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AshleyAshley from Enon wrote on March 14, 2019 on 4:41 pm:
Hi! I am 28 years old and have been picky all my life! I don't eat fruits and only potatoes, corn and, peas as vegetables if cooked a certain way. I would say that I eat same foods as kids. I don't eat any seafood or chinese. One time I was going to try shimp and I already made up in my mind that it was nasty so when i actually took a bite I didn't really tase it and it got stuck under my teeth. I thought I was going to die! I am now overweight and am trying to eat healthier although i feel like I would only be consuming eggs, baked potatoe and, grilled chicken breast! Any ideas on how to help me change my mind about textures of food and try new things without already thinking they are awful?
DaxcenaDaxcena wrote on March 14, 2019 on 8:58 am:
Hi I'm Dax, I've always been picky and it's honestly a insecure spot for me. I'm only 20, and still living with my parents and younger siblings, all of whom are not picky. My mom is constantly saying "try this" but I can just never do it and if I do, I just don't like it. Which seemed to always bother my dad, me being so picky. I hear it all the time "You are so picky," which makes me feel bad. I don't wanna be like this. Adding on the fact I always avoid going over friends or out to eat, and not just cause of my social anxiety but that too. I hate looking picky to strangers or friends. And! When going out my parents still have to tell the waiter to put everythung to the side on a hamburger cause I can't do it. Its embarrassing! Holidays is me avoiding family and being the last person to make my plate so no one is around to see me. To aviod having to eat something I don't want.
Admin Reply by: Bob
Dax I have felt your pain for the 71 years I have been alive. Many others are in the same boat.
CoryCory wrote on March 13, 2019 on 1:30 am:
Hi, my name is Cory. I’m 27 and struggle with trying new foods. I have just been diagnosed with high blood pressure and I’m terrified about dying since my diet only consists of processed foods. But it is good to know there are other people out there that struggle with food like me. I’m starting to try new things but mostly bring myself to get sick while trying them. I stress out constantly about my health as I’m a big guy, but I want to change. Therapy didn’t help me as no one really understand this eating disorder. I just want to be happy & live a full life.
Admin Reply by: Bob
Cory try to relax some. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure in my late 20s and I will be 72 in june. I have about as bad a diet as a person can have. Lots of people live long lives with high blood pressure by taking the proper medications. You could drive yourself crazy putting way too much stress on your life by trying to learn to eat new foods that you really don't like. Do the best you can but don't let your eating stress you out. There is no reason why you can't have a great life no matter what you can or can't eat. You never asked to be the way you are and there are so many things a person could have that are way worse than ARFID. Just be the best you can and you probably are gifted in other ways.
RyanRyan from Rome wrote on March 8, 2019 on 2:31 am:
From the time my mother started feeding me solid food my body rejected most of it. The doctors told her that I would eat what my family was when I was hungry enough. My mother soon stopped listening to them because she tired of cleaning up vomit. My elementary school kept spare clothes in the nurses office for me to change into after I invariably puked at the first whiff of the cafeteria. I was 8 or 9 when I could finally sit at the table with my parents and siblings without gagging at the sight of them eating meat.
Now at 36, I eat pizza every day for lunch. The few other things I'll eat are PB, potatoes, breakfast (pancakes, waffles, bagels, french toast and 2 kinds of cereal dry). Apples and bananas are the only fruit I eat.
I wish I learned about this site much sooner. I didn't realize how many people were experiencing similar things. It was instant validation, so many people always told me I should try this or that and could never grasp what I meant when I said I don't eat meat. It's not a choice, I can't eat meat.
ShannonShannon from Essex wrote on March 6, 2019 on 9:52 pm:
Hi my name is Shannon! I’m 23 and have been fussy ever since I was little. I have a limited diet, for breakfasts I like toast (with butter or just jam) cereal or a plain croissant. For lunch I struggle, I like a crisp sandwich, bacon noodles that’s about it! Then for dinner I like curry (just the sauce and rice), spaghetti bolognese, I don’t eat the meat on it’s own due to the texture... so I eat some of the meat with the garlic bread. I like pizza, chips, my “roast” is potatoes, sweet corn and yorkshire pudding. I also like some fruits and I like yogurt without bits. I’m very awkward but I see i’m not alone! I so desperately wanted to like some new meals just so I had more choice. It took me a year to manage to eat a cheeseburger from mcdonald’s, each time I’d get one and feel sick after a quarter, then feel sick once I had half. Now I love them! It takes time but I did it! I just wish i could magically be better. I’m obviously not alone in searching about being a fussy eater!
DmitriyevDmitriyev from Ruther Glen wrote on March 3, 2019 on 9:11 pm:
I am Dmitryev from Virginia. I have been a picky eater since i can remember. I am 46, I do not like going functions at work such potluck, eat at people homes, or people I do not know get me food from a restaurant. I hate anything with vinager in it such as ketchup, mayonasse, barbecue sauce, mustard, salad dressing, or any other type of sauce. I eat all of my meals dry. I love all vegetables, meats, fish and etc. I hate soggy bread. I am glade to see I am not the only one.
DmitriyevDmitriyev from Ruther Glen wrote on March 3, 2019 on 8:50 pm:
I have been a very pocket eater since I was a child and now 46 I am still very picky eater.
KatieKatie from Dayton wrote on February 24, 2019 on 5:20 am:
It's so nice to read everyone's posts and realize I'm not alone with my picky eating! I have been picky as long as I can remember, although I have expanded my diet in the past 5 years or so...but it has taken a lot of work and I am still very particular about the way foods are prepared. I am 27 years old now. The biggest issues I have are that I don't like any raw veggies or fruit other than bananas. The texture is really what gets me. I do best when foods are soft and not crunchy. I think this is why banans are okay, but I don't like apples, raw carrots, celery, etc. I will eat some cooked veggies now, but they have to be cooked and seasoned in the "right" way. I can now eat zucchini, broccoli, asparagus, corn, potatoes, peppers (only green ones and only if they are grilled well), and green beans (mostly through canned kind). I can eat almost any veggie if it is finely cut and cooked until soft in a soup form. I still really can't handle raw veggies and other fruits although I have tried to get myself to. It takes a lot of mental and emotional energy though...and I have to be alone because I hate for anyone to see my reactions to food I don't like. I've gotten myself to eat raw carrots before but it's such a labor that I don't stick with it. My picky eating has caused me a lot of social anxiety over the years. It was fine when I was younger because a lot of kids are picky, but as an adult it has gotten much harder... especially because eating fruits and veggies is healthy and so many people around me are trying to live these super healthy lifestyles with really strict diets. I think it's doubly hard for me because I have been overweight most of my adolsescence/adulthood and I know when people realize I never eat fruits or vegetables they judge me for it. Obesity runs in my family though and many of my relatives eat very fruit/veggie rich diets so I'm not sure how much of a difference it would make. I get so anxious going to dinner at other peoples houses because I don't want them to notice how picky I am! There have been so many times where someone will notice I'm not eating something and say "you don't like (insert food here)?!! That's so weird!" And then they start asking me a million questions about what else I do and don't like...and I start wishing that I could just disappear :( My husband is thankfully very understanding of my eating habits and doesn't judge me at all, but his family is all very thin and extremely obsessed with eating "healthy" and "pure foods" and it feels like they are always pushing fruits and veggies on me and making comments about how weird it is that I don't like so many foods. It's very hard. I also have had some trauma in my childhood and I wonder if I might have a sensory processing disorder and that could be linked to my picky eating...I don't know!
SharonSharon wrote on February 18, 2019 on 3:26 pm:

I am 24 and I am so happy to find this website and to seen there are other people who exist and I'm not alone. For as long as I can remember I have been extremely fussy over food. It is embarrassing, difficult socially, and I am currently so sick of the foods I eat. I always have a marmite sandwich for lunch, 2 packets of crisps, a yoghurt and a chocolate bar. For dinner I will have 7 fish fingers, or a portion of chips, or boiled potatoes, or plain cooked chicken breast, or smooth tomato soup. I also eat tuna fish from the can, or rice pudding cold (sometimes with jam). For breakfast sometimes I have a croissant, cereal, toast, or a boiled egg (only the yolk) with toast (i can't eat the egg on it's own). Apart from this I can also have sponge cake (must be plain vanilla or plain chocolate), chicken nuggets from mcdonalds, biscuits, shortbread - I can have sweet things like this perfectly fine. But the only fruit I eat is bananas and the only vegetables I get are the tomato in soup or boiled potatoes.

I've tried hypnotherapy and that helped to an extent that I could try a couple of new foods at the time I was having it, but now I just can't make myself. If I have something I don't like in my mouth it's like my tongue is trying to push it out. My therapist explained to me it was my brain trying to protect me from poisonous things, but I know the foods aren't poisonous.

I just want to skip ahead to the part where I can just eat like everyone else :(
Admin Reply by: Bob
Welcome. Was your hypnotist Felex in the UK who claims to cure people with just one visit?
ClintClint from Orlando wrote on February 18, 2019 on 12:56 am:
I’m 41 years old and have neophobia. I stick to maybe 5-10 food items,...which are all things you would find at an 8 year old’s birthday party. I only eat hamburgers (plain), pizza (pepperoni or cheese only), chicken sandwich or strips (always plain), and steak (I like meat...plain lol).
I was diagnosed with diverticulosis about 10 years ago which I’m sure is due to my diet. I have a fear of eating other things...but I want to strangely enough. I absolutely hate eating at work events because I either don’t eat or pretend to. People by now know of my issue which only makes it more embarrassing as it becomes the subject at the table. I want to find help for this but feel like hypnosis might be my only option-if that’s even real.
Admin Reply by: Bob
Have had many people say they are going to try hypnosis and none have come back to let us know how great it was. We have heard that it can relax you and help you want to try new things. But it does not seem to last nor help that much. There is someone in the UK who claims to fix us in only one 2 hour session. I would be careful and if it works come back and let us know how it went.
ClintClint from Orlando wrote on February 18, 2019 on 12:55 am:
I’m 41 years old and have neophobia. I stick to maybe 5-10 food items,...which are all things you would find at an 8 year old’s birthday party. I only eat hamburgers (plain), pizza (pepperoni or cheese only), chicken sandwich or strips (always plain), and steak (I like meat...plain lol).
I was diagnosed with diverticulosis about 10 years ago which I’m sure is due to my diet. I have a fear of eating other things...but I want to strangely enough. I absolutely hate eating at work events because I either don’t eat or pretend to. People by now know of my issue which only makes it more embarrassing as it becomes the subject at the table.
AnneAnne wrote on February 7, 2019 on 6:55 am:
Hiya, I’m 18 and I’ve been extremely picky my entire life, I’ve never even had most foods. I feel like I’m afraid of food. It’s gotten so bad that I only eat around 10 things total, I experience stomach pain, and I’m always nagged about being picky but nothing seems to work like it’s not in my control. I don’t eat any meat any vegetables ( I do eat carrots) no fruits, so I live on carbs, and that worries me for my health. I hope I can figure something out
KacieKacie from Austin wrote on February 4, 2019 on 6:12 pm:
Hi, I am 45 years old and feel like I have tried everything to help my brain be willing to either try new foods or retry old foods. I don't eat any vegetables other than corn or potatoes (which really aren't vegetables at all) and the only fruits that I can stand is bananas and watermelon but the textures have to be just right and I prefer each of them in specific scenarios such as watermelon in the summer.

I am texture sensitive...if it's to mushy or if something that is supposed to be soft has a crunch (like a secret onion in spaghetti) My 16 year old daughter and my 12 year old nephew are very much like me. I started taking supplements that at least make me feel better physically and more confident in my nutrition but I want more than anything to eat a healthy diet. As I get older I have noticed weight gain and I feel defeated when no amount of exercise is enough because a carb and protein only diet makes success a challenge.

I had no idea groups like this existed. I am hoping to find some hope and some answers for myself and my family.
Admin Reply by: Bob
Your story is so familiar and even people who eat a wider variety have many of the same problems. Just ask my wife she will eat most anything and she has been on a 20 year battle trying to keep her weight down. Glad you found us. We have no magic bullets but we can make you feel better about yourself. Welcome
AlAl wrote on January 30, 2019 on 1:19 am:
I had never thought I could come across a forum for people like me. I’ve been a picky eater all my life, now I’m 21. Food texture and smell is the thing for me. Among the food that I’m repulsed to, I can’t eat vegetables (except for french fries) and fruits. My parents never obliged me to eat those, but they tried to warn me for my health and I’m still scared that I will die young. I find it difficult to eat out, most people judge me for what I’m ordering and some have felt offended because I didn’t want to eat what they have been cooking for me. When I travel it is really frustrating, I lost weight on every single journey because I couldn’t eat properly. I just can’t try new food unless it’s really plain and simple, or similiar to something that is acceptable for me
When I was younger it gave so much anxiety but recently I have found out that some people out there get it, if explained with a lot of patience. Everything is better since I told my closest friends about it.
Sometimes I think I should seek the help of a professional but I’m afraid that it will end up stressing me or worsening my repulsion. Nonetheless I hope someday I will find the courage to try

I’m so glad this forum exits, we’re in this together. Best of wishes to you all and thank you for sharing your experiences on such a personal matter
Admin Reply by: Bob
I don't think you will die young because of what you can't eat. Just for the record I'm the pickiest of the picky and I just turned 71 and doing just fine for my age. Mind is still fresh and clear. Be very careful with finding a professional. First question would be to ask the professional how many people have you treated for what we have and how is your success rate. I believe you can improve what you can eat but food will always cause you problems. Glad you found us you are not alone by a long shot.
Thanks Bob K
EmilyEmily from Portland wrote on January 29, 2019 on 5:46 am:
I am a picky eater. I always have been. I am 26 and I am tired of it, but I can’t help it.
I have many instances that make me think of why I am this way, my dad cooked easy meals, chili, hamburger helper, corn dogs... or even just took us out to McDonalds or Taco Bell. He never forced us to try any new variety of food. Then my mom and step dad got custody. He MADE me eat brats, made me want to puke with all the texture and tough skin on the outsider. Fish, the smells. I just caught myself wrinkling my nose as I was typing this! There was more on the “forcing to eat” topic, but later in my life I realized, I don’t like chunks of fruit in my ice cream, in my yogurt, in my fruity drinks, it would make me want to be sick if I felt it in my mouth. Just a couple days ago, I got a really nice cocktail, it had ground up grapefruit at the bottom, I avoided it as much as possible and I almost got sick and made a scene because I felt it in my mouth. I got it out and my family just stared at me. They are used to it, but I’m not.
I peel the edges of the ham off because of the tough skin, I will get every little bit off fat off my meat. I hardly eat meat because of fat and other textures.
I’m going crazy! I just want to have a healthy diet and not struggle with what I can and can’t mentally eat.
JeannineJeannine from Wall Township wrote on January 28, 2019 on 4:49 pm:
My 16 year old son is a picky eater. I always thought he would grow out of it but still hasn't. After reading this I realize he may never. He is happy, healthy, and smart so I am not worried about that. I also know it's important to never make him feel like he doesn't fit in or causes us issues with his picky eating. He know his foods and every morning before school we get him 2 bagels, not toasted with just bacon at Dunkin donuts (one for breakfast and one for lunch) and then he has a personal margarita pizza from our local pizza place for dinner. I always make sure I have strawberries and nachos and salsa in the house for his snacks. When we travel or go out to eat I always make sure there is someplace he can get pizza or at least some fries or nachos so he can join us and eat along with us. We do what we need to do to make sure everyone feels included and loved :)
Admin Reply by: Bob
You are a great mom. However your son is now entering a very difficult age where dating and social events will start causing problems. He will need to learn some new coping skills to get by. Thanks for your post to our guest book. It was nice to hear from you. Bob K
AnonymousAnonymous wrote on January 16, 2019 on 6:35 pm:
I've always wonder what rank I was as a picky eater. Since I can recall I never liked even trying veggies or fruits. I hate natural juices unless it is orange or Gatorade. I am very selective in how I like my meat cooked. And lately as I get older I eat less and keep gaining weight. I've been wanting to change into a healthy diet but just looks and smell of almost anything makes me feel repulsive. I eat chicken and rice. Pizza. Chocolates. And fries and nuggets. It's embarrassing to go out with coworkers, friends or on dates because I only eat at the same restaurants that serves my same main dish. I don't like spicy. And I know they say you never know til you try but now I live everyday scared I'll die young and unsure how to learn to eat. I've tried pills to lose weight but they make me nausea. I don't even like any tea and I have at least tried it.
Admin Reply by: Bob
We have lots of people who are making it into the golden years along with their food issues. I'm currently 71 and doing fine and enjoying life. Want to loose weight it's a game of calories and exercise. As we get older it gets harder to keep the weight off. My wife fights the weight battle everyday and she is a normal eater.
CandidaCandida from Tullahoma wrote on January 15, 2019 on 7:46 pm:
I've been a picky eater all my life. There are things i used to eat as a child that I own't eat now. Textures are my issue more than anything. All raw veggies are out. I have learned to eat some by hiding them in foods I do like but I am at the point in my life I feel like this is preventing me from truly being healthy. What I want to know, has anyone here been able to overcome their aversions and if so how?
Admin Reply by: Bob
Some have improved the number if things they can eat. Have not heard of many cures. It take lots of work to get any improvement. You need to want it really bad.
VV wrote on January 7, 2019 on 3:43 am:
I have always been a picky eater, but over the years, I have cared less and less about what others think so it does not have much of a social impact on me. In the last several months, however, I have become increasingly sensitive to textures, and am worried that this will limit my food options even further. For instance, I have always been sensitive to biting "veiny" pieces of beef, but now I can't even stomach pieces of beef that "take too long" for me to chew, I get this intense urge to throw up and have to stop eating the meal altogether because I feel so disgusted. I can't just eat the same thing day in and day out either. In the past, when I have tried to diet, I will get to a point where just the smell of the food will make me want to throw up if I eat the same exact thing for a long period of time. I am already somewhat unhealthy, and don't want to have to restrict my nutrition and risk becoming more unhealthy. The only thing that has changed for me in the last several months is I have been taking anti-depressants I've never taken before. They have minimized my emotional eating and specific food cravings, but has anyone ever heard of them increasing sensitivities to certain food textures?
Admin Reply by: Bob
I have had your issue with chewing becoming difficult most of my life. Anything that takes extended chewing will trigger my gag reflex if I continue to chew even if it is a food I like. You might take a look at all the side effects that are associated with your medicine. Usually the list of possible side effects can be very long. Good luck. I really do feel your pain.
LeslieLeslie from Salem wrote on January 2, 2019 on 6:37 am:
I’m also a picky eater and just like everyone else, I try to avoid social meals. It’s too stressful and embarrassing when you don’t like a single thing on the menu. I recently have had a lot of IBS struggles and I feel my picky eating is contributing to my gut problems (only fruit/veggies I like are bananas, green beans and corn). I’ve been trying new foods to try to get Some nutrition but I’m not having any luck unless I make smoothies out of them. I gag with every new food introduction. I know it’s all mental-I just wish I could figure it out. I want to be normal. However, I’m so glad there are others that understand. I felt like a freak until I started researching. Thank you!
Admin Reply by: Bob
You are not alone and it could be more than just in your head. Welcome.
Bob K