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Donald F JonesDonald F Jones from Ohio wrote on January 17, 2017 on 11:56 pm:
My name is Don, and I'm 65 yrs old. I've been a picky eater forever. It caused a lot of family turmoil growing up, but as you all know, that doesn't really help at all.
I grew up on french fries, potato chips, hotdogs, plain mustard sandwiches on whilte bread, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Maybe a little balonie, very lightly spread smooth peanut butter sandwiches. Chunky peanut butter makes me vomit.
It caused stress in school... in high school my lunch EVERY day for 4 yrs was 3 dinner rolls and a pint of chocolate milk.
On the 3-day field trip to Washington DC, I faked being sick around most mealtimes. My friends said I ate like a bird, so one of my nicknames for a while was The Bird.
My wife was the complete opposite of me - the horrible quote I remember most at a restaurant or party or buffet was, "Oh I wonder what this is?" and she'd put it in her mouth! I couldn't even imagine ever doing that even if you paid me..
As an adult, standard routine for most parties or events is to try to eat something before, and then fake stomach issues.
I do eat more foods now, thanks in part to the wife. She was a waitress at a pizza shop when we met, and for weeks I would drive to a nearby town and buy a small pizza and then sit alone in my car in a parking lot and try to force myself to eat it so I could actually be able to eat in her restaurant to try to get to know her.
I eat a few more things now... I tried scrambled eggs at around 50 yrs old because I loved the smell, and now breakfast is the only meal I really love, with bacon or sausage, and almost any kind of potatoes. I love potatoes in almost any variety. Only plain pancakes. No eggs other than scrambled, and when I make them at home, I make them well-done. No cereal of any kind other than Kellogg Corn Flakes.
Today it would be easier to list what I DON'T eat. I've never had as much as a bite of anything that lives in an ocean river or lake. I don't eat Italian food, other than pepperoni pizza. I've never had spaghetti or lasagna or a tomato, never been to Olive Garden or to a seafood restaurant (unless it has a steak or burger on the menu).. I've never eaten Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Mexican, or Middle Eastern food. I guess almost no ethnic food of any kind. I eat no soups except Campbell chicken noodle. I eat no vegetables except plain canned corn. I eat no fruit except applesauce and canned diced peaches. I eat no meat other than a few simple beef items and even less simple pork items. I need any meat very well done or burnt. I can't even look at ANYthing with a bone in it. I've never had fried chicken, because of the bones, but I like chicken nuggets or chicken strips in a restaurant. I wont go to Applebee's anymore because every dish has mixed veggies included. I can force down a plain mostly lettuce salad. The very thought of mushrooms makes me physically ill, and a lot of places use them liberally on beef dishes, burgers & sandwiches, etc. and I know who they are and I avoid them. I've never had a slice of any kind of pie, yogurt, or icecream other than vanilla & chocolate. I eat very little candy other than Reeses. My lunch on construction job every day is a Coke and a small bag of potato chips.
I've only tried wine a couple times and hated it. I drink milk, lemonade, Coke/Sprite/7Up, two flavors of Gatorade. And I enjoy black coffee in the morning... I tried tea once and it almost made me puke. That was a tough one after I married into an Irish family...they never understood. I can get one or two weak beers down if with friends, but I don't really like the taste or the feeling afterward.
I have recently been dignosed with mild hypertension (high bloodpressure) and I've been told I'm pre-diabetic, but Idk if there's anything I can do about it. Doc wants me to see a nutritionist (he doesnt know about this disorder). Yeah right, that aint gonna happen.
I've been divorced for almost 10 yrs now, and I've thought about dating, but the food situation 100% scares me off. There's a gorgeous lady or two I'd love to ask out, but they're both food lovers and I know they'd think I was a freak if I tried to order a plain burger in a gormet restaurant....burgers arent even on the menues in those places. Eating crap is accepted when you're a teen and it's easier then, but people my age expect to go to upscale restaurants with fancy foods I've never even heard of, eat sushi and seafood, drink fine wines, try exotic new foods. Even the thought of taking a trip to Europe is too scary for me ONLY because I'd be confronted with so many strange local & ethnic foods & drinks. I'd LOVE to see Europe, but no way could I handle the food situation, even if I traveled alone.
So, I've pretty much had to come to grips with the fact that I will probably spend the rest of my life alone.
Admin Reply by: Bob
Thanks for putting a nice entry into our guest book. I would bet there are women out in the world who would want to date you. Just be up front with them and let your good qualities carry you to the goal line.
LaceyLacey from Rochford wrote on January 17, 2017 on 4:15 pm:
I'm 21 now, and since leaving secondary school I've been putting on a lot of weight from this diet I have. I used to be very active and strong but I've lost that and this diet I've had since I was a child doesn't help.

So my mum tells me I was really sick from food once and after that I was afraid to eat anything, she had luck and found that I would eat chocolate spread sandwiches. From there I eat chips, chicken nuggets and that's pretty much it as a kid.

Now I can eat chicken nuggets, chips, cheese pizza, pasta with sauce (before I could only eat it plain) I know my diet isn't as bad as some peoples but I want it to stop, I want the gag reflex to stop, I want to eat better and feel better.

I want to go to a restaurant with family and friends and not order form the kids menu....
Olivia HunterOlivia Hunter from Waterloo wrote on January 17, 2017 on 3:11 am:
Hey there follow picky eaters,
I have told my family day in and day out since I was about 10 that I believed something was wrong with how I looked at food I am nearly 22 now and I have all my life other than the first few years of infant years been a picky eater. I will say though after finding my fiance and his family I have been able to expand the foods I like a bit more, not much but its better than nothing, I think the main keys to eating something new is to explain to your family that yes the food you see may smell and look good but because of this disorder you physically can not eat it and if or when they understand and give you the time to try something on your own it helps a lot. I have learned that with out the pressure of others that I don't get anxiety when looking at new foods or start to feel ill at all, and sometimes I can even get myself to try the new food. Because when Im pressured into doing so I have panic attacks, though minor still painful, and I start to feel a very real nausea. I hope my story helps some of you to maybe expanding your foods, believe me when I say that is wont be much but even one new food a year is a win to me!
GeorgiaGeorgia from Bournemouth, England wrote on January 15, 2017 on 8:08 pm:
Hi, I'm Georgia and I'm 23 years old. I found this website after having my mum and stepdad have a go at me for not eating lamb and mash potato. I don't know when I started being a picky eater but from my childhood I remember being forced to eat a raw carrot every Sunday, so much to the fact that it made me gag and I tried to hid it! I've had so many arguments with my parents because I don't like certain foods.
I don't eat vegetables, I've tried so many different types but I just really don't like the taste. I go through stages of liking potatos and not liking them, if mash potatoes are lumpy then I won't eat it.
I feel like I've gotten better over the years (I never used to eat fish and now fish cakes are some of my favourites)
It's getting me really down cause I feel like no one understands, people just think that I'm being a pain. I wish there was a way to change my eating habits
KellyKelly wrote on January 15, 2017 on 7:07 am:
Hi, I'm Kelly. I'm 20 years old and from New York. Being in a relationship with someone who literally eats everything and has a family that is exactly the same, seeing these entries is nice knowing I'm not alone. I've been a picky eater since I can remember. I eat almost no dairy. I don't eat any type of cheese other than mozzarella and only if it's in a Mozerrella stick, lasagna, or pizza. If there's too much cheese on the pasta, I remove it. I used to eat pizza without the cheese also. When I have the mozzarella sticks, I can only eat them with ketchup(maybe to lessen the taste of the cheese?) I don't drink milk and I don't eat yogurt and I can only have butter if it's fully melted. I don't like most veggies although I do love broccoli peas and corn. Carrots can only be eaten raw and baby styled and broccoli can only be eaten steamed for me. I literally don't eat any fish or seafood any any kind. No calms sushi, salmon, crab, etc. If if comes from the ocean I won't eat it. I eat a lot of chicken, but I have to basically drown in it ketchup in order to eat it, even if it's seasoned! Recently I've been getting grossed out by chicken from seeing fat or a vein and occasionally gag and cannot finish it if I think about it. With beef, I again drown in ketchup to minimize taste, and I usually pick the steak apart so that I'm not getting any fat in the piece. I do enjoy hot dogs with, you guessed it, ketchup. I can't eat anything spicy (ketchup is spicy to me to put my sensitivity to spice in perspective). I do enjoy most fruits except I really can't stand pears or mangos. My diet basically consists of what my 5 year old cousin eats. I hate going to dinner parties for holidays at other people's housrs because I can mostly only eat the chips, without dip, and maybe a small side dish. It doesn't help that every time I eat some type of weird food combination, like the ones I've mentioned, or say that I don't like cheese, apple pie, or any other generic American food, my boy friends family calls me a communist. I've been trying very hard to over come my dislike for dairy. When my boyfriend makes his homemade nachos with cheddar cheese, I'll try a very little bit but usually end up gagging and having to drink a full glass of water to wash it down. Hopefully, with my persistence, Ill get better. Being a picky eater sucks.
Keyauna LoutKeyauna Lout from Aberdeen wrote on January 15, 2017 on 12:42 am:
Hi I've always been having struggle with liking foods. My family would always want me to eat and whenever they'd have me try it I'd either just swallow it or spit it out to get it over with. I want to try to eat like everyone else but I just can't stand the texture or the look of some foods
MaryMary wrote on January 13, 2017 on 12:50 am:
Hi, I'm Mary. I'm 18 years old and I've been a picky eater as long as I can remember. My diet mainly only consists of pizza, plain chicken (chicken nuggets mainly, chicken breast occasionally, if it's not on a bone), cereal, pb&j sandwiches, and chicken noodle soup (without the chicken and there has to be saltine crackers in it). I don't remember when it started but I don't ever remember a time when I was able to eat most and all foods; I never thought about it much when I was younger but as I grew older it became a ever growing fear. Any situation in which I felt I was going to be offered food I would avoid at all cost. I would tell people I already ate, or that I wasn't hungry, just to avoid being offered any sort of food because I was so afraid. I thought I was alone and I didn't know how to deal with it, and then I came across an internet article about ARFID. I was in tears reading about it because it finally felt like I understood that it wasn't just me. I don't want to diagnose myself with anything, but just knowing there is something out there like my situation, and people out there understand my struggle brings some sort of relief to my everyday struggle with food.
TeganTegan wrote on January 12, 2017 on 10:58 pm:
Hi my name is tegan. I am 22 and a mum of my 2 year old son. I have been a picky eater my whole life. I have a fear of trying new foods resulting me eating only a few foods. I eat junk food, white pasta, white bread, cheese, chicken, certain types of bacon, sausages and potatoes and that's about basicly I eat white food. It has always been an embarrassing struggle for family has had to leave restaurants before because I've not liked anything on the menu. Many peaple have seen me cry over being asked to simpley try food, I feel so pathetic. Many of my relationships have been ruined because I cant do simple things like go out for food with them. No one understands and just thinks I'm pathetic and say " just eat it, it won't kill you" but they don't understand which I do because even I wonder why food is so difficult for me. I really want to change but I can't even bring my self to touch food I don't want to eat..I haven't tried most foods.and the odd time I have as soon as it touches my mouth i gag and feel ill. My parents tried to make me eat when I was little..I remember having to sit at the table until I ate it which I didn't. So I would be sat at the table until bed time. Eventually they gave in and I ate nothing but either plain pasta or pasta with cheese sauce on for five years. Now I eat a few different things but as I said..not many food types. It's is a big concern for me now because I've been feeling ill for a few years, I am dizzy almost all the time, I am tired and I get chest pains..I keep going to the doctors but they never find out what's wrong with me. I've come to the ovious conclusion that it is my terrible diet..but I am way to embarrassed to tell the doctors..and anyway all they would do is tell me to just try new food...another reason is ovisosly because I really don't want my son to be as fussy as I am, I give him stuff I don't eat and now he's starting to become a very fussy eater and I really want to change for my health and for my son. I've only learnt tonight that this is a disorder because like most people I've resorted to typing it in on Google.
Admin Reply by: Bob
Yes you do have a disorder called ARFID. You would be wise to let your doctor know about it and then they can check you to see if you are deficient in anything because of the diet. Once you know what your deficient in you can find some vitamins or supplements to cure the deficiency. You should also know that in many cases this disorder runs through the genes. Your doctor is there to help you and now you can refer him to ARFID so he will know you really do have a disorder. Thanks for your great guest book entry.
SophSoph wrote on January 12, 2017 on 2:18 am:
Hi, I'm Sophie, I'm 18 years old, and I've always been a "picky eater." It's a struggle but I'm used to it. I'd have to say that the worst part for me is definitely the embarrassment of it, e.g. eating in restaurants. My daily diet consists of some sort of bread-type food (such as plain croissants or dry toast - no butter) for breakfast, light snacks such as crisps or a bread roll to last me through lunch time, and then some variance of chicken nuggets and chips for dinner (no sauce). I'm also heavily addicted to chocolate and sugary sweets. When I was younger I apparently used to eat an array of different fruits and vegetables, however I can't ever remember putting a vegetable in my mouth so I must've been very young at the time. I eat the occasional apple (Pink Ladies only), but other than that I have no fruit or vegetable intake at all. Part of my struggle is the fact that I don't even eat regular "picky eater" foods such as pizza or burgers. The thought of pizza revolts me (the idea of lots of foods mushed together makes me feel sick) and I don't like any of the ingredients in pizza anyway so have never wanted to try it. I'm fine to eat chicken burgers (with or without coating) but it must come completely plain with no sauce or salad touching it whatsoever. I've never tried a beef burger though. I used to eat bacon but have gone off the taste over the last few years - I would still eat it but just not out of choice particularly. I've never wanted to try pasta either, or anything like that. I often find that certain smells set me off; for example, on Christmas Day I can't stand being forced to eat at a large table where a variety of different foods are constantly being passed about - I won't even touch the bowls/plates. The smell so much as makes me feel sick whilst I'm eating, not to mention the fact that I can't look at foods that I don't like whilst eating my own food. Simply watching someone opposite me putting spoonfuls of something I think looks "gross" whilst I'm also eating puts me off my food. I have tried multiple things to "cure" this disorder, my most recent being a trip to a doctor about 5 years ago (if not longer ago) which didn't help at all. She tried to encourage me to try a mix of bland as well as more bold foods such as green beans, curry, carrots and pasta. She also encouraged me to keep a daily diary of my food intake. I kept the diary up for about 2 weeks but never once tried a new food. This resulted in her making me feel embarrassed and guilty more than anything else. As I was fairly young at the time, my mum had come in the doctors room with me, and all I remember is sitting there looking at my mum with tears in my eyes because I didn't know what else I could possibly say other than "I couldn't make myself try it." The doctor (of a different ethnic background) insinuated that I was just being fussy and that I was being childish about the matter. Needless to say I've never considered seeing a specialist of any sort again. My mother is also suffers from picky eating, however over time her diet has become wider. As a child, she was similar to myself with the foods she ate (bland, basic "kids food") however she has ketchup on absolutely everything - for every meal. I can't stand ketchup or any sauce for that matter - not that I've ever tried any. My grandfather (my mum's father) was a picky eater when he was younger too. His diet would consist of mainly dairy products or plain meat. He has got much better with time though. The thing that always strikes my friends is that I am of healthy weight and body size (quite slim and tall for a girl) considering the amount of trash that I eat. Almost everything I eat is considered unhealthy, so I dread to think the impact it will one day have on my body. To give an idea, I probably consume over 5 times more chocolate than I should in a week, and regularly have fast food. Even with fast food and restaurants I am limited to only places which do some equivalent of chicken nuggets. One good thing about me is that I only tend to drink still/mineral/tap water. I can't stand fizzy drinks (soda), nor tea or coffee. I would drink chocolate milkshakes or hot chocolate but no other drinks such as smoothies, other flavors of milkshakes or slushies. Having just turned 18 (the legal drinking age in my country) I've been out maybe once or twice and tried spirits such as vodka - which surprisingly I was able to tolerate. Yet, I think what partly helped was not being able to see what I was drinking due to the dark atmosphere in the club, and the fact that most of the drinks I had were shots so they were over quickly. Is it normal to be a picky drinker as well as a picky eater or is that just me? I'm lucky to have a supportive family however at times I don't feel like my friends or boyfriend understand what it's like for me. My boyfriend and I have been together for over 2 years now and luckily he's picky too - just not as picky. In fact, I make him look like he eats normally! He eats anything plain-ish such as pizza, chicken, steak, burgers, chips, etc, but is much more open to trying new foods - something I can't bring myself to do! This is particularly frustrating as he doesn't understand how hard it is for me to try to convince myself to physically put something new in my mouth. The other day, for example, he took me out for a lovely meal at a restaurant I knew I liked, and he was trying to encourage me to try a tiny piece of his steak as he thought I'd like it. I was feeling really motivated to try it but as soon as I looked at it I knew I wouldn't be able to do it. Immediately he said "I knew you wouldn't try it really" and was disappointed, which in turn made me feel so embarrassed. My last thing; I'm hoping to start university in September which means moving away from home into shared accommodation in a new place. Although I will have my own bedroom, I will have to use a shared kitchen (consisting of around 9 other people my age) and I'm absolutely terrified about the food situation. To make matters worse, I currently can't even cook my own food - my mum cooks almost everything I eat. I've seen other people I know go off to university and sit down at meal times with their flat mates, however this is a real problem for me as I know that 99.9% of the time I will not eat what others will. I would do anything to change how I am with food in time for moving away from home but I am even more scared of trying new methods of "getting over it."
Admin Reply by: Bob
Thank you for a great addition to our guest book. Your entry is very interesting because you are part of three generations all picky to some degree. It really does appear that for many of us we got our disorder through our genes. Bob K
BeccaBecca from Buffalo wrote on January 11, 2017 on 1:15 am:
I'm 17 and I would say my pickyness isn't as severe as others on her but it is still SO frustrating. It's hard to go out with my friends and enjoy it because I won't eat 70% of the food they do and they are constantly bothering me about it. No one understands what it's like to not like a ton of foods and feel sick with the smells. I can't eat anything with spices in it or anything spicy, no pasta (the look and smell make me sick), no foreign food, and meat is starting to make me sick too. It's embarrassing going to restaurants and ordering chicken fingers everywhere. Extremely frustrating.
Taylor PeecksenTaylor Peecksen from Des Moines wrote on January 10, 2017 on 7:10 pm:
I just decided to Google how in the world at 21 years old I could still be such a picky eater. I had no idea I had a disorder. Honestly, I started crying I was so happy that there are others like me. I want to do my best not to be ashamed of this anymore. Thank you for making this support group. This is honestly wonderful.
Admin Reply by: Bob
I just wish there was an easy fix for those who want it. It does help to know you are not the only one.
ShailynShailyn from Hillsille wrote on January 5, 2017 on 4:56 am:
Hello. it is the new year and I made one of my resolutions to eat better eat less and so on. My diet consists of... McDonalds, French fries, chicken nuggets(only banquet brand Tyson taste like cardboard), spaghetti( hamburger meat only, no peppers onions ect) meatloaf(MY FAVE, no onions or peppers), pizza(only pepperoni) hamburger (PLAIN only ketchup) mash potatoes (instant) I don't really eat fruit maybe an apple(with caramel) no veggies. the onion and pepper thing is really a texture thing because i eat onion rings and put onion powder or flakes in the family makes fun ive never been to the doctor over my habits. I'm used to being forced to try something and i don't like that idea. I'm told to "spit it out" if i don't like it but i think that is gross... i just want to see if anyone has any ideas to help me eat better even if i don't try anything new
JadeJade from England wrote on January 3, 2017 on 9:08 pm:
Hi my name is Jade and I'm 23 years old, I have been suffering from SED ever since I can remember but only recently found that there is others like me. Throughout my life I have always had issues with new food it got so bad my parents would try all they could to help but it was impossible it resulted into them feeding me what I liked just to make sure I was eating something, I've grown up avoiding social situations involving food and any conversations that arose I would leave the room to ensure no one would ask me any questions that would trigger a conversation around my eating habits. I have always felt so embarrassed and ashamed of myself for this. after years of breaking down to doctors for some help I went to therapy this was not the correct answer they didn't even know what was wrong and kept relating this back to anxiety which I knew wasn't the case, I eventually got hypnotherapy whilst this is a physiological solution it was felt like the last resort i just wanted to feel normal and even if that meant being brainwashed! I haven't done as well as I thought I would immediately going to but it's all about hard work. I still need help on my next steps I don't know what to try first in order to restore my taste buds after being told they are currently at the age of an 8 year olds, has anyone else been through this that can help me make these next steps? This is deteriating both my health and my relationship and I have put others through this which isn't fair and I just want to change please if ther is anything anyone can advise all help will be appreciated another issue is I can't cook because I have never need to this makes things a lot harder!
Admin Reply by: Bob
We have heard from lots of people that report Hypnotherapy was of little real benefit. It might help you try new things. It is kind of sad that we all feel like we are social lepers.
HollisHollis from Myrtle Beach wrote on January 2, 2017 on 7:01 pm:
Hi, I'm 18 years old and I have been struggling with food issues all my life. Even when I was a baby I was picky, my mother would get in trouble with doctors because they thought she wasn't feeding me enough when in reality I just hated the texture or taste of baby foods. I have been to multiple therapists and doctors throughout my life to fix my problems with food but they have all said the same thing... 'I will grow out of it' well I'm legally an adult now and I have not 'grown out of it'. My diet consists of pizza, spaghetti (only if i make it), french fries and peanut butter, popcorn and some dairy products. Luckily my family, friends and boyfriend have been very supportive of me, but I still feel like a hassle when we go out to eat or have meals together. I'm one to forget about my own personal heath and I forget to eat or don't want to eat under stress and now since I'm in college, with stress around every corner, my health has been degrading and this is concerning me and my loved ones greatly. But after trying so many times to get help with little or no results, I have no idea where to turn. Please can you help me?
Admin Reply by: Bob
You are not alone and you have a real disorder that is really difficult to treat. As you already know it can make your life very stressful trying to deal with the opinions of other people who think you need to be fixed. For many years the general medical advice has been don't worry the child will eventually grow out of it. Most do some don't. One thing that has not been considered is those who don't go into adulthood with a secret to hid from all but the best friends. You have ARFID Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder which was added to the DSM in May of 2013. My best advice is hope to improve but you must learn to not let it rule your life and make you stressed out all the time. People you come in contact with everyday should know about your condition and then they will stop stressing you and you can then enjoy life. There are many things a person can have which is way worse than what we have. Try to start the conversation about how you found out your problems with food is a newly discovered eating disorder and let the conversation go on from there. I wish you the best and now go out and have a great life. No reason why you can't have a long healthy life.
Christine MurphyChristine Murphy from Maitland NSW Australia wrote on January 2, 2017 on 8:53 am:
I am 66 years old and have been a picky eater all my life, longer than I can remember. I don't have a history of childhood illness (except for asthma which was never severe and started at age 5 long after the eating thing) I am obese as everything I eat is high fat or high carb. I really need to lose weight because of some serious health concerns but how do I do it when everything I eat is fattening. I am so glad to find there is a name for me, I have been reduced to tears by dietitians who won't believe that it is not that I don't want to eat vegies but that I can't. Anything with a strong taste is abhorrent to me . I am so interested in the stories on this website as they are the closest thing to a description of me that I have ever seen
KelseyKelsey from Lansing wrote on January 1, 2017 on 7:32 pm:
I am 21, I have had SED all my life. Last year I tried the hypnotherapy it worked for a few days but I had a relapse. Such a comforting feeling reading everyone's posts. I want more then anything to change completely.
SamSam from Whittier wrote on December 30, 2016 on 9:55 pm:
Hello, I'm 17 years old and I've been a "picky eater" all my life. I've had two defining experiences in my life where I have had anxiety attacks from people or even myself trying to force feed me something. I would say of picky eating adults I eat a pretty wide variety, about 30 things give or take, all of them bland and plain. Types of crackers (goldfish mostly), chips, french fries, chicken nuggets, fried chicken (dark meat only), pancakes, toast with butter, french toast (only from restaurants), grilled cheese (only american cheese and white bread), cheese pizza (only from certain places, never frozen), pretzels, and other basic plain foods. I also hate chocolate, which has been a big source of outburst and frustration with other people. I always feel guilty about my limited diet as I feel like everyone has to work around me, and often times I'll try to be as quiet as I can about the fact that I'm not eating because I don't like anything where we are when I'm with a group. Everyone tries to cater to me, and they offer a million things to me, and I feel extremely guilty after the hundredth "no" I've said and when people get frustrated with me. If I go on an overnight school trip anywhere, I have to bring an extra suitcase full of my foods, and everyone thinks I'm crazy. I am an officer in two positions in my area's FFA program, and I feel that I can't be a role model to other students because I bring junk food to eat instead of being polite and eating what is offered to me. I wish more than anything that I could eat like normal people, and that I could stop feeling like such a thorn in everyone's side. I don't know where to get help, or how to even start, if I should go to my doctor or contact a therapist without my doctor, or if I need to see a therapist that specializes in eating disorders, or what. I feel like I'm not alone after reading everyone's posts, and it's very comforting.
MimiMimi from Toronto wrote on December 30, 2016 on 2:01 pm:
Hello. Like a couple of other people here, I'm not really considered an adult (15), but hey, might as well talk about this somewhere. I've been a picky eater for my entire life, and it's been a source of anxiety for a long time. I come from a Filipino background, so my family's diet is far more diverse than mine. Specifically, the fruits and vegetables I eat are pretty limited. I still can't eat a non-plain burger, because there's so much stuff that just makes my mouth feel gross. It doesn't help much that my family makes fun of me for it either. I always feel like if my picky eating was centered around fruits and vegetables, I wouldn't be pestered about it. I'm tired of people telling me that I act like a three year old just because I don't eat the same food they do, not because it's untrue, but because I already know.
RosieRosie from Arlington wrote on December 29, 2016 on 11:26 pm:
Hi. I'm a little young to be doing this (15) but I don't have another place to turn. I'm terrified of going out to eat because I know that all I'm going to order is french fries and occasionally grilled cheese if they have it. I dream to eat "normally" and to sit down at a table and just eat a healthy meal. I want to have a nice body and to be strong because I am a cheerleader, but its so hard when the only protein you eat is peanut butter. I want to eventually go on a date and be able to eat at a nice fancy restaurant and not be worried out of my mind. I want to eat with my family on Thanksgiving. I want to have a family one day and have meals at the table with them. I envy people who eat "normally". Is there any way I could be like them? I know this is supposed to be accepting, but I really can't. I want to stop making excuses for not going out with my friends or not eating lunch. Please, just help.
Admin Reply by: Bob
Join one of our support groups. We may be able to help you feel better about yourself.
AnnaAnna wrote on December 24, 2016 on 2:36 am:
Hello! I know I am still young (I'm 15) but a couple of months ago my friends sent me a link to an article about selective eating disorder and for the the first time I wasn't alone
I can't remember a time when I wasn't a picky eater. Ever since I outgrew the kids menu, going out to eat has caused me great anxiety. Even dinner at my house has and can be a nightmare filled with my anxiety. The hardest part about this is that I have always been told that I will out grow "it" that my pickiness is a phase. My own family treats it as if it's my choice. This has a huge mental effect on me. I feel ashamed and embarrassed and it's hard that they refuse to understand the one thing that affects me the most in life.
For instance my family chose to go out to dinner for Christmas Eve at this Chinese restaurant, (and they know I won't eat a thing off the menu) After complaining about it I got yelled at followed by a lecture about how I'm choosing to limit myself and how if I would only just eat the new foods my life would be better.
I can't even recall the amount of times I've gone to bed crying after dinner or have gone to bed hungry because of this picky eating and the way my family treats it. I'm worried my mental state won't get better.
My question would be, what's the best way to educate your family and how do you handle family dynamics regarding picky eating???
Admin Reply by: Bob
First off you probably do have a real eating disorder in the medical books called ARFID. It is real and you never chose to have it. At this point in your life change is going to be very difficult if not impossible. You need to know that you have lots of company all over the world. Some very famous people have it and have managed to have great and fruitful lives. Currently your problems are all the social ills that accompany your disorder and in your case convincing your family you have an eating disorder. Teenage years as a picky eater can be very stressful. I have heard your current story over and over. You might try to get one or both of your parents to check out our website. Especially the videos. Good luck and now go out and have a great life.