norm and had her evaluated at 17 month only to be sent home with "she's healthy- just picky-and maybe has some sensory issues." Rosemary was a healthy weight because she lived off baby rice cereal and baby foods till 3 years of age. Functioning in every other way makes it hard to people to understand her real struggle. She currently has about 6-8 foods she can and will eat- we have had OT and feeding therapy in the past (taking a break for 4 years) to reduce stress. She is set to for new food evaluation this Friday at a place that came highly recommended. I am so glad I found this site. I understand this is who she is- am am glad she will have a place to (here) at some point for support. As a mother- this site life changing. Rosie primarily eats, Vanilla yogurt, Pankcakes, popcorn, fries, processed Chx fingers, and cookies. Thank you for helping others have a place to not feel alone in this struggle and for teaching the outside world this is "real". Warm Regards (Rosie's mom)
Emily LEmily L from Chesapeake, VA wrote on August 19, 2015 on 5:35 pm:
Hello to Picky Eating Adults Support from a mom of a Picky Eating Teen!