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JasonJason from Beeville wrote on March 4, 2017 on 6:27 am:
I never realize there was so many of us around here. It's such a huge problem for me with friends and family since I literally eat only a few select item: pepperoni pizza, Mac n cheese, plain hamburgers (meat&bun only), chicken fingers, steaks and so forth. None of them can have any sort of toppings
RebeccaRebecca from Buena Park wrote on February 27, 2017 on 12:56 pm:
I cant eat any meat that isn't ground up completely. So, "no I cant eat shredded" or "no really soft steak/pulled pork/Chicken/etc. is not the same as ground." Its all texture too. I dont mind eating meat at all and am not a vegetarian so it's difficult to distinguish the two. Ground goat meat? Thats a go. Slow roasted shredded pork? No thank you, but please know it smells deliciois and Im sure it has a great flavor I just can physically make myself chew it.
I've found sushi to be wonderful so it only adds to the explainations. I also cannot eat eggs. I just think they're creepy.
I stick to mostly vegetables and carbs as I am allergic to quite a few fruits. This makes the low-carb diets terrible to follow.
RinRin wrote on February 27, 2017 on 6:19 am:
I thought I was picky eater. But reading posts on this site I realize i'm not as bad as I thought.
I will not eat canned vegetables or cooked vegetables.
I'll eat potatoes and corn on cobb cooked that's about it.
I eat raw vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, salads, ect
Its mainly raw veggies for me. It does make hard to keep raw veggies around when all the people you live with want cooked veggies. Green beans are the worst of all.
I'll eat pretty much eat any type of meat expect liver.
CaitlynCaitlyn from Asheville wrote on February 26, 2017 on 2:27 am:
I have always known that I had an issue with eating certain foods when I was a kid. And I knew I was different when my little sister grew out of her pickiness and I didn't. I only ate pasta (Kraft parmesan only, no tomato sauce), chicken, read meat and pork. I love rice and potatoes and very certain veggies cooked a certain way. I only eat corn off the cob and not frozen or from a can. When I met my boyfriend 9 years ago, is when I really became embarrassed. I hated going to his parents’ house because his mom could only make the same thing every time we were over. The pressure that I got from my dad to try to eat new food was unbearable. He would sneak onions into my food and I had to pick through my food to find them before I could eat anything. Once I moved to such a foodie town that is Asheville, I had to break out of my bubble. I was so embarrassed to go to restaurants; I would order the same thing every time. Or, if it was fancy I had to study the menu before we went out. Around 22-24, I decided to try new foods but only on my terms. If I am pressured, I back out and become embarrassed. Plus, my boyfriend is amazing and will try questionable food before me, he would give me the thumbs up, thumbs down or I might like it, but probably not. The good news, I like a lot of food. I hate texture anything that hits the ‘yuck’ point I make note. I can go out to restaurants and feel normal. The thing that sucks, I have to explain myself to everyone.
christachrista wrote on February 25, 2017 on 1:42 am:
I think I am both an emotional eater and a picky eater. From when I was a child, I hated veggies and some fruits or fish. The only veggies I would be ok with eating were pumpkin and potatoes, but I'd only eat potatoes with tomato sauce on top. If I was made to eat veggies, I would only eat a mouthful and wash it down with a glass of water. If i didn't do that and ate it without washing it down with water, I would vomit., And it's still like this today. I've gotten many snide comments over this and my parents think I am being melodramatic. Because of this I pretty much live on junk food with some healthy things thrown in, and I got a lecture again from a loved one over my eating junk food last night. Every time I try to stop, it doesn't give me much choice, because I am a fussy eater, and also eat because of personal problems, and I only last two or three days before I reach for the junk food again.
NickNick from San Diego wrote on February 13, 2017 on 6:51 pm:
Hi my name is nick ever since I could remember I've had a problem with eating "normal"! I'm currently 28 and only eat pizza, Mac and cheese (kraft only), spaghetti/lasagna (only the one I make), certain chips, steak, hamber (plain or w/ bacon always add fries), chicken is one of the biggest meals I eat, pork chop, and very few other things, I do not eat veggies. This has been a big set back for me and my girlfriend it's always the center of our problems we have been togather for 7 years I would like to Marry her but she said she won't until I change my eating habits. I've tried for so many years, but every thing I try I automatically start to throw up some times I'm able to chew it for maybe a second then it comes up. I have even tried to pair what I'm eating with something I like for example a simple salad with pizza sauce ( I know that sounds odd but good with bad should been fine, so I thought) that didn't work. Every time I try something and I end up vomiting then I can't eat any more and I get really discouraged about trying to change. My parents have kinda wrote it off as me just being picky, but they always kinda suported me by always making sure I had food or stopped to get me it. I feel like this disorder is holding me back and is going to destroy a already on the rocks relationship I'm in. It has gotten to the point that we basically fight every week over it cause there has been no progress from the last time we talked or since we got back togather. I looked into somethings a while back and thought maybe hypnosis would work! Has anyone tried this? I just want to eat heathy and everything everyone else does!
Admin Reply by: Bob
Most people who have reported trying Hypnosis said that the treatment can put them in a better frame of mind to try new things. But it resulted in little or know progress. You should probably look for a new girlfriend. She will probably never accept the way you eat no matter how much progress you make. There are probably plenty of women that would love to have someone as nice as you no matter how many different things you can eat. It is a real crummy life when you are living with someone who makes you continually stressed out in the sanctuary of your home.
AlanAlan from Leominster wrote on February 13, 2017 on 5:24 am:
Hello, My name is Alan Kennedy and I'm a very picky eater. I'm 53 years old and the foods that I don't like I've never tried. I know by sight or smell that I won't like it. I have lived this way all of my life. I mostly eat plain hamburgers and plain chicken fingers and French fries. There can be no seasonings at all and I can tell right away if there is and I will not eat it. I eat most of the basic meat groups steak, chicken, pork. I also eat fries, mashed potato's and white rice. I'm at the stage in my life where I'm sick of the foods that I do eat. I don't cook a lot so I eat mostly hamburgers, chicken fingers and fries. I know it's probably psychological with me. I never knew so many people have this illness until I found your web site. Thank you so much. Its nice to know that I'm not alone. I do feel bad that so many people are dealing with this. Thanks again, Alan
BrianBrian from Fairfax wrote on February 11, 2017 on 5:47 am:
I am glad to see that I am not the only person with this issue. I eat about 5 different things and at 60 I deal with it. The issue that I have now is that I start a new job and do know how to handle the 1st day lunch with the boss. I have gotten to the point where I do not really care what other people think, but I am scared to death about this one. Any thoughts or advice? Thanks
Admin Reply by: Bob
Tell the truth that you have an eating disorder called ARFID Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder. A medically recognized disorder since may of 2013. Explain how it limits the foods you can eat. Or you can say you have some lower GI distress on the day of the luncheon. Method two would only kick the can down the street. Sooner or later if your new job has lots of meetings planned around restaurant meals you will have to tell them. If it were me I would just tell the truth and be done with it. As I got older it has been way easier to get it out in the open and eliminate a life of constant stress hiding the big secret. What you have is no different than someone who is color blind. Bob K
anneliseannelise from fillmore wrote on February 5, 2017 on 7:03 am:
I am so blessed I have found this website because I thought I was the only one in the world. Hi there. My name is Annelise. I am 19 years old and I am pretty sure I have SED/ARFID. When I was younger, I would eat many different foods including vegetables (I know!!) But since I turned four, my eating started to change. My family (mostly my mom, my aunt, and my grandma) would bully me about my eating. They would say, "don't you know how to eat?" or "you're just being stubborn", or they would even bribe me to eat certain food. What they didn't understand was I can't physically eat food that I don't like. I will throw up. I will gag. I didn't tell anyone about my eating problem until two years ago. I told my boyfriend before anyone, and at first, he was a little confused but he was also open minded about it. My eating has prevented me from going to social events, from going to sleepovers, from birthday parties, christmas parties, etc. It even prevented me from dating my boyfriend at first because he wanted to take me out on a date and God forbid, he would take me somewhere to eat. I eventually told my three friends at the time and they understood and respected me. Since then though, I have also developed a binge eating disorder. My diet currently consists of chicken strips/nuggets (but only from fast food places or restaurants), french fries, pizza (only pepperoni and rarely just cheese), plain hamburgers, ketchup, carbs such as bread and crackers but absolutely NO PASTA, and two fruits (strawberries and apples). Anything else will make me throw up. Even the sight or smell. I'm having a problem because my binge eating is taking over my life. I have gained fifty pounds in two years and I am on the verge of becoming a type two diabetic. I am addicted to food, no doubt about it. I am struggling because if I didn't have selective eating disorder, I would binge eat vegetables and fruits and other healthy things. But since I do have that eating disorder, I only binge eat fast food. I came here for support. My boyfriend is becoming very frustrated with my food addiction to the point where he is telling me to "just get over it", but we all know, it ain't that simple. I need support and love and I am glad I have found this website. Thanks guys. Hope to be hearing from you soon.
Admin Reply by: Bob
Dear Annelise
Glad you found our website. I recommend you join one of our support groups one on facebook and the other on Yahoo. Both have links on our first page. It does sound like you need to find some professional help with your binge eating. Medical professionals have had treatments for it for many years. Our eating disorder is very difficult to treat. Please be the best you can be.
Bob K
TeganTegan wrote on February 4, 2017 on 7:24 pm:
Hi, I recently posted my story about my picky eating and am thankful that I got a reply, and it's reassuring to know I'm not alone, I'm just wondering if anyone has been to the doctor? I also have anxiety and wish to go to sort out my health and as I said before..I need to sort it because my son is becoming very fussy..worse than me in fact (which is hard). But I'm anxious and embarrassed to tell a stranger that i most likely have an eating I'm wondering, what do I say to them and what help will they give me?
Admin Reply by: Bob
Your son may have got your disorder through his genes. We have heard of it running through generations in the same family. It use to be before the medical community noticed our disorder we all hid it from most everyone we know including our doctors. Not anymore it has a name and it's official ARFID Avoidant/Restrictive food intake disorder. It might be a good idea to get some tests to see if you are deficient in anything. If you are then you need to find some supplements or identify foods you can eat that will help fix the deficiency. Your doctor is there to listen and help you be the best you can be. If you do not get any real help from your current doctor than I would look for a doctor who is interested in helping you. It could even be a teaching moment for your doctor when you educate him about ARFID. He may have had other patients with it and he didn't even know it. Bob K
JenniferJennifer from Rome wrote on February 2, 2017 on 2:08 am:
I have always had anxiety about trying new foods. Others make fun of me for it. I just can't always make myself "just take one bite". It makes me so anxious that I leave the situation/room. I just don't want to taste something unpleasant. I thought I was alone in this aspect. I am almost in tears to learn there are others.
CassieCassie from Phoenix wrote on February 1, 2017 on 5:27 am:
Hi everyone! My name is Cassie and I will be 21 in March. I have been a picky eater my whole life. My mom even said I was picky with baby food. Texture and smells are what get to me the most. I used to get anxiety going to a friend's house as a kid, but all my friends just told their parents I was a picky eater and it was hardly ever an issue. About a year and a half ago, I entered a serious relationship in college. It was at that time that I realized something was different about me. While my family poked fun at my eating habits, they were always accommodating. Rarely did I feel weird until I was older. My boyfriend likes all sorts of things that I can't even imagine eating, like sushi. There's still plenty of places we can eat, but he feels limited by me and he worries I will hold our children back as well. My anxiety over my eating habits has gotten much worse. I've become obsessed with trying to figure out why I'm like this. I found articles about adult picky eating and mentioned it to my parents. Turned out, my grandmother came across it and my parents were already looking into it. They never mentioned because knowing wouldn't exactly fix the problem. Since being with my boyfriend I have tried new foods that are similar to things already in my pallet but I have not really added anything new to my diet. Honestly, I'm tired of living this way. It's becoming exhausting.
Admin Reply by: Bob
Dear Cassie The bad news is you will probably always have lots of issues with not being able to eat lots of different food types. If your boyfriend is not able to accept you as you are today I would advise you probably should never consider marriage with him. You can have a great life no matter how many things you can eat. If you decide to have children someday you should also consider their is a small chance you could pass your eating issues on to them through your genes. Your parents sound like wonderful people who have done all they can to help you.
MayaMaya wrote on January 31, 2017 on 6:19 pm:
Hello, my name is Maya, and I'm 16. I am very happy that I found this website. Ever since I was little, I've had problems with food. Now I can not eat any fruits, vegetables, or most meat except for beef and chicken. I am healthy at the moment, but I worry that I will have health problems in the future. My parents have not been supportive of this at all. My mom and especially my dad have always made fun of me and compared me to a toddler when I picked at my food or refused to eat. When I discovered that I have a real condition and told my parents, they laughed. They think I just need to grow up. My mom asked me "Are you proud of yourself for having a disorder?". My family is Lebanese, and I can hardly even look at most Arabic food. I have a lot of trouble at formal dinners. I know most people I know will probably react the way my parents did if I tell them about this, so that is why I'm so glad I found this site. If anyone has advice for expanding my diet or dealing with my relatives, I'd really appreciate it.
Admin Reply by: Bob
Dear Maya You should have your parents look up ARFID Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder in the DSM-3 from 2013. The way you describe your eating it sounds like you very well could have it. The disorder can take many forms. You and I know that you never asked to be the way you are and you would change if you could. Going to family social events can be extremely troubling for those of us with ARFID. It is very hard for someone who does eat a wide variety of foods to understand what our world is like. There is no reason why you can't have a great long healthy life. You might want to also discuss this with your doctor. You can also join our Yahoo or Facebook support groups. Bob K
AzariaAzaria from Lubbock wrote on January 31, 2017 on 3:27 am:
Wow I cannot believe I found a group of people who are just like me! But please, I would like a confirmation about if I really do have this. I know my food selection is pretty big. I'm about to turn 19 and I am fortunate that my family always joked about how I ate. Want to go to a party? We'll just stop and grab some McDonald's! My only grievances are with a future husband and how that would affect him, and how every time me and my friends go someplace, they always have to ask if it's okay. I want to just have a sign saying "Go Anywhere You Want. If I Don't Eat Anything I Can Get a Drink!"
What I eat consists of: Fries, Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Tenders, Mac & Cheese, Pizza, Chips, Waffles, Pancakes, Toast, Apples, Cutie Oranges, Corn or Frozen Flakes cereal (no milk), Grilled Cheese, Peanut Butter, Popcorn, and Ramen Noodles (I'm kind of leaning off of that). I do like a lot of a variety of chips, and cookies, cokes, but only the originals.
Within the past 5 years I've tried and liked a lot: Granola Bars (Chocolate Chip kind), Plain and Dry Hamburgers and Plain and Dry Cheeseburgers, Plain Chicken Fried Steak, Calamari (tastes like chicken nuggets), and Vanilla Bean Frappe from Starbucks.
I don't like trying new foods, but I have been SLOWLY trying to taste more things. Like I retried grapes but I can only force myself to eat a few slowly. I also retried hot dogs and I'll only eat those if there is absolutely nothing else.
I eat the same meals every single day. I do go through phrases of which of the foods I feel like eating for dinner and lunch in a period of 6 months or so. When I was younger my pickiest phase was with the frozen Tortinos pizza. One time I would only eat the cheese, then I would eat everything but the cheese, and finally now I'll eat the whole thing. But now it is looking wierd out the oven and the cheese and sauce taste funny.
It's strange. I watch food network channels and will think something may look good. I could never imagine actually eating it though. I now think of how God can help the blind to see and the deaf to hear, and I am really REALLY hoping he can help us all be normal food eating people!
Admin Reply by: Bob
It appears to me that you have it. While you eat many more things than me. We have many of same traits. Go watch this video and you will be very surprised.
Bob K
AlexisAlexis wrote on January 29, 2017 on 2:52 am:
Hello everyone, I'm not quite an adult yet, but I'll be 18 this summer! However, I am concerned that the severity of my picky eating will persist for the rest of my life. It never fails to kill me a little inside whenever I eat out with family and the menu is essentially a half dozen blank pages. Every once in a while I'll have a few seconds of clarity where I truly believe I can eat anything, but then that feeling disappears just as fast. I am also worried that I have stunted my growth and will have a plethora of health issues within the next 10 years. My joints already crack and pop horribly if I sit still for half an hour. If any adult picky eaters have any advice on how I can assuage my fears of the future, I would greatly appreciate it.
Admin Reply by: Bob
You need to get checked by a medical professional to see if you are deficient in any vitamins or minerals. Do not be afraid to discuss this with your doctor. He is there to help you. Mention that you feel you may have ARFID Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder. Assuming you can take pills and or drink medicine you should be able to cover what you are missing. You never asked to have this disorder but you can still live a long happy healthy life. I will be turning 70 this year and I'm just about the pickiest of the picky Good luck
Bob K
DebbieDebbie from Kingsport wrote on January 23, 2017 on 6:42 pm:
Wow, I honestly thought I was the only "grown up" picky eater!!! lol. I was a picky eater as a child, but the older I get the pickier I get! My list of foods I will eat is small & most of them I have to be the one cooking it or when I eat at my parents. My children are in no way picky & neither is my husband. I cook all kinds of different foods but I don't eat it. I never had a bad experience with food, was never worried about weight & I've never been embarrassed about being picky. Everyone knows if we are invited to dinner that I won't be eating. I tell them ahead of time, I am not trying to be rude, I just don't like food. It doesn't embarrass me, they've been warned & they understand. Thank God none of my children deal with the picky eating!!! I don't like a lot of food smells & Mayo is one of the most disgusting things ever made! I can cook with anything but I just can't stand the thought of eating it! I went for years not trying new foods because if it tasted horrible or had a weird texture I was sure to get sick! Lately I've forced myself to try a small bite of something here or there. I'm very proud of myself for doing that though even if I think something tastes ok I just can't incorporate it into something I'll eat. make sense? Idk why but I'll never try it again after that one time. Oh & I did try the "forcing" myself to eat something every day for 21 days because you supposedly acquire a taste for it, that is so not true! I honestly just don't like food, I eat because I have to. I wish I didn't feel this way but I do. Ok I've written a book! It's nice to know I'm not alone in this!!!
Admin Reply by: Bob
You really do have lots of company. Thanks for your guest book entry.
DebDeb from Beaver Dam wrote on January 22, 2017 on 4:30 pm:
I am 58 years old and can't believe I just found this website! I knew I wasn't the only one out there, but to hear so many similar stories makes me feel better.
I have been a picky eater since I was a little girl. I used to pick out the veggies in stew and eat them only. I ate plain hamburgers until I was 9. Then stopped because of the texture. I stopped eating bread at that time too. From then on I don't eat any meat, unless it is very crispy bacon. I eat some veggies; mostly potatoes, peas, corn and baked beans. I will eat more raw veggies than cooked, and I like a lot of fruit. I will eat crackers or dry bread with catsup on it. But I HATE meat. Especially the look and texture of it. Lots of food smells good, but I would never eat it because of texture or taste. I love salad bars; but I only put certain things on my salad. I love buffets as you have more choice. I hate weddings and events that serve dinners "by plate" so you can't choose. Most think you are vegetarian so make you a vegetarian dish instead. Yuck. I eat mostly crispy foods, but there are exceptions of course, as in cooked veggies. I eat mashed potatoes (no gravy) but would never think of eating scalloped potatoes or a casserole of any type. The only dairy I eat is cheese (orange color only), and a tablespoon of milk on my crispy cereal, and ice cream. Things can't be soggy or mix with each other. I try to eat peanut butter and cheese as my protein. I love ice cream and lots of snacks, of course, so I eat many carbs. Since I don't like to deny myself the foods I DO like, diets don't work and I hate to exercise (my fault). Thus, when I was little I was thin. Now I weigh over 300 lbs. I am probably a stroke or a heart attack waiting to happen let alone I am sick of going up a size in clothes every year. I don't know what to do. Any ideas?
BrendaBrenda from Grand Rapifs wrote on January 20, 2017 on 1:47 pm:
Hi, I'm Brenda and I am a picky eater. There are certain foods I refuse to even be in the same room with, I.e. onions. Will not look at one to save my butt. But I have struggled as well with limited foods that I will eat. Thought I was just wired. It's so nice to know that I am not alone.
Donald F JonesDonald F Jones from Ohio wrote on January 17, 2017 on 11:56 pm:
My name is Don, and I'm 65 yrs old. I've been a picky eater forever. It caused a lot of family turmoil growing up, but as you all know, that doesn't really help at all.
I grew up on french fries, potato chips, hotdogs, plain mustard sandwiches on whilte bread, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Maybe a little balonie, very lightly spread smooth peanut butter sandwiches. Chunky peanut butter makes me vomit.
It caused stress in school... in high school my lunch EVERY day for 4 yrs was 3 dinner rolls and a pint of chocolate milk.
On the 3-day field trip to Washington DC, I faked being sick around most mealtimes. My friends said I ate like a bird, so one of my nicknames for a while was The Bird.
My wife was the complete opposite of me - the horrible quote I remember most at a restaurant or party or buffet was, "Oh I wonder what this is?" and she'd put it in her mouth! I couldn't even imagine ever doing that even if you paid me..
As an adult, standard routine for most parties or events is to try to eat something before, and then fake stomach issues.
I do eat more foods now, thanks in part to the wife. She was a waitress at a pizza shop when we met, and for weeks I would drive to a nearby town and buy a small pizza and then sit alone in my car in a parking lot and try to force myself to eat it so I could actually be able to eat in her restaurant to try to get to know her.
I eat a few more things now... I tried scrambled eggs at around 50 yrs old because I loved the smell, and now breakfast is the only meal I really love, with bacon or sausage, and almost any kind of potatoes. I love potatoes in almost any variety. Only plain pancakes. No eggs other than scrambled, and when I make them at home, I make them well-done. No cereal of any kind other than Kellogg Corn Flakes.
Today it would be easier to list what I DON'T eat. I've never had as much as a bite of anything that lives in an ocean river or lake. I don't eat Italian food, other than pepperoni pizza. I've never had spaghetti or lasagna or a tomato, never been to Olive Garden or to a seafood restaurant (unless it has a steak or burger on the menu).. I've never eaten Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Mexican, or Middle Eastern food. I guess almost no ethnic food of any kind. I eat no soups except Campbell chicken noodle. I eat no vegetables except plain canned corn. I eat no fruit except applesauce and canned diced peaches. I eat no meat other than a few simple beef items and even less simple pork items. I need any meat very well done or burnt. I can't even look at ANYthing with a bone in it. I've never had fried chicken, because of the bones, but I like chicken nuggets or chicken strips in a restaurant. I wont go to Applebee's anymore because every dish has mixed veggies included. I can force down a plain mostly lettuce salad. The very thought of mushrooms makes me physically ill, and a lot of places use them liberally on beef dishes, burgers & sandwiches, etc. and I know who they are and I avoid them. I've never had a slice of any kind of pie, yogurt, or icecream other than vanilla & chocolate. I eat very little candy other than Reeses. My lunch on construction job every day is a Coke and a small bag of potato chips.
I've only tried wine a couple times and hated it. I drink milk, lemonade, Coke/Sprite/7Up, two flavors of Gatorade. And I enjoy black coffee in the morning... I tried tea once and it almost made me puke. That was a tough one after I married into an Irish family...they never understood. I can get one or two weak beers down if with friends, but I don't really like the taste or the feeling afterward.
I have recently been dignosed with mild hypertension (high bloodpressure) and I've been told I'm pre-diabetic, but Idk if there's anything I can do about it. Doc wants me to see a nutritionist (he doesnt know about this disorder). Yeah right, that aint gonna happen.
I've been divorced for almost 10 yrs now, and I've thought about dating, but the food situation 100% scares me off. There's a gorgeous lady or two I'd love to ask out, but they're both food lovers and I know they'd think I was a freak if I tried to order a plain burger in a gormet restaurant....burgers arent even on the menues in those places. Eating crap is accepted when you're a teen and it's easier then, but people my age expect to go to upscale restaurants with fancy foods I've never even heard of, eat sushi and seafood, drink fine wines, try exotic new foods. Even the thought of taking a trip to Europe is too scary for me ONLY because I'd be confronted with so many strange local & ethnic foods & drinks. I'd LOVE to see Europe, but no way could I handle the food situation, even if I traveled alone.
So, I've pretty much had to come to grips with the fact that I will probably spend the rest of my life alone.
Admin Reply by: Bob
Thanks for putting a nice entry into our guest book. I would bet there are women out in the world who would want to date you. Just be up front with them and let your good qualities carry you to the goal line.
LaceyLacey from Rochford wrote on January 17, 2017 on 4:15 pm:
I'm 21 now, and since leaving secondary school I've been putting on a lot of weight from this diet I have. I used to be very active and strong but I've lost that and this diet I've had since I was a child doesn't help.

So my mum tells me I was really sick from food once and after that I was afraid to eat anything, she had luck and found that I would eat chocolate spread sandwiches. From there I eat chips, chicken nuggets and that's pretty much it as a kid.

Now I can eat chicken nuggets, chips, cheese pizza, pasta with sauce (before I could only eat it plain) I know my diet isn't as bad as some peoples but I want it to stop, I want the gag reflex to stop, I want to eat better and feel better.

I want to go to a restaurant with family and friends and not order form the kids menu....