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MadisonMadison from Victorville wrote on October 23, 2018 on 7:16 pm:
For 20 years I wondered, why my eating habits are the way they are. For years my parents tried the whole “of you don’t eat it now you’ll eat it later.” And I never did. Just the sight and smell of meatloaf would send me to my room in tears, onions, chili, some fruits and most vegetables, anything. But never once did I think (eating disorder) for 20 years I was just told I’m weird for my very small list of what I call “Edible Foods”. Even some of my family members would just classify me as a drama queen when in all reality, who wants to only eat about 10 Different foods? Your whole life?! I sure as hell didnt until I found this website as a way to not only educate myself about my body but comfort me in the fact that I know 100% I and tons of other people are not alone.
Admin Reply by: Bob
Glad you found the website and you are far from alone.
Bob K
LaShonLaShon from Chicago wrote on October 21, 2018 on 8:23 am:
Wow! I've never thought about the way that I eat as being a disorder. I also never knew there were so many other picky eaters out there. While there are many foods that I do eat, there are so many more that I don't. Let me give you all an idea: I absolutely can't stand most condiments. I do not like ketchup, mustard, mayo, miracle whip, nor salad dressings. There's even some stuff called sandwich spread, yuck! Therefore I do not eat things like potato salad, tuna fish, pasta salads, and what I call regular vegetable salads that everyone else likes. There is too much going on in a salad. I do like barbecue sauce and hotsauce, but only on certain foods. I eat my hamburgers with cheese only; just meat, bread and cheese only, nothing else on it. Hotdogs consist of the hotdog and the bun only, nothing else. I do not like for certain foods to touch; that is so gross to me. Some foods go together, so I will eat fried chicken and french fries on the same plate or fried chicken with mac 'n cheese on the same plate, but spaghetti and meatloaf definitely does not go on the same plate. I don't like onions nor bell peppers, I pick them out as long as I can see them. I do like some vegetables like green beans, corn, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, and carrots (I do not like cooked carrots, but I love them raw.) I will eat cooked carrots if they are cut really small and in a soup or stew, that way there are other foods along with the broth to take over the taste. Don't care for tomatoes neither. Because I don't like for my food to touch, I'm usually sitting at the table on holidays with multiple plates/bowls around me with a little bit of what I like in each one, or I'll put two items that I like on a plate, make sure they don't touch, eat, and then wash the plate really good to make sure there are no traces of what I just ate so that I can add another one or two items to my plate. I can go on, but I think you all get it. What I really feel bad about is that my 16 year old son is probably worse than I am! When he was much younger, I tried my best to not let him see me eating the way that I do, but he is still a picky eater. I've never made him eat anything that he doesn't want to because I know how I am.
Admin Reply by: Bob
FYI over the years we have seen many examples that indicate your picky eating could be transferred through your genes. I would bet you knew he was going to be picky when he was so young he could not be making any conscious decisions about what foods he liked.
CaseyCasey from Suprise wrote on October 15, 2018 on 5:18 pm:
My nephew is an extremely picky eater, he's active in sports but is starting to develop a gut, similar to a pregnant female but it has traces of cellulite. He's 14 years of age and I'm concerned that his picky eating is already causing problems for him. His diet consists of, well done french fries, cheez its, nature valley bars, chips, coke cola, candy, cookies, he drinks milk and water. I'm worried that he's not getting the nutrients to not only grow but to contuine with sports and with stand injury mind you he plays no contact sports and avoids most physical activity. If he isn't running he's sitting at home watching his cell phone. Is there anything to be done or is he in for a life of being over weight and having limited friendships?
Admin Reply by: Bob
For many of us Social isolation is a big problem. We tend to avoid many types of social gatherings because of the food. Many of us also get very depressed because of it. He is going to have many challenges as he grows. Having a supportive famiily is helpful. No easy answers or magic bullets. Doctors are currently working on ways to treat people with ARFID and because your nephew is so young they may be able to help him. Therapy is probably going to long and expensive. Good luck
Trenton ZickefooseTrenton Zickefoose from Niles wrote on October 13, 2018 on 4:02 am:
If someone could email me for some tips and help that would be great!!!! I am one of the pickiest eaters and i hate it!!! I wish i could change it so bad!! Eveyday i either eat hot dogs. french fries, pizza , pancakes, cerals, or mac n cheese and that is it!! I suffer from high blood pressure already and i really need to lose weight and better diet but i just cant change how i eat because i dont like anything!!! The inly good things i eat are corn and bananas !! Those are the only healthy foods that i like!! Someone please give me advice
Admin Reply by: Bob
I wish there was a magic bullet that would cure you of your picky eating. I can tell you that I would bet you are gifted in other ways and a really great person to know. But like many of us myself included people have not always been so nice to us starting in childhood and then getting to adulthood new social problems start to show up. You can google ARFID and get some treatment ideas. I would caution you that many of the so called experts don't really understand us when they come up with treatments that will make us better. It has been my experience that as long as you live eating a wide variety of foods will probably never happen for you. You can expand your food choices some but even then you will have special issues with the new things. One thing you can do is become more familiar with what you have and learn how to defend yourself and become confident you are doing the best you can. I have found life was much better when the people around me where I worked were all told about my disorder. Funny thing when I told them there were some who came up to me and indicated they have a relative that is just like me with food. Many people struggle with food issues. You would change if you could. You never asked to be the way you are. While our problems with food make our lives miserable at times. There are so many other things we could have that are way worse than our picky eating. I'm on my third spouse of over 20 years and she has stuck because I told her from day one just what she could expect from me when it comes to food. She has her faults that I accept and we are happy after all these years. Now go out and have a great life no matter what you can eat. Bob K
LesaLesa from Battle Creek MIchaign wrote on October 11, 2018 on 10:48 pm:
My name is Lesa said Lisa. I have a son that has been battling this issue since he was a toddler. Everyone said he would grow out of it and not to worry about it. He is not 26 years old and is still having issues with this. I have been researching this and found this site and will share it with him. I hope to find answers for him.
My question is how do all of you face this and have any of you gone to doctors or searched out other forms of help. I am trying to help him and he is having a hard time with family and friends and now his gf always saying he needs to eat. He has 2 little kids now as well and so he wants to set a good example for them too. Please if there is any good solutions to this or if anyone has overcome this I would love to hear from you. Thank you so much.
MelanieMelanie from Saint louis wrote on October 11, 2018 on 11:46 am:
I am an adult picky eater. Saying that isn't easy for me, the judgement and criticism I've faced throughout my life will never go away. Going on dates always made my anxiety so much worse. My diet pretty much consists of cheese pizza, mac n cheese, mozzeralla sticks, garlic cheese bread, French fries and sweets. I hate the way I eat, I have always hated myself for not being able to change. I've lost friendships and relationships because of my eating. My family and current boyfriend cant understand how much I wish I could change, they insist that it's just my choice. I've seen therapists and doctors and they also look at me like I am crazy, I dont know what to do or where to go from here.
Admin Reply by: Bob
You never asked to be the way you are and you would change if you could. You live in an alien world that is full of people who eat things that look like dog poop and vomit to you. ARFID is the clinical name for what you have and it was just added to the medical texts in 2013. So when you deal with doctors give them that name. ARFID can manifest itself in many ways and some people have problems maintaining body weight while others like you and me just can't tolerate a really wide variety of foods. Texture can also be important. Medical experts are trying to find a therapy that will help. I'm 71 and had it since birth. I was a baby that was going to fail to thrive but somehow I didn't die. I was just blessed with our food issues as a child and now an adult. When you think about it there are many things a person can have that are way worse. There is no reason why you can't have a great long life. Go out an be the best you can be. Bob K
HollyHolly wrote on October 10, 2018 on 3:23 am:
This site is so relieving! As a toddler my mom told me I only ate pretzels, hotdogs and milk. I developed AN and BN by the time I was a teen. It’s been decades but I’m still really picky. I have yogurt every morning but it has to be a specific one. I drink a sugar free cappuccino mix has to be a specific brand made a certain way with extra sweetener in my special glass cup. I eat raw baby carrots, watermelon and a black bean burger on a plate with ketchup. Sometimes tortilla chips are okay but lately they’re not. Sometimes chicken is okay but the texture gets to me lately. I tried ground turkey and only ate that for a while but now it makes me sick. Sometimes hummus with beets is okay but not now. Basically that’s it. I don’t vary too much. I don’t go out but I like Chipotle salad when I can. I don’t eat dairy or bread or grains, and very little fat. I eat 4 multivitamin gummies per day. I hate being like this but it doesn’t feel changeable after all these years.
MarieMarie wrote on October 8, 2018 on 4:31 pm:
I'm currently in college and I despise eating in the dorm cafeterias because all of the food there is "composed"; as in it's got too many ingredients for me. My diet is generally restricted to poultry, cheese and some starches if they're plain enough (white bread/rice, french fries, etc.) I pretty much only eat sliced deli meat straight out of the bag or baked chicken. I know this is because I am autistic but it still is upsetting because I avoid social events and restaurants. Sometimes I even avoid eating straight up because I don't like how it makes my body feel. Thank you so much for having this site up; I feel very supported by it.
MiaMia wrote on October 7, 2018 on 5:35 am:
I'm a Senior in HighSchool and I really am a picky eater. My safe foods are pizza, chicken parm, pasta, plain lo mein, mozzarella sticks, peanutbutter and milk. It's a longer list than most of what I've read, but I hate salad with a burning passion. I have a boyfriend of two years who hates the fact that I can't eat any food, especially mexican food (he loves it). He always comments about how he can't take me anywhere, but even when he says that he still cares enough to not push me on it and support me. I really feel like I hate food now since I've been hiding it for so long, but a girls gotta eat, right? I really wanna change since I wanna move away for college so if any of you guys know a good psychologist out there, hit me up on my e-mail. I've been trying myself to change like holding certain food textures in my mouth for a period of time, but I just started that. I really want help, so if anyone has anything, please?
Admin Reply by: Bob
You eat enough variety to go to college or do whatever you want too. Don't let your eating issues hold you back. The man in your life should assume you are never going to change and that is just fine with him. You can continue to try new things but it could be harder than you think. Doctors are still trying to figure us out.
ClareClare from Jenkintown wrote on October 4, 2018 on 5:42 pm:
I've been a pretty picky eater most of my life, since about the age of 5. The things I absolutely cannot eat are cheese, eggs, beans, seafood, mexican food, chinese food and all of the "new" and/or "health" foods that seem to have popped up out of nowhere. I pretty much live on chicken, pasta, potatoes and plain salad. My family, friends and coworkers always comment on my eating habits like I just walked in from outer space, "how could you not like cheese"? is a constant question I am asked. Easy it tastes and smells really bad to me is my go to response. A lot of my dislikes are because of two things, smell and texture, those just really bother me. I hate being so limited when I go out to eat or try to diet. Most of the foods that are recommended for dieting are things I would NEVER eat in a million years. I'm so glad I found this website. It will be nice to get support from others in the same boat as me.
HannahHannah from Rochester Hills wrote on September 30, 2018 on 8:50 pm:
Hi there, I want to become a better eater and I'm not really sure when to begin. When I was a baby I used to eat all sorts of things but later in life I stopped eating a lot of different things. All I really eat now is, pasta (and only cream sauses), mac and cheese, grilled cheese, modzerella stixs, french fries (never with ketchup), and sometimes salads (but very plain salad). I feel like I'm locked in a box and I can't get out. I want to get better but I don't know how to. I don't eat meat and most things just gross me out by looking at them. I feel like I can't eat very many places and I'm always embrassed to go out with my boyfriends family. Everytime I think about trying to be a better eater I almost cry. I'm scared and I don't want it to ruin my relationship and I feel like I'm very alone and don't really know what to do.
Kieran PattersonKieran Patterson from Brandon, UK wrote on September 27, 2018 on 5:25 pm:
Hi there! So glad to finally find something like this with people I. An relate too! But I do definitely need some help.. see I don't tend to eat a lot as my diet mainly consists of cereal( milk for moisture but not for taste🤢) toast or plain ham sandwiches which I cannot have butter in the bread if it's not toasted, crisps, biscuits, cakes but nothing jam or doughnut based, won't eat seafood, most fruits and vegetables, literally ANY sauce! I can have BBQ sauce if it's cooked fresh on the meat but no dipping or sauce on my bread, just chewing or tasting anything like that is instant gag/puke and I've seen some pretty nasty things! (Not squeamish)
I can eat cheese on very limited foods but never just out of s packet like my eating habits put a massive strain on my relationship which is now over, I literally never go out with any of my mates cause I don't want to be the one to go to prezzos and order a pepperoni pizza and it's genuinely starting to affect my health now. Having been working in months because I'm just too tired and unmotivated due to just lack of eating properly, I could use some serious advice or some form of therapy to help me overcome this like sensory malfunction so I can enjoy different foods! Sorry for the rant hope to hear from someone😅
Cody CraigCody Craig from Greensburg wrote on September 26, 2018 on 5:33 am:
I started my night watching "My Drunk Kitchen" a popular cooking show on Youtube by Hannah Hart. I don't know how I got here, but I'm glad I did. I can't believe I'm not the only one with problem like this. I've always had 'picky' friends but nothing in comparison to me. My doctors and parents never really offered any help and I thought this was just normal. But I need to gain 60 lbs, which is more than half of what I weigh to be 'healthy'. Hopefully this site may offer some tips and I can begin to better myself. I'd hope to start changing this while I'm 18 and not 98. And I read another comment saying something about only eating the rolls at a restaurant, and I can totally relate! And I'm glad to see there is a drastic age gap between us and this affects people of all ages.
Good Luck to any of you!
Admin Reply by: Bob
No reason you can't have a long happy healthy life. Think Bacon.
Bob K
JoshJosh from Belton wrote on September 16, 2018 on 8:43 pm:
Only recently found out that this is actually a disorder. I’m trying to get figure out how to get better. Cause I can’t diet how I would want to cause I can’t stand any fruit or vegetables. If something smells or looks funny I stay clear of it. I’m always afraid everything I try that I’m not gonna like it and that it’s gonna make me gag.
It’s to the point it’s putting a strain on my relationship because my gf is worried that when she cooks me meals I won’t eat them
Admin Reply by: Bob
You should ask your girlfriend can she accept you the way you are now and assume you will never change much. If she thinks that her love for you will be enough to make you change there are warning signs ahead for you and your relationship. While it is possible to make some improvements for most people this condition is life long. However there is no reason you can't have a great happy long life. It's only food think of all the things a person could have which are way worse. Have a very frank discussion with your current girlfriend. Good luck
Bob K
MitchellMitchell from Akron, PA wrote on September 12, 2018 on 6:48 am:
No words... the one question I've had all my life has finally been answered... Landed here tonight after reading a comment on a YouTube video on multivitamins. For years I read stories of adults with "eating disorders" but none of them came close... I legitimately wondered if I said alone. Even my dietician growing up was baffled that my blood test came back relatively normal. I have gotten sightly better over the years, now drinking smoothies and eating vitamins, but growing up I lived on snack crackers, bread and tons of dairy. I am a fairly normal guy so no one ever believes me when I tell them. I was picked on for it hard in high school and it still effects me socially to this day. I am SO GLAD I found this group.
Admin Reply by: Bob
You are not the only one. We are finally out of the shadows. So glad you could join our group. We have a Yahoo and Facebook group. Welcome
TimTim from Van Buren wrote on September 11, 2018 on 3:23 pm:
Hello. I stumbled across this group while doing a web search "eating healthy for those who can't eat fish or chocken".
I'm 49 years old and my eating pattern started when I was a toddler. At that time, the only meat I would eat was bacon. I ate few veggies but loved fruit. I didn't eat my first pizza until I was a pre teen and my first cheeseburger and hot dog until after I started driving. I developed a taste for a few more veggies later, but I also developed more tastes for red meat. I also developed a taste for fast food..mainly pizzas and burgers. I also cannot have a bag of chips in the house or they'll be gone. I guess my main problems is smell and texture. I've tried to eat chicken breast and ni matter how it's cooked, I can't even chew it. I can't even get fish to my mouth without a gag reflex kicking in. This has been very frustrating and has nit only kept me from social gatherings but has gotten me riddiculed by family and strangers to the point that I try to eat alone. It hss also affected my heslth as I now have heart disease, high bp, doverticulosis and joint issues from being obese. I have always thought my eating hsbits were more than just psychological no doctor has ever taken me seriously. Just knowing there is a group like this if others who don't fit "the norm" makes me not feel as alone in the world.
NaomiNaomi from Spencer wrote on September 3, 2018 on 5:51 pm:
Hey. I have been a picky eater ever since I was little. I used to eat everything even if it wasn't enjoyable--only because my parents made me. Eventually, I stopped eating all these foods and my diet became very limited. I'm currently 18 and the most I eat are chicken tenders, french fries, and pepperoni pizza. I don't eat vegetables, I eat very little fruits and I eat pretty much no protein. I always feel like crap, but at the same time I just can't change it. Generally, if I think a food looks or smells bad, I can't and won't eat it. It takes me so long to try a food and then people make fun of me for it and I laugh along with them even though it actually hurts. I'm tired of feeling like this, but at the same time I don't know what to do.
juliajulia wrote on August 24, 2018 on 11:44 pm:
Hi i would like to thank the people of picky eating adults for some wonderful tips. It helped me a lot into losing weight and i lost about 50lbs in about 5 months time which is really good considering my weight was well over 250 pounds. so thanks!
Kenzie StarrKenzie Starr wrote on August 22, 2018 on 12:30 am:
So I just got back from a week long trip with my boyfriends family. I never realized how bad I was until now. By the end of the week I went outside whenever they ate because I knew I couldn’t eat it (the dad refused ketchup in his house so that meant most of what I ate was out). I don’t know if there’s help to change this disorder I maybe eat as much as a 3-5 year old would maybe with some things differing (I don’t eat pizza or much meat but love cooked veggies). I have to have ketchup or cheese on everything. My boyfriend of 5 years knows where to go when we go out but seeing that he would love to go to the restaurant where I have to look up a menu and 9/10 time order from the kids menu I know it must b hard on him. Also I don’t eat a lot so sometimes the kids portions feel me up and I give the rest to him and I know he’s tired of chicken fingers and spaghetti. I just want to be a normal adult and be able to enjoy food and eating without feeling ashamed for barely eating.
Admin Reply by: Bob
Well it's not your fault and you have a real disorder. Many people have it from all over the world. You could have gotten it through your gene's. Many things in life that are much worse. There is no reason why you can't have a great life no matter how many things you can eat. I know it is tough sometimes I have been dealing with it for 71 years and still going.
Bob K
KaitieKaitie from Huntsville wrote on August 19, 2018 on 9:11 am:
I read about ARFID around a year ago, and it gave me the most unique feeling to know that what I deal with is a real thing. I'm almost 23, but since a very young age, I've been physically unable to force myself to try new things. I will gag at the idea of any vegetable, and most fruits. Certain textures will give me a panic attack. People have laughed at me and called me a picky eater, but I know it isn't just picky eating. It's a real disorder and I can't help it. I always tell myself I'll start trying one new thing per week or per month and I just can't do it. I eat mainly chicken, burgers (plain), plain tacos with just meat, plain pepperoni or cheese pizza, pb&j, cereal, and other unhealthy junk foods and snacks. I'm really overweight because of this and I need to change. I need serious help and I can't afford any treatment. It genuinely terrifies me that I may be like this forever. I have such a terrible relationship with food, it depresses me endlessly.