Trish’s Story

My moms says I was a picky eater since I was an infant.  She says the first time she noticed was when she tried to give me chocolate milk in a bottle (shame on you mom)  The bottle was clear and I could see brown milk in it.  I refused to drink it and kept telling her  ” No Dirty”.
My mom was a good mom.  At home she would offer me what everyone else had, but always had “Trish food”
She also always made my school lunch and when she could not afford to pack a lunch for me she had made a friendship with the lunch ladies who would keep and eye for me and they would let me sit in the kitchen office and eat something Trish friendly.  It worked out well for years. 
The 4th grade rolled around.  I knew it was going to be a bad day as soon as school started and the announcement was that lunch was tuna salad on lettuce beds with rolls  and peaches.  Not one thing I would eat.  I was dreading lunch time and was feeling sick from anxiety because even the smell of tuna makes me sick . 
True even for present day. Lunch came and I was gagging as soon as we walked into the lunch room.  When I got to the food line one of the lovely lunch ladies said, “come on back Trish we have something for you.”  That is when everything went to hell.  My teacher said,” No she will eat what everyone else has with everone else.” 
I remember the tears started falling I could not breathe I knew I was going to die.
I refused to carry the tray so the teacher carried it and put it infont of me and said  “EAT”.  I dug around in the food to make it look like I ate some, but she was not having it.  She came over took a big scoop of tuna salad and shoved it into my mouth.  I then barfed all over her. 
I ran out.  I wanted to disappear.  I ran to the bathroom and washed my mouth and couldn’t get the smell or the taste away.  All I saw at the moment was a can of Lysol. I grabbed it and sprayed it into my mouth.  It instantly burned my mouth up and gave me blisters.  I didn’t care.  I ran and hid behind the bleachers crying. 
I was there for a while until I heard my mom calling me.  She rescued me and gave me a big hug.  She turned around and told the principal, “I want to see her now”  Talking about said teacher.  Just then teacher popped her head into gym door and my mom lunged.  The principal grabbed her before any harm was done.  And told my mom if she didn’t leave property that the police were going to be called.  My mom was so irate. 
Still to this day I wish she would have hit that teacher.  Come to find out… as soon as the teacher told the lunch ladies I could not have Trish food they ran in the office and called my mom.  She was on her way to the school as everything happened.
Mom tried to get me out of that school, but it was a small town and my parents could not afford to put me into Catholic school so I was stuck.  I got made fun of every day after that.  I skipped school all the time. 
It followed me to highschool where after one extremely bad day of joking about Trish I snapped because the teacher would not let me out of the room and I threw a school laptop toward him and was expelled.  Never to spend another day in a school ever again.  I was 16. 
I got a GED and always wanted to go to college but I can not do it.
I am too scared.  I am still scared of food.  Even now my friends pick on me about food stuff and it hurts so bad. 
One of my husbands bestfriends  favorite thing to write on facebook when status update is “Trish you are bonkers” something so simple bothers me so much.
I get told I am unhealthy because I am 5’6 and 103 lbs.   I wish I could be normal.
And now I am embarrassed again.  I have never shared this story before.


Bob Krause is a fellow picky eater and has worked diligently to bring awareness and acceptance to people with ARFID, SED or severe picky eating conditions.