Bet you thought you were alone in the world, didn't you. Good News! You are not alone in your picky eating habits. Yes, there are thousands of other people just like you who have issues with food.  You don't have to feel like you are all by yourself anymore.  You are welcome to join our yahoo group, share your story or just browse and discover that you don't have to feel like no one understands your issue with food. No one will shame you or make fun of you here.  We are kindred spirits and want to make you feel comfortable.

Please browse the site and sign our guestbook, take a very unscientific poll, read about fellow picky eaters or just lurk! The founder of this website has made it his mission to let fellow picky eaters know that they are not alone, they are not freaks, there is nothing wrong with you just because you don't like "fill in the blank."

The goal of Picky Eating Adults Support is to foster understanding and make the general public aware that picky eating or selective eating is a real condition. People that have this relationship with food don't just get over it.

PEAS is here to pass along information, share stories and simply to stand as a beacon to so many who have for so long thought they were alone in the world.

welcome to picky eating adults support


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