Bob K’s Story

I’m an Adult Picky Eater. I have a big secret that I guard and keep from all but my closest friends and family. I have been this way my entire life and can never remember ever eating like normal people. I was sick a lot as a child. When I was born I could not keep very much down. Every time I was fed it was followed by throwing up. But as time passed I did get better and certain foods would stay down and I was able to grow. My parents have told me that I was a very well behaved child and my picky eating was the only real problem they ever had with me.

Now don’t get me wrong I do like the foods I eat. Most of what I eat is very bland. You may find it hard to believe how much taste I get from what I eat. Perhaps I’m a super taster. Texture of the food is very important to me. I like most of the things I eat crisp and crunchy. As an example one of my favorite foods is McDonald’s french-fries. In fact I not only love fries I also love Plain Potato Chips and Sticks. Now a mashed Potato is bad because it’s mushy. I don’t like corn on the cob but I love corn chips and popcorn. I know at least 6 different ways to make popcorn.

I also have issues with things being plain and simple. I love Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream. But if you put other things into it I get turned off. No nuts even though I just love Peanuts and Almonds by themselves. Give me plain M & M’s but not the kind with nuts. I want what I eat to be plain. Very complex foods generally turn me off. I have trouble sorting out in my mouth what’s in the more advanced dishes. That means you probably won’t see me at the Olive Garden or most other Restaurants.

I do like to drink plain and chocolate milk, cola’s and other soft drinks. RC Cola is a big favorite. I also like the taste of Beer. Now the colder all of these beverages taste the better I like it. It just can’t be too cold for me. I even remember where the coldest water fountains are in town. I don’t like any beverages that are hot.

Thin is always better than thick. I love American Cheese sliced very thin. If the cheese is in block form it could make me gag. Oh that brings up my problem with swallowing. If I have to chew on something too long it will make me gag and my stomach contents might come up for air. I don’t like most other types of cheese. Being able to eat a grilled cheese sandwich has saved my life at many restaurants. But please don’t put that darn pickle on top of my grilled cheese sandwich.

The only meat I can eat is thin sliced crisp bacon. I don’t like it under cooked and never thick sliced. Other meats are just too hard to chew and I don’t like the flavor I get from them.

I eat very few veggies. Raw carrots and celery are ok. A salad with salad dressing is really out of bounds for me. I just hate tomatoes and tomato products. Ranch taste is awful and you can forget about pepper and Tabasco sauce. When I’m around someone eating chili I can get sick. I see and smell no difference between chili and dog crap. Now here is something really strange. Just the name of something can turn me off. Sour dough bread or pretzels. Something about that word sour.

I just hate the holidays especially Thanksgiving. I can remember many terrible things happening to me on that day as a child. While others in my family looked forward to these times I would dread them for weeks even months before they came around.

I’m a success in life. I own a business or work as a professional. I strive very hard to make up for my shortcomings when it comes to eating. I have had several relationships end because of my eating problems.

I think I would like to change the way I eat. But I sometimes worry a part of me would die if I ever did. It’s almost a badge of honor to me.

Bob K – A Typical Picky Eater


Bob Krause is a fellow picky eater and has worked diligently to bring awareness and acceptance to people with ARFID, SED or severe picky eating conditions.